March 4, 2009

Hard Work Leads to Great Appreciation

K and I got into a discussion yesterday morning about a Trust Fund Baby that we know. This man has never had a job and basically plays around all day. His wife does the same, even has a nanny for their two children. We started discussing about whether or not that life would ideal. K said he would love to not have worries of money or responsibility, etc. I completely disagreed. How do you ever appreciate what you have if you haven't worked for it? I'm not just talking about materialistic things. I apply this hard work mentality to everything. Have you ever noticed how some people are just born with the drive to work hard? The people I know that are hard workers apply that work ethic to every aspect of their lives. How does this apply to running?

I love reading runners' race reports- fast or slow, good or bad. It seems that a few runners have recently done extraordinarily well on their first marathons recently. At first read, I might have the tendency to be jealous. I mean, after all this training, work, pain, etc. and still no Sub 3? You can probably say the same about someone faster that you know. Not that those lucky ones didn't train long and hard, but there's something character building about disappointment. Racing, trying, pressing on, and still not meeting your goal is enough to make the weak ones quit. Or were they even out there to begin with?

During my early morning, cold, dark runs, I can't help but to visualize a someday Sub 3. Will I cry? Scream with joy? Pass out from surprise? What? When? Where? Sub 3 has been a life-consuming goal of mine for a long while. A Sub 3 race for me will be more than a running PR. It will be a PR signifying accomplishment of overcoming obstacles and forcing myself to be who I want to be, the best I can be with what God's given me.

With my training, the biggest item on my mind right now is the Marathon Pace Runs once a week. I am up to 5 x 3 miles @ GMP (6:52). I did 18 miles this morning with 15 @ GMP. This was significant for a couple different reasons.
1. I got up at 1:30 in the morning. Yep, 1:30. I drove to the Y, did the workout, and drove home to get ready for school and eat breakfast w/ K.
2. This was my longest midweek run ever. Very controversial.

Anytime I run on the TM, I put the incline on 1.0 to simulate outdoors. I then teetered b/w 8.6-8.8 to give myself a tiny bit of variance, yet still meeting the pace. I am proud to have made it through and I'm still feeling pretty good now, especially after starting P90X this week AND doing 20 this past Sunday.

In all honesty, 6:52 is a bum-buster for me. I think if I am realistic w/ myself, St. Louis is looking like a 3:03. I will give myself this much credit and say that by fall, I should have Sub 3 in the bag. Alright, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. If you ever take to heart one thing I say, here it is: WORK HARD!!!! Don't settle for less of yourself!


  1. Very nice blog post, R. Don't be discouraged if your sub-3 continues to elude you until Fall, but you might surprise the heck out of yourself and run it this Spring! That was a helluva MGP run at the Y. Great job. I hope you are getting enough sleep! I'm assuming you don't get up at 1:30 a.m. too often to get your workouts in. If you are... just be sure to go to bed EARLY. Take good care of yourself... as hard as you work, you need to get enough rest. High fives and hugs!

  2. 1:30? You're crazy. You never cease to impress me with your work ethic. Some people are born with great talent and things just come easy to them, much like your trust fund friend was born with money. Some of us have to work for it. When you get that sub 3, you probably won't do any of those things you mention, at least not when you cross the line. But the memories you'll have from that race and from the months of training leading up to it will last forever.

  3. becca, get mad about it and just run that sub 3! you're all over it already and can totally run that kind of time with the training that you're putting in. you obviously have the work ethic, desire, and training to make it happen...
    rachel ray, she wears me out! i think one of her 30 minute meals would take me over an hour to prepare. i like robin miller and ellie though. i wish that i was a more natural cook, but it's getting better...mostly out of necessity!
    off to teach spin!

  4. You're such an inspiration with the workouts you've been producing. Sub 3 is an inevitability for you and it is interesting to think how you'll react. I give you 4.5 minutes of jubilation and then you'll be plotting 2:50. :-)

  5. "the best I can be with what God's given me."

    I love and identify with that sentiment! You are going to run that sub-3 at some point, and it's going to be all the more meaningful because of the blood, sweat and tears you've poured into getting there.

  6. 1:30 am? Ok, I want you on my 24 relay team!
    I can not wait to see you go sub 3.

  7. Hey LAR,

    I think you got some great responses on the running end of your blog entry, so I am going to address the other statements you made. First, I am a little concerned about you getting up 1am—heck I thought I got up early in the morning. I am just hoping you are getting enough rest, and that getting up that early doesn’t disrupt your rest too much. I understand the drive (or obsession) to run a certain race, but I think you really need to look at when does that drive become unhealthy.

    Second, regarding your statements on your friend that you and your husband have. I don’t think having a trust fund is the issue you have with him. I believe your issue is that you really don’t see this person as making the most of what they have. I know if I could get paid the same money as I am paid at the CU doing what I really love, I would do what I really love. Or maybe a better way of looking at it, if I knew I could have my needs met (i.e. food, shelter, some spending money) I would probably chose to spend my time doing something that helps others or fulfills me versus doing something that pays the bills. I think that was somewhat what your husband was saying in his response to you.

  8. Well R, keep dreaming that sub3 b/c I believe it will come true for you soon...

    As for hard work, I can truly understand what that means. I've had to work hard all my life from toddler to adolescent and as an adult, I wasn't born from a Trust Fund Baby nor my husband but we do well and yet, we appreciate what hard work is b/c from the time we met, we worked hard to get what we have today with some luck of course and have not taken it for granted.

    I know what is it like to work 3 jobs at a time to pay bills or to get by, I also saw how hard my husband worked while training and moonlighted so we can get by, so yes I know what hard work ethic means...

    You won't find too many people in my position/status who decided to pick up marathoning as a 'hobby' and actually enjoy it b/c of the hard work it involves, I chose it b/c it gave me a sense of an accomplishment since I wasn't working outside of the home. I didn't pick up running until recently b/c I was too busy before raising my kids--yes when we were living in MS, I had no help with family and hubby was working a lot, did not have nannies and still didn't when we could afford one b/c I wanted hands on with my kids and still do to this day...

    Sure I could afford to get a running coach if I wanted to but I'm too stubborn, I want to see how far I can self train and continue to achieve my goals on my own, (and nothing wrong with people who do have coaches) --you WILL get there R with your hard work and determination, that I have confidence in and when you do, I will be one of the first to congratulate you--keep working hard.. You are doing great!

    Hugs to you!