August 4, 2014

Hitting the Wall

Well, unfortunately, I think my Running for Two days are over. I have inflamed and strained the fascia around my left SI joint.

Prior to the existence of this blog (ten years ago), I slipped off a curb while running and dislocated my entire SI joint. It was by far the worst running injury I've ever had, topping the tearing of my paroneal tendon during college. My joint stayed dislocated for nearly a week, thanks to misdiagnosis. I then spent 6 weeks in rehab and couldn't run for another 6 after that. The PT told me at the time that SI problems can crop up during pregnancy b/c of the expansion of the hips and pelvis, not to mention your entire gait changes to compensate the weight/placement of the baby. I put it to the back of my mind, and thankfully didn't have any problems with the SI joint for 10 years.

And what feels pretty stupid is that I feel like I gave myself this injury (this time). The week before last, I really let the yoga and pilates slip b/c I had friends and family in town for my baby shower. Then Sunday, my mom and aunt were headed back early. I realized during my run that I better pick up the pace or I would make them late for their EDT. So, I did something I hadn't done in months- run up the hills on my route. Like I said in earlier posts, I've been walking most hills b/c of lower back pain and to keep my HR in "safe" zone. But honestly, the pace I was "running" Sunday was nowhere near fast enough to get into any type of danger zone. I felt a pull coming up the final hill to my house, and I basically had to hobble inside. I've been hobbling ever since.

I saw the chiro, and he did a slight adjustment and ART after my analysis. The good news is that he things it's 100% pregnancy related and I will have instant relief after the baby is born. The 2nd good news is that if NOT, he can do one or two alignments on me and THEN I will be as good as new. The bad news is that since the baby is already engaged in the pelvis, there isn't too much he can do in terms of adjusting my alignment, and he said that if I happen to feel good enough to run, my fascia will continue to knot around the joint, putting me in the same painful predicament as last Sunday.

Honestly, it hurts to even walk. I can do spin class and elliptical, which I've been doing the past week. I miss running so much, but mostly I miss running like my old self. I don't want to have back pain anymore. And I sure don't want to jeopardize my running after Savannah is born. My spirits are a little down mostly b/c I spend the majority of the day in pain or discomfort.

My new routine includes a daily cardio session (or maybe two short ones) of walking, elliptical, or spin class. I am also still riding the bike with my high school runners. I've done a good job of keeping myself busy, too.

Last week we had XC camp. This is a topic for a different post, but I organized the camp for all the schools in our county (7). There were some bumps in the road, and I was left exhausted, but I'm really glad I did it. I think the kids had fun and learned a lot.

So, that's a summary of what is going on with my running presently. We're anxiously counting down the days with 5.5 weeks to go. I'm so ready to meet my baby girl that it's all I can think about.


  1. Such a tough predicament, yet looks like you have silver linings: Of course the lovely baby Savannah and the high odds that this will resolve itself.

    Although I am not an athletic expectant mother like you, you being honest is setting a good and real one for others. Just like in a marathon, when you hit the wall usually you don't have much further to go!

  2. Aw. That stinks. But the good news is good - there's a fix in sight! And you ran for a lot longer than most pregnant women runners I know. This little girl is going to be here so soon!

  3. Sorry to hear that, while reading this post I was looking at that picture of you on the right of your blog, "Run Happy" you will get back there, but for now just be HAPPY

  4. Sorry to hear that, while reading this post I was looking at that picture of you on the right of your blog, "Run Happy" you will get back there, but for now just be HAPPY

  5. Making it to 5.5 weeks out is seriously impressive! That's one fit baby you've got on the way.

  6. You've done fantastically!!! You will lose very little aerobic. But will need to be carefull to hold back as your body repairs itself after delivery. It will be very tempting , running lighter, to increase quickly. trust me. Will need to be careful on hills after baby S comes, as everything is going to be re-firming.
    Also.. this may be a blessing, stopping a bit earlier than you had planned. Please recover well and don't waste a moment worrying! God has you covered <3

  7. Ouch! I am realizing my SI joint is part of what keeps my hips from staying aligned, so I've been trying to add in some exercises to help with that.

    Hope yours feels better soon!!