November 25, 2009

I need an intervention. (A rant followed by RR news)

Yep, got another speeding ticket. WTH, you ask? It was even on the SAME road. Here are some things I want to state before going on my tirade.
1. I know I am fault. I know speeding is illegal, and I do feel my punishment is fair.
2. I don't feel that I should be excused from anything, and I do consider myself a law-abiding citizen.

Okay, so here's the rant. I don't actually have a direct problem with the ticket b/c of the reasons stated above. This is my problem- State Troopers are OBSESSED with traffic tickets. I see them all the time giving tickets. You know what I don't see them doing? I don't see them helping people or fighting real crime. I see people all the time on the side of the road, broken down or with a flat tire. Where are the troopers then? Oh, but you break 60 mph and they will sure enough be there. Where are they when school lets out and Ms. Mamma drives away in an El Camino and her 10 children piled in with no seat belts, including the newborn she's holding in her lap while she's driving? Where are they when those child molesting perverts from Blueberry Hill decide to take a "walk" around the school zone? Hhhmmm, they are busy giving the town do-gooders speeding tickets!!!

Why have I only gotten tickets from State Troopers? Because the city cops realize that there are much more important things to do that give the Productive Citizen Schoolteacher a ticket for exceeding the speed limit. The city cops are busy checking businesses when they are closed, fighting the drug war, and catching burglars. Plus, the city cops believe in warnings and second chances. The city cops understand the Good People/Bad People philosophy.

Okay, here is what else is peeving me right now. Is it too much for me to ask for just one tiny life break? I mean, can just ONE LITTLE BITY thing go my way? I know that's selfish, and life is about giving, but... sigh. I need a break. I need someone upstairs to just cut me some slack for just a little bit. When I saw that Trooper today, I just knew I was about to get a ticket, b/c that's the way life is now.

One thing I've noticed about myself is that I am becoming more feisty by the day. So feisty that I am actually considering contesting this ticket for the sheer meanness of it. I think I have grounds. There are some mistakes on the written ticket and he really did make me pull over in an area that was not safe for my vehicle (no shoulder, had to drive into big grassy area that was drastically sloped). Plus, I've heard that if the cop doesn't show, you get out of the ticket, no questions asked.

One part of me knows that I should just man up and pay that ticket. A little deviant side of me thinks that maybe Troopers target people like me for that very reason. They can look at me in my car and just know that I won't try to flee; I won't question authority, and I will pay the ticket. What's also funny is that we've also donated money to the Troopers in the past and I made a silent vow to myself to not give them another DIME after this ticket it done.

Alright rant over.

I did get to spend last night with Speedy Anna and that was SOOOOOO much fun, as usual. It was my 3rd time running since San Antonio. (I said I was taking a break, remember?) I ran 7 on Sunday (first run), eliptical on Monday, then 4 last night with her club. This morning we did 10 and it felt good. I'm still having some major hamstring stiffness, but not pain.

I did something REALLY stupid Monday. I injured my other exterior oblique (according to my Dr., Mr. Google.) I was swinging on the playground with the kids and decided it would be 'fun' to jump off from up high. Something pulled back there. It doesn't hurt as bad as before, but this time feels more like a bruise. Weird. I might need to see someone about that.

I have decided to run the Charlottesville Marathon on April 17th (Boston weekend). This is supposed to be a beautiful course. It's also during my spring break, and I'm going to drive. Crazy, I know, but with the extra expense of retaking National Boards, I will need to save money this spring. So... Charlottesville it is. I also already designed my entire training plan myself. It was pretty fun. I did it in pencil, too, in case I need to change some things. I will report more on the plan later. I won't officially start training until December 14. It will be all easy running/ elipticaling until then.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Pull a turkey wishbone for me! I need some luck.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!!

    My first thought is that they give so many tickets to raise money. There's a city in FL that's NOTORIOUS for giving tickets for minor infractions because that's the biggest revenue generator.

    No advice for you about the ticket. I guess if you contested it the worst thing that could happen would be that you had to pay it... which is no different than just paying it.

    I really hope you have a good weekend and get some RnR time. I will remember you in my prayers.

  2. Anonymous11/25/2009

    staties scare me sooo bad. i can handle anything a city/town cop can throw at me but i start shaking and sweating once i see those staties!

    yay for having a marathon on the horizon! what plan are you using? making one up yourself? hope

    sending some good vibes your way too -- hope you get some time to relax a bit :)

    have a great thanksgiving!!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your luck. I have a solution for you...Move to CO - I go for months without seeing a trooper on the road! I say contest it - give them a taste of their own medicine!

    Hope you have a great Turkey Day!

  4. contest it, a little fiestiness will do you good.
    -your run of the mill potty mouth deviant.

  5. Lol, only you would find it deviant to contest a ticket having proper grounds to do it with! The only problem is it takes time out of your day but if that's no biggie, do it! Yay on the new marathon plan, how fun that you're all penciled in already. Time flies when you run! Happy Thanksgiving, girl.

  6. Go ahead and contest it. I am sure it will make you feel better. The worst thing that could happen is that the judge would still make you pay it.

    Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your time off.

    Take it easy with the running.

  7. Anonymous11/25/2009

    From a criminal law point of view, I say contest the ticket! It's automatically win if the cop doesn't show up, which happens fairly frequently. Also (in CA at least) cops aren't allowed to amend the ticket. So if it's written incorrectly, you can get out of it. It's definitely worth a shot. Besides, sometimes it's fun to play with your deviant side. ;) There's no harm in this!

    I'll definitely be sending up a prayer for you this week. You are such a wonderful, talented, kind woman and you deserve equally wonderful things. I do believe in karma...things will come back around. :)

  8. Anonymous11/26/2009

    Happy T-Giving! I'm in Canada..but I'm still eating like it's a holiday ! :(..oh well.

    Just wanted to 'concur' with the rant on the parking tickets...ughh!! If I could count the number of times and money I've wasted on it...and it is NOT cheap...were talking $80-$100!!! That's ridiculous - God - that's groceries, or bills, ...serioulsy they're robbing us - and half the time I don't understand what was did wrong or it was something so stupid! UGH - I've contested it a few times (which means going out of my way again and waiting in lines of course...) but still only get it reduced by 1/2 it's still like 40-50 dollars...jeez...okay sorry my rant over ;)

  9. I can see it now, you are going to be held in contempt of TRAFFIC court. They put you in jail for that. Get the orange jump suit and everything.

  10. Contest that ticket, girl! I had two separate occasions during college when I showed up to fight tickets. One time, it was excused outright because the officer did not show. The second time, I knew I was speeding but certainly not 29 over in a Ford Escort Pony-they had to have picked up someone else near me on the radar. I didn't think it would work in the second instance but I was being honest, and had a bug up my butt about go in there with all your feistiness, and I bet you'll get somewhere!

  11. Anonymous11/30/2009

    Since you are a Running 'Elite' to me haha - wondering what your opinion on various training plans are?? do you follow one or 'go with the flow'? about Pfitz, Higdon, Daniels...?? so many!! Thanks!

  12. Hi - I am going to add you to my blog roll - do you mind?? I recently started my own blog and have been reading yours - LOVE IT!!

  13. hi!! sure you can add my blog. I love reading yours! (I even added it without asking...sorry :) You are an amazing runner and person!
    My bog will probably be kind of disappointing though in terms of running. I'm pretty much on a break till my knee is totally better. take care.

  14. Eatmovelove,

    I'm going with Daniels Elite workouts put into the Pfitz mileage progression. I used to be a big Pfitz gal. His plans are great. I feel like I kind of reached my potential with them and want to try something new. So... this is the best of both worlds. in my earlier marathoning days, I used Higdon. His stuff is good, too.