September 15, 2009

The Link to the Pictures- fixed link

Here is access to our team's pictures from the Bear Beach Challenge. Our group # is 1501. I love the one where I'm climbing the wall. If you happen to look through the kayak pics, I'm the ONLY one in a single red kayak. Fun stuff.

Edited to add: Yeah, use the arrow keys to look through our group's pictures. When you click on the link, that picture is one of the middle ones in the group.


  1. Pooh, link doesn't work says something like "session expired and we don't know what event you were looking at"

  2. Anonymous9/16/2009

    yeah i can't get the link to work either :(

  3. Okay, try it now. When you get the first picture, you can just use the arrow key to look through our group's pictures. Sorry so complicated!