June 14, 2010

And these are a few of my favorite things...

I just had to make that sad post in the past b/c I was depressing MYSELF. LOL. Seriously, I can't stand to be in a bad mood for long, so today I decided to write about something a bit more upbeat. I love reading and seeing other blogger's product reviews. I think it really helps the reader to get to know you. Plus, it sometimes gives me ideas on how to improve my own running, or looks. Haha. So... here are a few of my favorites.

These are the new Brooks Ghost 3s. I love them. They are like running on clouds! I believe they go on the market in July, and everyone should try a pair! I promise you will love them!

Okay- this bodywash is called "Happiness". Nothing like rubbing yourself down with "happiness" twice a day. Mood booster! The perfume is called "Desire." HA- what a joke right now. It smells good, though...Now, that concealer is better than sliced bread. You can bawl your eyes out and the stuff will STAY PUT. I'm serious, this stuff is the bomb for under eye circles. I love some headbands like that one, and the last is my lucky chapstick. I love chapstick and lipgloss. I really don't discriminate, but that chapstick was given to me by a student and it has the letter "R' on it. :)

This is my favorite running skirt, made by Brooks (duh). It dries SUPER fast, even repels water/sweat a bit. It has two pockets, too, perfect for gels or ipod.

Ladies, this shirt is the Miracle Bra of running. Seriously, it has built in chest! Like, cups there that feel so light, like a regular sports bra! How did Brooks DO that? I am amazed every time I wear this thing. It truly is like the Miracle Bra. It comes in lots of other colors, too!

That's my girl, Sarah Wall. We party every morning from 5-6 a.m. She's sooo cute, nice, and professional. Basically, she's the reason I watch the news. Is that stalker-ish? Seriously, I like men and all, but she's just like a good friend...

This last one is my pride and joy, my baby- Ivy. She's the one I sleep with every night and the one that I hang with during the day (when I'm home). She's always there for me and loves me more than anyone else on Earth. :)


  1. don't leave us readers hanging on the type of concealor that stays put...what kind is it!?! and a running skirt...really? i think running and skirts should stay far far away from each other. guess i've never tried one though so i can't judge.

  2. i love reading about what you love. i'm going to have to check that running top out as i just typically throw a sports bra under my shirts that are like that. which means more laundry. ugh.

  3. What a great list! It made me smile. :) I need to get one of these running skirts everyone is talking about! And your cat is super adorable.

  4. Jan,
    That's Maybelline Super Stay Concealer. It can be a little drying, so I put it on AFTER my SPF/face moisturizer. You're so cute, though, you don't need make-up!

  5. I love Brooks shoes (I wear glycerins), but I've never tried their clothes. I'll have to check out that running skirt because I love wearing skirts in the summer. Normally I wear Nike Tempo shorts, but they like to chew on my legs when it's the least bit wet or humid out.

  6. I love this post! It made me smile and I need to buy that body wash!
    @Jan- I too said running and skirts shouldn't go together and then I ran a 5K with my 7 year old daughter (she wore a running skirt) and insisted I wear one too! And it turns out I love it! In fact I am considering wearing it in my 5k this Sunday!

  7. Still reading, and wishing you well.

  8. Jan (again), one thing wrong with the sport of running is that many women believe that being feminine within the sport makes them appear to be less of a runner. NOT TRUE AT ALL! Nothing pleases me more than to apply a little lip gloss, wear a running skirt, and scoot on by some egomaniac during a race! YOU are the one that HAD to have a pink tutu for your daughter, so you could definitely ROCK the running skirt...

  9. LOL! I love favorite things posts. Your girl Sarah Wall made me think of my ol' pals at the BBC world service, which is what is playing on the public radio station when I drive over to the meeting spot for early runs. You get used to those familiar voices and it gets you going!