September 19, 2009


I have a RR to deliver, but it will hold until tomorrow. I know that I always say crazy things happen to me that don't happen to normal people, and tonight is a perfect example.

I went to the race this morning in Montgomery. After the race, I showered at the YMCA and waited for K, Erin, and John (our good friends, remember green bridesmaid's dress?). Then, we were all headed to Auburn for some tailgating/football action. Erin and I didn't really know if we wanted to go to the game, so we were taking both cars. Well, we decided to head on back after tailgating, stopping to do some shopping on the way. We saw one bazillion State Troopers on the interstates, so I actually drove the speed limit. (It's so slow, btw.) Somewhere along Hayneville, blue lights appeared behind me. WTH? I pulled over, and this scene unfolded:

Erin: You weren't speeding.
Me: I know. I wonder what's going on.
Officer (walks to car): License and insurance, please.
Me: Erin, can you get in the glove compartment?
(Tampons, napkins, phone chargers, sunglasses, pens, & pencils all fall out. I hand both documents to the officer. Then he leaves for a LLLOOONG time.)
Erin: What's he doing back there, writing your life story?
Me: No, it would be over by now.
Erin: Why is your glove compartment so junky? What are you doing with so many tampons and napkins? I thought you were organized.
Me: Shut up.
Erin: I'm going to tell everyone about this.
Me: Shh, here he comes.

At this point, I explain to the officer WHY I don't have my headlight fixed. a) A dealer has to do it b/c Honda likes to inconvenience people. b) We live 60 miles from the Honda place. c) I teach school from 6:30 until 5:00 every day and by that time, the dealership is closed.

He issues me a warning, and we are on our way again. We pass my house and continue on to Erin's. Hhmmm, someone made a u-turn in the road. Uh-oh! It's the police AGAIN! Ugh, I pull over again and get my written warning from 80 minutes prior.

Erin: Dang, if only we were neighbors. We'd be home asleep right now. This stuff only happens to you. She then begins laughing uncontrolably.
Officer: Lisence and insurance, please.
Me: (Handing warning to officer.) Sir, I just got a written warning for this a few minutes ago. (Then I repeat what I told the other officer.)
Officer: (laughing) Okay, miss. Listen, just get that taken care of, okay?
Me: Yes sir!

After we drove off, I was laughing so hard that I almost couldn't control the car. Erin (pregnant) almost wet her pants. Moral of the story- always be able to laugh at yourself! (and check your headlights)

Good night, everyone! BTW, I didn't even break the speed limit today. It was one for the books.


  1. Man your state is hardcore!


  2. Anonymous9/20/2009

    hahaha. you definitely get more than your share of crazy situations :)

  3. Hilarious!! Love the "no, then it would be over by now". With all the weird stuff that happens to you, I think that would be a loooong life story.

    Goodie, now on to your RR...