June 20, 2010

Girls, Girls, Girls!

EDIT: okay, someone help me out here! I've done this before, but now it won't work! I am trying to link the YouTube of a song/video. GGRRR, frustration!

How can someone watch that and NOT smile? Seriously, I LOVE Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha! Plus, that song is just AWESOME!

And get your minds out of the gutters, boys! Can I just say for the one billionth time that I love my girlfriends. They just make my world go 'round these days.

Ever since my dad's accident, I think I've had a little bit of a black cloud looming over my head. Too much feeling sorry for myself, actually. You know, "Why are so many bad things happening to me?" blah, blah, blah. During this tiny bit of self-pity, I kind of let myself go. Not like quit-shaving-your-legs let myself go, but more like skipping the lipgloss, always rocking the ponytail, leaving my permi-smile at home...

This past week was really what I needed to get my mojo back. Tuesday, one of my teacher friends and I had this convo:
Her: Do you want to go shopping with Alison and me tomorrow?
Me: Sure
Her: We're taking you to the outlet mall. You need some new clothes.
Me: I do?
Her: Yeah, your clothes are swallowing you. You're drowning inside!
Me: That good, huh?
Her: Well, you're just sooooo cute, and we just want you to look ever cuter.

So, we went to Destin for the afternoon and shopped. It was like What Not To Wear! They brought me item after item and told me what to try on. It was so much fun! They gave me some brutal honesty. Like, maybe I've been wearing a size or two bigger than needed? Anyway, I ended up with some really cute things, and we left. Well, we tried to at least. The car was dead. Mmmphhhh. My friend actually has a beach house down there, and it was within walking distance. So, we trekked about 2 miles to her house and got her neighbor to come jump us off. Well, he tried. The battery cable was corroded, and we were stuck. So, I called AAA and THEY couldn't jump us, either. Finally, we called one gal's hubby and he left to come get us. But, we live over an hour away, so we had time to kill. Luckily, there was Carabba's nearby and we hit it up for some dinner.

Thursday night was bridge, followed by a smalltown concert. This was MORE girl time, which I was totally thrilled about. Friday, I had lunch with another friend, and then drove to B'ham to visit Jenn.

Phew. She and I went to see Sex in the City 2 and ate some Mexican. Saturday I got to see the old B'ham Track Club, followed by the Morgan Creek Wine Festival. Nothing better than an evening of sipping 12 different wines, listening to a band, and watching some fireworks!

This morning was another Birmingham Track Club Run, followed by breakfast, followed by a pedicure!


Just wanted to share how much I "less than three" (haha) my girls! I'll likely post tomorrow about the upcoming marathon in SIX days!


  1. i need those girls to take me shopping! i'm such a lost puppy when shopping and have nothing to wear. what did you think of movie number 2? i haven't seen it yet.

  2. Anonymous6/20/2010

    definitely sounds like your girls are keeping you sane! and wow 6 days? that's CRAZY close! but in a totally awesome way :)

  3. Awesome!! Glad you had such a great time!

  4. Fun times! Good luck this weekend.

  5. Jan,
    I really liked the movie, but I am easily amused. It wasn't as good as the first one, though, which I really, really loved.

    You and I will likely always need fashion help. We went to Samford, remember? We can't help it...

  6. Anonymous6/21/2010

    I LOVE Destin! I miss being able to drive 5 hours and be there.

  7. Love the shopping trip. Yes, very important to get clothes that fit! Makes a huge difference in how you look, whether large or small.