August 5, 2015

My 10 Favorite Things

Truth: sometimes I am secretly happy when XC practice gets stormed out. There's something magical about already being awake with nothing planned to do. It's storming here. Baby woke early, had a bottle and is a back asleep. I should be on the treadmill right now, but I'll get to that later. I'm just enjoying the quiet house, the storm outside, and my coffee. 

I've been wanting to do a favorite things post lately after seeing them on a few blogs. So here it is! I'll start with shoes. 
1. My favorite everyday trainer is the Brooks Launch 2. It's all I wear lately. 
2. My favorite "fast" shoe for racing and speedwork in the Brooks Pure Flow 4. In my opinion, this is the best update Brooks has done to the Flow series. I wore this shoe when I ran Boston, and it felt awesome the whole time, even when becoming soaked from all the rain (zero blisters or hot spots). 

3. Truth- I have this tank in every color. It's perfect for the African jungle summers we have here. Does anyone remember the D'lite tank that Brooks had out a few years ago? Well, this is similar, but WAY better. I like the criss-cross backing because it makes it more breathable. However, this tank runs big. I typically wear a small/medium in Brooks tops, and I have this tank in a small, but could probably wear the XS. 

4. Mammas, is it just me, or does your entire chest/upper body change after having a baby? I've basically had to overhaul all my sports bras, and I went through a pretty ugly trial and error phase with finding a new bra that works for me. It seems that my rib cage expanded during pregnancy, and then my boobs totally disappeared after weaning Squishy from breastfeeding. Like, seriously, they are GONE. Fun times for bra shopping. Luckily, I've found this gem. And a cool thing- it's reversible! Brooks owns Moving Comfort now (or they are partnered, or something like that…) This is the Switch It Up Racer. 

5. And moving on to the skin protection section. LOL. I rarely am in the sun without a hat or visor. After basal cell carcinoma and having my face cut open while 30 weeks pregnant, I've definitely stepped it up a notch in the protection department. This visor is my jam. I literally have every color/design of it that Brooks has sold on their site. And I am not including a link to the Brooks site because they don't sell it anymore. SAD DAY! I'm going to have to try out the new "Bolt" visor, I suppose. 
6. My dermatologist stands behind Neutrogena products. I use the stick on my face/neck and the standard lotion on the rest of my body. It's not greasy at all, and doesn't have that weird "sunscreen smell." 

7. Sam has gotten me into Nuun. And here's my deal. I'm incredibly cheap. Like, I hate spending money on beverages. However, in this climate and running the mileage that I am, I recognize the importance of restoring my fluids with electrolytes. So, after extreme hot and humid runs (basically every day, LOL), I use a Nuun in my water bottle. The stuff is addictive. It's slightly fizzy, but doesn't have too strong of a taste (why I am not a fan of Gatorade). My favorite is the strawberry lemonade, but I also like the lemon-lime. 

8. My former coach and friend got me into UCAN. I might have blogged about this before, but UCAN is a super starch with very low sugar. You drink it 30 minutes before endurance workouts, and it can also be used as a recovery drink (some varieties have protein). Please know that this stuff tastes like chalk. Chalk, people. It is worth it, though! I struggled for years to find a fuel that didn't upset my stomach during marathons/ultras. And I was finally introduced to this. No, it doesn't taste good. Power through, though! I also started putting a scoop into my recovery smoothies after long workouts. In a smoothie you can't taste it at all. I use the vanilla flavor post-workouts because it has protein and it blends nicely with my fruit, almond milk, etc. I really do think it helps my body recover faster! And I'm not just saying that because Meb believes it. Ha! 

9. I LOVE my Bob Revolution stroller. We rack up the miles with it!  

10. And in case you were wondering about that yellow thing on top of the stroller, that's Squishy's fan. Yep, she has a fan blowing on her when she rides. I mean, 10 mile runs get hot, even if you are riding! 

And there you have it friends! I hope everyone is having a Run Happy summer! Only 3 more days of vacation for me. *Insert sad face*


  1. My boobs disappeared post-breastfeeding too! Not that they were big pre-baby, but now they're totally gone. That bra looks super comfy; I'll have to try it out.

    We have the BOB Revolution Flex and love it. Only difference from the regular Revolution is that the handlebar is adjustable.

  2. OMG I love that she gets a fan. I wish I got a fan!

  3. I LOVED the Pure Flow 2 and currently run in the 3s. After reading your post I ordered a pair of the 4 and the Launch. You are the third person that has said so many nice things about the 4s.

    I also have the tank in every color. LOVE them! And yes, they do run big. I usually wear a large but the medium fits just fine.

    I used to wear the Rebound (or something like that) by Moving Comfort and while I liked the support it provided, I would always chafe in the same spot. It came to a point that I threw away the bra because it was so painful. Tomorrow I am going to a bra fitting event by Moving Comfort so I look forward to find out which one I will be fitted in.

    I use the Neutrogena stick on my face and neck too. I like how it smells too.

    Have you tried the Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes Fizz? They work the same way as Nuun but has less sodium. However, I will admit that I have tried Nuun and absolute LOVE, LOVE the Kona Cola flavor.

    I remember you telling me about UCAN in San Diego. You told me that if it was good enough for Meb the it is good enough for you. :-)

  4. They were giving away Nuun and UCAN at Bird Camp and I *might* have swiped an extra tube when nobody was looking...oops! I hear you about being cheap, especially running in the African Jungle where we have to pound fluids!

    I also like racing shoes that stay tied ;) LOL

    Fun list!