December 18, 2011

Ho Ho Hustle 5K

I wasn't real fired up about racing this weekend. I was sooooo tired from an exhausting week at school. I didn't even want to get out of bed Saturday morning. Against my wishes, I pulled on the Christmas socks and got out the door. TP and I headed to P'cola for the Ho Ho Hustle, put on by the local running store. TP and I were not planning on full-out racing this, and had done a pretty tough set of hill repeats Thursday night. My legs were still a bit fatigued from that, along with all the Christmas party hoopla that went on Friday at school. TP even bought a morph Santa suit to wear during the race. It was so cute!

During our warm up, we were pleansantly surprised to not see any hills. There was still the factor of the brisk bay "breeze" (ahem, wind), but in general, conditions were decent.

I went out too fast. I got caught up in a group of guys and didn't want to let them go. We were also facing the wind here. So, the effort was pretty high.
Mile 1: 5:57

My pace fell off during the 2nd mile. I couldn't stay with the pack, but luckily the wind was behind us about halfway through this mile. Right before the mile marker, we hit a VERY steep, but short hill. I had 1st female locked in tight. I saw TP and his cute little Santa butt ahead, but couldn't catch him.
Mile 2: 6:12

The remainder of the course was very flat, possibly even a slight downward slope. We hit the last mile marker before a sharp right turn to the finish.
Mile 3: 6:14

Once I hit the 2nd mile, I pretty much gave up home of a Sub 19 race. When I turned the corner, though, and saw the clock, I knew I had a chance. Why do mental math skills go to pot while racing? Seriously, I have a hard time adding 2+2.
0.1: 36 sec.

Final Time: 18:59 (hahaha)
1st Overall Female

A pet peeve of mine is when races give the overall winners the same prize as the age group winners. They did engrave the back of the Santa medal for the overall winners, though (haha, but it says "Over All" instead of "overall").

Anyhow, I still give this race good marks b/c the teeshirts were super cute, and they had a really cute after party- hot chocolate, baked goods, and cute little tables with red balloons and tablecloths. They also had a trail mix bar, where you could make your own baggie of trail mix with M & Ms, marshmallow, nuts, pretzels, etc. VERY neat idea!

Well, I won't be racing again until after the New Year. The cat can come out of the bag- we've put together a relay! Yep, the gals down here have put together a relay team with the hopes of DEMOLISHING the course record of the First Light Relay. Adding to our group will be my super speedy Texan buddy, Adrienne. I'm so excited about this girls' weekend! We're already planning to bust out the bedazzle!

Then it's on to Houston...

Oh yeah, and the TPT Mean Dog Owners didn't show for court. The received an automatic continuance- bleh. It looks like justice will have to wait.


  1. Congrats! Love the socks!!

  2. Hi there! I found you from Adrienne's blog. Been reading here and there for awhile. Congrats on a win in the wind, and antlers (I think you raced in those?)!!
    Hooray for the relay; that should be fun. :)

  3. Ah, the magic of the Christmas socks! You're just ripping 'em to shreds every weekend. So impressed with you. And now a relay? Way cool! Lol on Over All. It's like you're some supernatural being. :)

  4. Yay- now you and Raina have met!

    Way to run, girl! I know some of my best races I've screwed up the math and ended up with a nice surprise at the end (actually that happened in Houston;))

    I can't wait to come run down there with y'all-warm up that bedazzler!

    Flo may be on to just may be a supernatural being....

  5. Congrats on your "Over All" :) You are amazing!

  6. Fantastic! You can go sub-19:00 quite easily on these things. :-)

  7. I kinda want to do a race around Christmas-time just for an excuse to wear socks like those. And reindeer antlers. Congrats on the Over All win ;)

  8. Wow! You are one FAST girl!
    My Running Shortz