November 18, 2009

RnR San Antonio

Background: This was my 2nd marathon in 5 weeks. I had this marathon planned all along, mostly to be able to hang out with my friend, Angie. I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular, but did take this chance to go all out and give Sub 3 a try. I PRed by 46 seconds last Saturday in the 10K, which predicted a 3:02 marathon. I am well aware that Sun 3 is a pipe dream at this point, but I prefer the term “aggressive goal.” A good friend of mine referred to it as this on Saturday, and I really think it’s much nicer. LOL. My strategy was to go a bit behind the Sub 3 pace group and hang on for dear life. I knew bonking was a big possibility, but nothing chanced, nothing gained, right? I also did the Aussie Carbo load the day prior to the race.

Pre-race: A and I left the hotel at 5 and caught the bus to the starting area. The bus dropped us off in the ghetto, like a mile from the start. That was weird. We then walked FOREVER to the bag check and back to our corrals. Actually, hanging out before the race was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. We had so much fun joking around and laughing. We saw some real characters, too- Tammy Fae Baker and an 80s aerobic instructor w/ the leotard thong! *Side note: why do guys take longer than girls in the porta potty? After waiting like 5 minutes for one guy to come out, he left the toilet seat up. Ewww, seriously? Anyway, I’m so glad to have had A there to listen to my rambling nonsense.

Race: I started a bit behind the Sub 3 group and they were off like a ROCKET! Honestly, I couldn’t keep up. Looking at my first few mile splits, I think they were too going too fast. Here’s the breakdown:

1. 6:48
2. 6:33
3. 6:57
4. 6:52
There were so many turns in the first few miles! I just kept my eye on the Yellow Balloon. I kept thinking, “follow the yellow brick road, and follow the yellow brick road.” LOL Also, I was not big on the cobblestone street, either. Too risky for the feet.
5. 6:59
6. 6:27 (determined to catch that stupid balloon)
7. 6:45 (got it)
8. 7:01
9. 6:55
10. 6:47
11. 6:52
12. 6:54
At this point, I knew I was going to have to gut it out. It just felt too hard. I kept thinking about how people say “Well, it wasn’t my day, blah, blah, blah.” I was so hard headed thinking, “I’m going to MAKE it my day.”
13. 7:00 (Hit the half at 1:30:xx)
14. 7:04
15. 6:56 Cyclists kept asking me if I was from Texas. There was a prize for the top Texas marathoner, and I think they had trouble finding her. Four different people asked me where I was from.
16. 6:58
17. 8:10- yeah, had to pull over. My hamstrings started cramping badly. I did a little stretch-a-roo and tried to suck it up.
18. 7:40 Zone out, zen in, right A? LOL, I’m the opposite of zen.
19. 7:22
20. 7:36 People around me were dropping like flies. I just kept feeling so thankful that I wasn’t going down THAT bad. No PR, but won’t have to DNF.
21. 7:15 Started running with a guy that had a shirt saying, “Sub 3 or bust.” We had this mini conversation:
Him: This f’ing (but he said the real word) sucks.
Me: Pretty much. (Then I started laughing, not really sure why. I think the casual use of the f-word made me laugh.)
22. 8:17 I started walking and he joined suit. I felt really dizzy and had chills. Then he said, “Come on, baby, let’s go!” Interesting how you don’t even know someone, yet they call you “baby” and say the f-word in front of you. We started jogging a bit.
23. 7:51 Sweet Home Alabama was played AGAIN (same mile marker as Hartford). I think I’m starting to HATE that song.
24. 7:45
25. 7:40
26. 7:24
0.34- 2:21 BIGGEST HILL EVER to finish line. It put Thunder Road to shame. Why do race organizers do this? It’s cruel. It was a complete death march.

Final time: 3:08:33
88th Overall
15th Female
4th in AG

I’m really not an easily annoyed person (when it comes to running), but my biggest complaint is after the race when the medics won’t leave me alone. I finished and just wanted to sit down! Sure, I was leaning over the railing, looking like death, but still… I was fine. (Term used loosely.) They kept telling me to stand up and keep going. Knives were going into my hamstrings!!!!

Post-Race: It’s difficult for me to admit this, but I am in some serious pain. I haven’t hurt his bad in a LLLLOOOONNNNG time. Every part of my body feels like its been beat. The driving/plane didn’t help, either. I am also pretty sick my stomach. Yep, death warmed over here.


  1. Oh man, you are so tough! I love your determination and strength! I hope the recovery goes well, sounds like this one (and all the travel) was hard on the body. You look so cute in your pictures!


  2. Anonymous11/18/2009

    You are my inspiration LA! Can I come live with you...??! No seriously, amazing race and time, way to do it. Oh, and love your pics - your so beautiful - great, happy smile :)

  3. You're a marathon monster, baby! Great photos, love 'em - you look fantastic.

  4. Congrats on the race. I've read other people's race reports that said it was really hot and humid. Way to hang in there through some serious pain. I hope you can take it easy for a little while and feel better soon.

  5. 6:27 mile in a marathon!?! are you kidding me? that must have been some balloon that you were trying to catch. congrats on a great race and for gutting it out.

  6. You are a crazy lady running those marathons so close together! Congrats on your great time! Take it easy for a while and let your body recover now.

  7. Anonymous11/18/2009

    you are my hero! 2 marathons in 5 weeks and you rocked it!! seriously in awe :)

    "i'm going to MAKE it my day" = bamf

  8. 3:08... wow!! I echo the sentiments. Plus u stopped and stretched, and Lord knows its hard restarting from a stop. I almost died laughing at your "convo" and how it "sucks". U are officially my female marathon hero!!

  9. Good job, Rebecca! I seriously can't wait to see what 2010 brings for you. I have a feeling your goals will come to fruition.

  10. Dang, woman, you're amazing! That's some seriously great racing. Rest up and recover well.

    (And, FWIW, I think that Sweet Home Alabama would also make me want to kill someone late in the race.)

  11. Anonymous11/20/2009

    Dang girl,
    You had to post the worst pic of me with the adolescent zits!--Ok, ok maybe peri-menopausal breakout...LOL

    You know I couldn't be more proud of you, R.. :)

    Talk to you soon! Crazy busy around this time of season!

  12. Hi, DC Running Mamma! I would love to check out your blog. Maybe you could invite me?

  13. Inspired by you yet again. Thank you and keep on running

  14. Would love to have you add my blog on yours :-). Maybe one day I'll be able to run at the same pace & distance as are quite the role model!

  15. You are simply AMAZING!!! Congrats on a great time. You should be so very proud of yourself. You inspire me to keep going at it.

  16. Anonymous11/21/2009

    Thanks for checking out my blog!! I really value your input and 'prescence' because you are such a strong runner, and PERSON - seriously. I struggle with ALOT of things and life sucks sometimes.With not being able to run all the time or well, with eating chocolate and to the point of complete fullness - every day -when I tell myself NOT to...of being unhapppy in my job and wanting to quit - but I have myself to support and need financial security.

    I must remember that Life is beautiful.It's a matter of perspective, not easily changed though.

  17. Hi there...I guess your awesome speed has kept me from posting on your board, but man you are a marathon beast. This stuff isn't easy, and you make no joke about the work and determination it takes to get where you are.

    Seriously, CONGRATS on a beast of a marathon (5 weeks from your last one too, OMG).

  18. Wow- Congrats on such a speedy time considering you just did Hartford. And I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of you. So speedy and pretty! The perfect combo.

    I definitely think that a sub-3:00 is in you. You just need for the stars to align.

  19. Fantastic race . . . again. SUb-3:00 is neither a pipe dream nor an "aggressive goal". In your case, it's an inevitability.

    Best, Ron