August 23, 2014

No Baby Yet

I think every woman ever to be pregnant thinks they will have their baby early. And no one could've ever prepared me for the amount of misery I am feeling in these final weeks. *Disclaimer: YES, I am SO thankful to have a healthy baby inside me and I KNOW it's best for her to be fully cooked. However, this is my blog and I am sharing a little of what I am feeling.

Good news: Baby is totally healthy and has caught up to her current growth week, estimating 6 lbs now. (She was a week behind.) My SI joint is feeling WAY better. In fact, I slightly considered running this week. The chiro said my SI joints were "well enough" to run, but why risk injuring or straining anything again this late in the game, especially when it wouldn't be a real "run" anyway, more of a shuffle type woggle. I'm able to walk fairly quickly without pain, and I'm still doing spin class twice a week. (I would go more, but those are the only times I am free.) I'm walking or doing elliptical on the other days, mostly just trying to stay sane. I'm still coaching XC, meaning I'm riding my bike to practice and then on whatever run they do.

Bad news: Um, it's Africa jungle hot here. Like, heat index 117 degrees hot and VERY humid. We've had heat advisories all week. No one could possibly have prepared me for hot I feel. In fact, I have heat rash on my belly. Think about that for a minute. Fun times. Yesterday at car line, I sweated so badly through my pants that I honestly didn't know if I had peed myself or not. Pregnancy problems. I'm also very swollen. By the end of the day I have to take off my wedding rings. It's weird b/c I had zero swelling until the very DAY I hit 37 weeks. Then it came on like a train. It led to a BIG weight gain over the past week. I'm right at 22 lbs total gain for the pregnancy. The doctor wasn't worried at all, explained that the big gain was definitely from fluid retention; she could see it in my hands and ankles, and said it was due to the heat. There isn't much of a remedy at this point, just stay super hydrated and avoid salty foods.

I'm ready, ready, ready to meet my sweet Savannah. Our nursery is totally finished. The running club gave us a sweet "stock the table" shower where we got TONS of diapers, wipes, and fun little things. Then my coworkers gave me a shower with a HUGE Target gift card. We plan to go this weekend and get our last minute things. Baby's bag and my bag are packed. The only thing looming over my head are my lesson plans.

And UGH, the freaking lesson plans. I've done 4 weeks so far, with EIGHT to go. Because of the new Common Core Standards, the plans are taking me a lot longer than usual to write b/c I keep having to look up standard numbers and terms that I used to have memorized (with the old standards). It's a very slow process. Fortunately, the sub I will have is GREAT. By law, since I have the inclusion class, I have to have a certified teacher. I feel so lucky to have gotten her. Sub work is HARD. The pay is crap, and my class is extra challenging with the special needs. She even came on Meet the Teacher Night, on her own time (no pay), so that she could meet some of the students and their parents.

My XC is doing well, but… I really need more boys. As of now, we don't have enough boys that I consider "ready" to run varsity. I'm actually considering entering a few boys as individuals in the varsity race, and having my new/younger runners run JV. I'm concerned that if I put the younger/inexperienced runners in the varsity race, they will feel defeated and over their head. LIke I said before, the school hired my running friend, Kenny, to be my assistant coach. It's working out really well. He's stepped in and helped a lot already, and I know they will be in good hands when I'm out having the baby.

So… that's all going here. Say some prayers for me that Savannah will be born safe and SOON! I'm ready to be a momma!!!!


  1. Girl you are SO close! And you know me, I'd say, "Oh, go for a run," but don''re smarter than that. Keep your SI joints healthy! You are going to need them soon! I'm so excited to "meet" this little girl!

  2. Saw a friend of mine who is due 11/09, and she was looking so cute, and all she want to do is get back running fast, the mommy thing is too scary to think about!!!

    Good Luck, post picture soon....

  3. Saw a friend of mine who is due 11/09, and she was looking so cute, and all she want to do is get back running fast, the mommy thing is too scary to think about!!!

    Good Luck, post picture soon....

  4. Hopefully Savannah doesn't know that its African jungle hot so she's opting for cooler climates! ;)

    Fngers crossed and prating for a fast and joyful delivery!

  5. So nice of the sub to go in on her own time.

    Can't wait to see pictures of Savannah!