November 7, 2009

46 seconds

Yep, that's what I PRed by in the 10K today. It's about stinkin' time, huh? Here's the rundown. (Don't you guys love my puns?)

Given my feelings of Loserhood lately, I wasn't expecting much out of this race. I give credit of my strong PR to actual math miscalculations prior to the race. I met up with Speedy Anna, Jay, and Katie prior to the race and we did a 2 mile warm up. While running we discussed the pace for a Sub 39 race. I THOUGHT my previous PR (39:34) was a 6:17 pace. So, we concluded that a Sub 39 would be ABOUT 6:11. Give us some credit here; it was early Saturday morning and my math skills don't go much past what I teach my 3rd graders. So, Jay was planning to pace Speedy Anna and I to a Sub 39 race.

The ONLY thing I dislike about this race is the running of the 5K. It starts 15 minutes earlier than the 10K, which makes perfect sense, except that means the faster 10Kers have to share the course with the slower 5Kers. Alright, I can share, as long as the road is wide.

So, we were off. In the first mile, Jay, Anna, and I ran together and I believe that Anna and I were 4th and 5th females. After the first mile, she and Jay slowed a bit and told me to go on, which I did.
Mile 1: 6:13
In the 2nd mile, I passed another female (moving into 3rd place) and ran past The Place that Makes me Drool (Krispy Kreme), reminding me I haven't eaten a doughnut for at LEAST 6 months. On we went.
Mile 2: 6:10
The next mile took us into the neighborhood, and the terrain was a bit roughed up.
Mile 3: 6:11
I felt fatigued here, just in time to power up the only hill on the course. This is also when I powered past the 3rd place lady.
Mile 4: 6:15
I was trying to do calculations in my head and it really wasn't working. I decided to tuck behind a pack of 3 men. One of the men was all over the road and I was just wanting him to stay put. Ggrrrr.
Mile 5: 6:20
One of the men took off like a rocket and one of the men slowed. I tried to stay with middle guy, sort of afraid to be left alone at this point. I had the saliva in my mouth that you get right before you vomit, so I really knew I was working hard. Side note: I had this horrid headache that also might have been the reason for wanting to vomit. These are hormone headaches that I deal with ALL the time. Annoyance.
Mile 6: 6:16
The man took off and I tried to take off, but it wasn't really successful. People were on the course cheering now, and that was nice. I passed that stupid clock that I mistaken for the finish line last year and pushed it on through.
0.23 @ 6:06 pace
Final time: 38:48
2nd Overall Female

Phew. The equation finally worked. High mileage + weight loss + train your tail off= PR. Yippeee!!!

I hung out and cheered on my friends, followed by a cool down with Speedy Anna and Jay. Then I did something I have NEVER done after a race- drank a beer. LOL. It was pretty funny, too. We were all hanging out and I told them I was having a "celibatory" (like celibacy) beer. I didn't actually mean to say that, of course. Nothing like good friends to help you laugh at yourself. Keeping things real, that's what it's all about.

So... San Antonio- here I come!


  1. Anonymous11/07/2009

    soooo happy for you! and wicked jealous -- you are *fast* and totally deserved that "celibatory" beer :)

  2. Awesome race report. Congratulations on the PR. You rock!

  3. Outstanding race! All the best in San Antonio. Go get that sub-3. BTW- I think you may have beaten your 5K PR in that first half. You can break 19 for sure at that distance. I PR'd myself at Vulcan but wouldn't have been anywhere near you.

  4. Yay!! What a HUGE PR, too! Great job girl, glad to hear it's finally coming together.

  5. Anonymous11/08/2009

    Cripes girl - great job!!! And yeah I run past a bakery somedays and the smell of the bread is amazzzzzing...I might stop in one day :)

    Good luck! If you have any suggestions on training plans/goals for me, I'm always posting on my blog for advice - (if you read it that is!)no worries.

  6. Super congrats on an awesome race!! My God, you are sooo fast!!! I love reading your race reports and blog in general. Very entertaining!!

  7. Congratulations. I'm so excited that you are seeing results from all your hard work. You are one speedy chica!

  8. Amazing race - and you totally deserve it!!! Way to go - I'm so happy for you! :)

  9. That is awesome! Your times are amazing! Congrats on your PR!!


  10. awesome! So glad to see you got a PR- we all need that to keep going at times. :) Great job!

  11. wow that is AWESOME! See, it's all gonna come together.

  12. Your last two posts have really made me smile. Fast running, and embracing your inner dork.
    You rock.

  13. Rule #1... never EVER try to do math in your head mid-race!! I wont work... EVER!! LOL.

    I'm sooooo happy for you!! You've worked like a madman (woman). If anybody deserved this type of race its you! So now I'm the only one left that can legally have a pity party on my performances!! LOL. Good luck in S.A.

  14. Ah, welcome to the dark side with the "celibatory" beer! What a monster PR. Congratulations!

    And running math...fugeddaboudit! Never been good at that either.

    Go get 'em in SA!

  15. Wow, you are soooooo fast!!! I love it how your friend was going to pace you to a PR and you were already faster than him after the first mile. You're going to rock S.A.!

  16. I left you a PM on RWOL, but I don't know if you check that.

  17. So so happy for you! Damn, girl I read this race reports and am totally astounded by your speed. You know people race 5k's at your 10k time?!

    Anyways, just a note to remind you that you are a total rockstar!

  18. Also +100000 to math calculations while running. I am terrible at it and yet perpetually end up trying to calculate times while racing. And I am pretty much NEVER right.

  19. HAPPY PR!!! That's awesome. Your hard work is paying off...maybe it just took a little longer to adjust. Big things ahead I am sure! :happy dance:

    SO, now I finally realize why the First Light Half sounded so familiar...because I have been seeing your First Light finish pic in your sidebar! That's awesome that you're going to be there. I'm excited to meet you!

  20. Anonymous11/10/2009

    Congrats! Just found your blog looking for the Glover chart (and I have some work to do...) and it's great! Sub-e, awesome.

  21. Just wanted to wish you good luck this weekend! I will be thinking of you!

  22. You are indeed a fast runner and your PR is very impressive but I am confused why you use your own timing method rather than the official time that the race posts for you.

  23. Hi, Stalker Mike. Many of the races I do are not chip timed. Often, I do not start ON the line, but a few rows of people back. So, I start my Garmin when I cross the start line. Thanks for reading!

  24. I just found your blog! Congrats on a great race and PR Ms Speedy McSpeed!

  25. First of all please call me Michael.
    Second, yes I read your blog and have looked at the results of the races you've run but I don't think that counts as stalking. I read your blog cause my wife is very similar to you in her race times and so it is interesting to see what others are doing in their training.

  26. Looking great through 13.1 in San Antonio! Stay strong!

  27. I hope you don't mind that I already added you to my blog list! I saw that you wanted to add me and that is perfectly fine! Your blog inspires me!!