December 29, 2011


I had to pull up my old blog from 2011 to revisit my year goals. This year, I surely need to keep them more visible. It's so easy
to get sidetracked and lose focus. My goals are in bold with the "results" below.

Running Goals from 2011:

1) Participate in different types of events, stepping out of my usual running "box."

I did pretty well with this one. TP and I never did an adventure race like we wanted to, but I did do my first ultra- 50K on a trail. That was a big "step out" for someone that typically only runs on the roads. I had so much fun, I plan to do another this year, maybe even 2! I also did my first relay- Ragnar Arizona. This was such an AWESOME experience. I've never had a running adventure that was as much fun. In fact, I've already got 2 planned for this year- First Light Marathon Relay (totally cool girls' weekend) and then Reach the Beach New Hampshire. YAY!

2)PR in the Half Marathon
Nope :(

3) Break 19 in 5K.
Yes, 2 times in the month of December

4) Lead a pace group for a marathon.
I am sad about this one, but no. I had planned to do it during the summer months as a long run, but with the move and all, I got too busy.

5) Run a stinkin' Sub 3 Marathon
BLEH, n.

So, now onto personal goals of 2011.
While this year doesn't show much in terms of PRs, I can't even put into words how much I've grown this year. When I think about the events of my life of the past few years, and think about where I am now, I honestly get teary just remembering the journey. While I still have some forgiveness to take care of in my heart, I have made significant gains with being at peace. Time and prayer really does heal hurt. Moving from Mayberry is by far the best decision I've made in my life. (And Lord knows, there have been some bad ones!)

1) Do not settle out of fear of the unknown.
Yes, yes, and YES! I feel like I finally accomplished this. When I got offered my new job in June, I accepted. This was a huge leap of faith. I would go to a job where I knew no one, move to a town where I knew very little. Looking back, I should've done that the day I found out about my ex and his 1st affair. Live and learn...

2) Learn to trust again.
Ok, time for some confessions. Please know before I spill all this that I have had professional counseling to address these issues, which I suggest for anyone that was in my situation. When I first started dating TP, it was this wonderful, fabulous breath of fresh air. He was like no other man I had ever met. We had so much in common and everything was so easy about our relationship. For once, I felt like he liked me for ME, good and bad. The need to prove anything or be a certain way was non-existant. The thing that was holding us back in our little union was my inability to trust. It was absolutely ridiculous and crazy on my end. If he didn't return my call or text for like an hour, my mind would go bazerk, thinking he was out with another girl, etc, etc. etc. My own imagination was running nuts! One paricular night he was supposed to come over, but was late. He also wasn't answering his phone (b/c it had dead battery). By the time he got to my house, I was a weeping, psychotic MESS! Let me tell you, ladies, any man that puts up with THAT is one worth holding on to. Luckily, I am way, way past that now. I have a few rare, crazy thoughts, but can usually talk myself down from them before any harm is done to our relationship. (The counselor taught me these things.)

3) Rest my body and spirit more, and stop being so critical of myself.
Well, I don't know about RESTING, but I am so much more at peace with my body. I quit weighing myself awhile back, but did take out the scale occasionally to weigh for hydration (pre and post run) during those summer months. I've really focused on eating intuitively this year, and I think it's really helped in my energy levels during my high mileage training.

4) Invest more time in my faith.
This is still a work in progress. I found a new church that I really like, and I've been going, but not regularly. I've finally quit reading self-help books, and replaced them with a daily devotional. I would really like to get more involved in my new church this upcoming year.

5) Be a good friend.

I was pretty selfish this year, too. My friends helped me a TON this year with moving, etc. I have always been so blessed with great friends. I did do a lot of work making new friends, and I feel like I'm off to a good start. The running group has been fantastic. Sam (training partner) and I became a TON closer, and I have some new teaching and other running buddies, too.

And, there you have it. I'm going to post my goals for 2012 in another post. Stay tuned...


  1. Great post! Well said. I know 2012 will bring much better and bigger things for you.

  2. Well, it's nice to read a real post today! Your running goals reflect some big dreams and I am impressed that someone who clearly has speed for road races would take on a trail ultra.

    The personal stuff- I can identify with learning to forgive. It is a cornerstone of faith, and yet, I struggle so much with it. Seems easier to run and be angry, but it takes a bigger person to let go. Loving others is so much harder than it seems. Sounds like you have made some huge growth! I wouldn't worry about the "selfish" part. We all need help sometimes!

    Looking forward to your 2012 goals. Happy New year!!
    thnx for your nutrition info :)

  3. Love it! #1 jumps off the page at me...REALLY need to focus on that one.

  4. Open, honest, and well-said. In my opinion, you may not have run this or that event or done everything you set out to do, but you definitely stepped out of the box. Truth be told, I am inspired:)

    Keep on growing, sister- Love ya!

  5. Anonymous12/30/2011

    I'm so happy for you and inspired to think hard about the goals I want for myself in 2012. I'm so glad that I found your blog and have gotten to know you!

  6. I love these personal goals and how you have overcome so much. It's good to see you in a much better spot!

  7. Sweet post! Love that you went to a counselor to help you work out the hard stuff, PT for the brain. :) Lots of goodness here and if you ask me, a winning year. 2012 will be even better!

  8. Anonymous1/01/2012

    just reading your blog, you seem so much more at peace now than any other time. work in progress or not, THAT is the freedom to run your best! happy 2012, birthday girl!