September 13, 2009

Still Plugging Along

I know those pics are not of very good quality, but that's what happens when you refuse to pay $8.99 JUST to download a file.

Well, another almost-100 mpw is in the books. Nothing really crazy or spectacular happened this week, just busy w/ school and such...

M: 6 easy on the TM (recovering from the Bear Beach Adventure)
T: 12 a.m./ 6 p.m.
W: 8 a.m. (overslept, oops)/ 6 p.m. w/ 5 @ 6:31
T: 12
F: 12
S: 15 w/ 5@ 8:00, 5@ 6:53, 5@6:50
S: 20 @ 7:59
Total: 97 mpw

This weekend's running pretty much stank. I hit the paces okay, but was definitely feeling it. I think it was more lack of sleep than anything more. The humidity is really wearing me down on the long runs, too. Seriously, it's been this humid since May, and I'm sick of it. I really try not to whine about weather b/c I know that I am really lucky in the winter months, but running 20 milers in 95-100% humidity REALLY gets old after awhile. There's never a break.

I am starting to get anxious about this race. I don't know why, really. I mean, I have other marathons scheduled. I guess b/c this time I didn't really follow a plan, just a few helpers from RWOL mixed w/ Pfitz and Hudson. I've also had some monthly mileage PRs the past few months- exciting and scary, all at once. I am pleased w/ how I feel AND how well my body is responding to the higher mileage. I'm also pleased that I have finally gotten away from feeling like I have to hit a certain number of miles in a week. I usually give myself a range. It feels much more relaxed and less stressful.

The only draw back to the near-100 mpw is that I'm sleepy. Sleeping only 6 hours a night is just not cutting it right now. Friday night, after the game, I was about to fall asleep while driving AND the school is less than 10 miles from home! This morning I was so tired that I fell asleep after breakfast and ALMOST missed church. I also get REALLY sleepy in the afternoon, so sleepy that I have a student assigned to get me a diet coke during Story Time on the carpet. I can't make it w/o that little burst of fake energy. It's a price to pay, I guess. Fingers are crossed that this higher mileage deal works out in my favor. Run strong, friends!


  1. 20 miles @ 7:59? I can't wait to get to that point! I am in South Carolina, so I completely feel you on the 100% humidity. Ugh it sucks!

  2. I'm going to nick name u bionic woman!! I went thru the same thing with the sleepy thing when i upped my milage (if thats what u wanna call it). By the way... are u not doing any speedwork sessions??

  3. Anonymous9/13/2009

    hopefully you can find some time to sleep a little more this week. i am so impressed by all your hard work. doubly so by you running 20 miles @ 7:59 in 95-100% humidity. bamf :)

  4. Weekend Warrior- the 5 @ 6:31 and Saturday's workout ARE my speed sessions. LOL. I'm not doing short stuff, if that's what you mean.

  5. You are a rock star!! Awesome training week once again. I can't believe you are able to run that long/hard through the week on that little of sleep. Hope you get to have some more rest soon.


  6. Good workouts but you need to get some more sleep... really. I run around 60mpw and I am up early around 4 am but go down early, in the bed by 9 or 9:30. Also try and get a nap in the weekend too, I get one in after my long runs. Deena runs 120 miles per week and she gets 12 hours of sleep daily, so please get more rest! A lack of rest is how overtraining starts. Okay done with the lecture! Oh yeah good luck on your 10k next weekend. If I can't find the info at TrakShak this week for Oxford 8K, I may ride down with Justin and run that 10K too!

  7. You're doing great, R!!! But definitely find the time to SLEEP. Let your body repair itself after all your hard work. :)

  8. Wonderful running, girl! You're doing so great with all the mega-mileage, I'm so impressed. Can't wait to see how this translates in races (crazy good, I'm sure!)

  9. it's going to feel like winter when you come up to CT. I can't wait to see how you do.

  10. Seems normal for anyone to be nervous when lone-wolfing it the first time on a training plan, but you've said it yourself-you are getting in those miles! Lots of deposits in the bank. You are going to kick some butt at your next marathon.

  11. remember when we did that climbing thing at samford during spring fling weekend? it was my birthday that day. i have a picture of you tackling the climbing wall in my scrapbook.