August 29, 2015

Back in the Swing of Things

Hey, there! As you might have guessed based on my hiatus, we started back to school. Boy, oh boy, is it kicking my rear. 27 in my class this year, 19 boys, and 10 special needs. Yes, go ahead and put me on your church prayer list.

We had our first XC meet on Thursday. I was proud of them. They all raced hard. I'm especially impressed with my girls. They have been very dedicated all summer, and it's really paying off for them. We came in 5th out of 10 at our last meet, which I'll take considering we ran against the more advanced Mobile teams. My boys… bless their hearts. First of all, I need more boys. We barely have enough to score. And my boys also don't quite work as hard as the girls. They run hard when they are at practice, but there are many excuses of why they can't come. Two attend every practice and work really hard, but I really can't depend on the others. I'm not sure if it's a maturity thing, or they just don't love running? I'm lost at how to fix things.

My own training is coming along. It's been tough the past few weeks to it all in. I won't bore you with 3 weeks of training, but here are some highlights:

*Running 65-70 mpw
*3 long runs of 16, 17, 18 miles all averaging 8:10-8:20
*3 tempo workouts of 5-6 miles at tempo pace where I progressed from 6:59-6:31
*1 hill run where Sam nearly killed me
*3 mid-week runs of 12 miles
*roughly 3 stroller runs a week

Nothing special, just grinding it out! I am still on the fence about the November Marathon, Pensacola; you know, the one I'm training for. LOL. The thing is, I want to do a marathon, but I'm not crazy about that one. I feel like I've "been there, run that" and I'm sick of it, especially since the course is nothing to write home about (boring and ugly). However, I want to do a marathon! And traveling just isn't an option this time of year for us. There is another marathon just across the State Line of Mississippi, but it is Thanksgiving weekend. I'm not sure about our holiday plans yet. ACK!

I'm going to try really hard to not to let this blog go again. It's just hard to sit down and write a post.

There's a quick update for now. Run Happy, friends!


  1. Added to my prayer list! ;)

    I'm sure THE Sam Gardner would kill me on a hill run too! I'm a terrible example, but sometimes short posts are best!

  2. That class does sound like a lot to handle. They must know that you are extremely competent! Nice work on the training! I'll bet you're excited about it getting cooler within the near future! And congrats to the Bears!

  3. Amiga, definitely ridiculous that you have so many students in your class and 10 of them are special needs!!!