July 31, 2015

What's Up in Training & A 5K Race

Let's see… Here' s training update for the fall/winter marathon season. As you recall, I've been doing my long runs during the week, as it's better for my family's schedule. 

Here's what the past 10 days have looked like, starting with 7/19:

Sunday: 11 miles, finishing with a  CRAZY headache. After having a headache for a solid week and cutting out caffeine (shoot me now) and alcohol, I had my eyes checked. Apparently post-pregnancy your eyes can change! My vision change had been causing my headaches. New contacts and I feel better than new!
Monday: 5 with stroller
Tuesday: a.m. 6 x 800 at 6:07 pace on treadmill/ p.m. 6 miles easy
Wednesday: 6 miles, easy pace down to marathon pace (progression run)
Thursday: 14-15 miles on the STRUGGLE BUS. I started at 4:15 a.m. with a "feels like" temp of 95*. I did 10K by myself, and then the rest with the group. I was so dead. I had wanted 16, but when the group was done, I was more than done. Cooked. Toast. The run nearly killed me! Oh, and it was so bad that I ran a recovery run that night of 5 miles. LOL! 
Friday: 5 with stroller

Mini Race Report- Hubby and I went to a small race on the Causeway. The race starts and finishes flat, but there's a bridge in the middle. It's not TOO steep, but enough to cost you some time in a 5K. I started near the front (since the race was small) and settled in behind a girl that is about to start running for Mississippi College. She was about 20ish seconds ahead of me for the first half mile. I was steady as 2nd female. Mile 1 6:34. I caught the 1st female right after the turn around. I held steady and ran near a guy that continuously asked me our pace and distance. (That's fun in a 5K.) Mile 2 6:36. I was feeling the effects of the sun (zero shade, so hot), but held the lead with 3rd mile 6:42. Final 0.14 was 50 seconds. 
First Female 20:45 What's cool is that I won a massage and a pedicure! And hubby ran with baby at only 2 seconds per mile faster than my stroller 10K PR. LOL, I had to razz him about it b/c he had made out like the stroller was *so* easy to push. Haha. After the race, I ran the course again with the stroller to get in some mileage for the day. 

Sunday: 5 with stroller
Monday: 5 with team, 4 with stroller (9 total for the day)
Tuesday: a.m. was 8 miles with 5 at tempo (656, 655, 657, 658, 651). I did the workout outside at 4:15 a.m. Ugh, humidity! PM was 6 miles easy with stroller.
Wednesday: 11 miles easy with Sam, and we found the BEST water fountain! It's actually not a new water fountain, but for some reason it's now significantly cooler than it has been. Woot woot! (I may or may not have demanded a stop when we were only 2 miles from my house. LOL.) 
Thursday: 16 with 10 at MP. So, I totally cheated on this long run. I did 6 outside with humidity to the moon. Then I came in and did the MP miles on the treadmill. Sorry, I just could NOT deal with the weather yesterday. Sometimes you just need a break, and after last week's Struggle Bus ride during the long run, I needed some success. And yep, it was a success! I hit 7:24 for 10 miles fairly easily, making me realize how much our climate really effects my running this time of year. Of course, I was about to die of boredom on the treadmill. LOL.

Pretty time for me right now, as we just finished our last track series fundraiser for XC and immediately started XC camp with two other schools. Fun, but exhausting! I'd like to do a post on some of my favorite things soon. I haven't done one in years. 

Run Happy, friends!


  1. Two-a-days with a 10 month old! I'm impressed!

  2. This weather is about the only time I'd even consider a treadmill. It's just so incredibly humid!

  3. Great running, Lady! Any race that awards a pedi and a massage is worth entering! haha.
    Keep cool there!!

  4. You say you're not very fast anymore...I have to beg to differ!! Nice 5k race!!

  5. I am impressed with your 2 a day workouts. One a day is enough for me. Nice 5K for you!!!