December 1, 2009

Call Me Coach?

Did I mention that I am the non-permanent head varsity track coach for the high school? Well, it just so happens that Coach D (former head coach) is being deployed in Feb/March and will not be able to fulfill the duty as track coach. So... yours truly got the job! I guess today was my official first day b/c I attended a rules clinic in Montgomery with other coaches from around the state. Here are some things that I learned:

1. I need to buy a wind suit. Out of about 100 coaches, only 6 were women. They were all wearing wind suits with their school logo. One gal WAS wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, though. Um, what was I wearing? Short wool skirt w/ long sleeve shirt and boots. Oops. My name tag might as well of said "Doofus".

2. Coaching hurdles is going to be difficult. I took very good notes, paid attention, AND requested a free video, so we'll see.

3. Our state is majorly lacking in the area of distance running.

I did meet some really nice and helpful coaches. Plus, Coach D and I discussed everything that needs to be done. The list is quite lengthy, but I am really, really excited. I've already designed the first month of conditioning for the 400m runners and up. Together, Coach D and I made some training plans for sprinters, and he just had to do the field events b/c I am pretty lost there, too.

I also spent a lot of time making my coaching philosophy with team expectations. This was done on recommendation of the leaders at today's clinic. The good news is that 6th graders can now compete with the high schoolers. So... next week I will head over to the middle school to do some recruiting.

Bad news is that the track is damaged and does not meet AHSAA guidelines for hosting track meets. The damage was done by a construction company and their large truck. Coach D has requested the money to fix this and was denied. I will try my persuasive, sweet-talking skills tomorrow. I would really like to host meets at home.

I guess that's it for now. I've started doing P90X Core again, so I'm a bit sore from the lunges. I've added a little speedwork, once a week, back to my routine, too. I'm still keeping the mileage low for another week after this. Then it will training time for Charlottesville!


  1. Anonymous12/01/2009

    that is sooo wicked exciting!! congrats :)

  2. 90x core is tough. did it on sunday and i'm still a little sore in my tri's...of all things.

    track is a blast to coach. don't worry, you'll pick up on stuff quickly. i had to help with field events and hurdles and i had NO IDEA what i was doing...even at the end of the season but it was still a lot of fun. the kids are going to love you being their coach!

  3. Anonymous12/01/2009

    You get to coach kids?! That's so exciting! I coached kids' swim teams for a few years and loved it. You're going to have a great time and be an incredible coach. Oh, I'm thrilled for you.

    No advice for the hurdles. I have exactly ONE hurdling experience and it was terribly embarrassing.

  4. Anonymous12/01/2009

    How do you have time?!! Yikes...I feel so overwhelmed at times it's too much. Interesting about the you do it alot? I am so not into strength training , just doing yoga now ...which is hardly EVER ...and i'm doing teacher training...oye...i feel so scattered and like such a freaking mess sometimes :(
    Congrats on coaching Rockstar!

  5. Hey Coach! Very cool. Bet those kids are gonna love you like crazy. And you can show them what a real runner looks like. Can't wait to hear more coaching adventures from you.

  6. OMG how exciting!! You are going to make an amazing head coach! Those kids are so lucky to have you!! Can't wait to hear how it goes. That is too funny about your outfit, I tend to over dress for occassions so that cracked me up. :)


  7. Very cool, coach. Hope you can get them to fix the track.

  8. Very cool! I'm sorta new to your blog (or at least new to posting)... What all certifications do you need to be able to do that? Are there any?

  9. Adam, well first off you have to be an employee of the school district. Next you have to become certified by taking the rules clinic (what I did on Tuesday), pass the online test, and be certified in first aid & CPR. (All teachers in our county have first-aid and CPR, so this was no problem.)

  10. I think you will make an awesome coach, R! I have wanted to coach high school swimming forever, but my employer won't let me. I'm excited to hear how it goes.

    Also, your outfit sounds totally cute. I do not think a windsuit is necessary.