November 5, 2009

Unprofessional Professional

Last week my friend, Kerry, invited me to a "Social Hour" for Future Professional Leaders. Apparently, a group of young people in the community is needed to make improvements. The Social Hour was tonight at the country club, starting at 5:00. 5:00 is when my After School Kids' parents are supposed to pick up. Usually, they are late, and usually, I have cleaning up to do.

This afternoon, we got the paint out, and the kids stamp-painted a fall collage. I knew I would be going from school to the Social Hour, so I wore one of my favorite wrap dresses and tall flower boots. You probably already know where this story is going, but paint ended up on the dress, and the boots were KILLING my feet by 3:00. Never-the-less, I left school at 5:15 and made my way to the Country Club.

Because I am always prepared, I was able to do a quick touch up of the hair and make-up in the car. Well, I arrive and I had not gotten the memo to wear my business suit. Nor do I have a blackberry or feel the need to use the word "networking" one bazillion times in a sentence. Kerry mouthed "sorry" to me, as the group was sitting around a table talking about "ideas." Okay, this rocked on for an hour, and I couldn't tell you ONE thing they talked about. One gal asked for everyone's business card, and for us to write down our "lunch hour" on the back. LOL. So, being the think-quick gal that I am, I pulled out an index card and magic marker and wrote this-
My Name
My School
Room 9A
Then on the back I wrote- 11:30-11:55, working lunch only

Yeah... no one thought it was funny. They were probably wondering what in the heck I was doing there. I was wondering that, too. Somehow, I then turned into my 3 year-old self and got the church giggles.

It sort of all happened at once. I was looking out the glass window into the other part of the dining room and I saw a man run SMACK into the corner of the table. And, he hit it where it counts, if you know what I mean. Kerry saw it, too, and she started looking at me with her hand over her mouth. Then the church giggles came. You know, that convulsing laughter that results in snorting from trying to hold it all in for too long. Tears were coming down, and I finally had to excuse myself to get it all together. I was going to make a break for it and leave, but I left my purse in the room. Hhmm, I could've actually walked home, too, but I knew I would have to come back for my car in the morning, and that would just be annoying. So, I went back in.

How can a group of 20 and 30 somethings sit in a room together and not smile? Not my type of fun group, that's for sure. So, even in my favorite wrap dress, sassy tall, flower boots, I am still not professional. Blame it on the tempera paint and the church giggles.


  1. Sounds like that group needs some more gals like you!! I love it that you made your "card" with an index card and marker! That's awesome - the joys of being a teacher!! Hope you at least had a glass of wine on their tab! :)

  2. Anonymous11/06/2009

    Hah that's hilarious :)

  3. thanks for sharing. i needed a good laugh this morning

  4. What a dreadful, but funny evening. :)


  5. Sounds like you were the BEST thing for that group! I think you go back and tell 'em all to loosen up. LOL. you are just too cute, R!

  6. Welcome to the biz world. However a skirt suit with black boots would work, just throwing that out there.

  7. Sounds like the event was totally lame. I don't own a suit or Blackberry either, but tempra painting sounds way more fun than a working lunch with that crowd.

  8. I'll join your professional group if you form one. ;) I meet the criteria for laughing at inappropriate moments, and usually wearing paint, chalk or something else on the clothes. With you on the Blackberry too-didn't even have a cell phone until a few weeks back. Glad you can giggle about what sounds like a very un-fun evening!

  9. Anonymous11/06/2009

    omg you are hilarious. i get the church giggles too. all the time. i'm sure ppl think i'm the most immature person everrrr but if i hung out with you we could be all giggly together :)

    and who needs to be "professional" anyway? i'm much happier being all inappropriate with laughter!

  10. The church giggles - too funny! As soon as you said a man walked into a table, I started laughing, myself. Not sure why, b/c I wasn't even there! LOL!