February 28, 2009

Stand Near Me and You Might Get Struck By Lightning

I obviously have one heck of an immune system AND a hard head. Room 9A is cursed, though. Tuesday afternoon I was doing my regular routine of sterilizing the classroom and I dropped the roll of paper towels. When I came up, I clipped my skull on the corner of the cabinets. I literally saw stars and a goose egg rose immediately. I felt dizzy and had a major headache. Plus, washing and styling my hair hurt for the rest of the week. Yep, bad luck incident #1 for the week. Mid week it became apparent that children were dropping like flies. By Friday 1/3 of the class had the flu. Nothing is sadder than a sick child. Luckily, I feel healthy and my headache is gone.

Friday afternoon as I stood in the doorway of my classroom and the hallway, the children trickled in from the restroom and made their way to the back of the class to get a board and marker. Well, I was looking around the corner toward the restroom, when I heard a thunderous THUD from the room and then silence. Anyone who is involved with children knows the moment of panic associated w/ silent children. You just KNOW something is wrong when 13 8-year olds are silent. (Remember, 1/3 of them are home sick. I usually have 19.) I look into the room quickly and the children are frozen, faces in shock. I don't really notice anything different until I look down at the ground and notice my 4-shelf bookcase on the floor, broken, and books EVERYWHERE. The story started unraveling. One of my larger students ran into it and it fell flat. Plastic baskets of used-to-be categorized books were everything and the bookshelf was demolished. It hit so hard that back of it busted out, 3 shelves came out, and 3 baskets were smashed. Pieces of plastic were literally ground into the reading rug. Nice. I spent most of the afternoon cleaning and thanking God that none of the children were hurt. I guess that's what I get for buying a bookcase from a yard sale.

The funny thing about our bad luck is that Friday night I had a dream that electricity was out in my classroom only. Could that be a psychic moment of next week? I surely hope not. I will post tomorrow about running related items. Send good luck to 9A!!!!


  1. I am thinking OSHA might be visiting you...

  2. Preston, you want to enlighten me on this one? OSHA is way over my head. Sorry, I'm too dumb to get the joke :(

  3. Oh my dear, I need to teach you about "the source" aka wikipedia ;) OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Admin. Basically that is who comes when there accident at the workplace. But ya know all these accidents may be a sign that you need to quit your job and focus on running! Wait you are safe running right? Or does K need to do what Deena Kastor's husband does and follow along in a car. :)

  4. Sorry about your noggin! I'm glad none of the kids were hurt in the book shelf incident. You are such a great teacher!!! We are lucky to have teachers like you in today's world.

  5. Whew, glad to hear it was the bookshelf, I was expecting a felled kid (though you probably wanted to fell him yourself after busting your bookshelf). Take care of that head o' yours, ouch ouch ouch!!

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