March 8, 2009

A Different Kind of Race Report

Okay, yesterday was a bomb, but I won. I mean, I really, really won out of the BOYS AND GIRLS. I'm not going to include my times, though, because my splits were ridiculously slow.

Alecia (new runner) and I left early to drive to Prattville for the Resurrection 10K. This would be her first 10K. We had to make a pit stop and got there a little later than I had hoped. I was only able to get in one mile warm up. To make matters worse, my stomach was not feeling well at all. I had the same feeling Friday, but chalked it up to something I had eaten. So...

We started out with the 5Kers and there were about 5 men in front of me, but no ladies. The first two miles were pretty good, small rolling hills, nothing major. At the 5K/10K spilt, I saw ahead that the police truck w/ its lights on had pulled over. This meant all the men in front of me turned off for the 5K. I was sort of pumped by this b/c I love beating boys. So, I followed the police truck through the ugliest part of Prattville. Also, the hilliest. Why run through a trailer park? Surely there are nicer places to form a race. Anyway, at about the 3 mile mark a high school surfer boy blew past me from nowhere. Wow, he was fast. At about the 4 mile mark, I was gaining on him a little, but we had officially entered mountain terrain. All hopes for PR were out the window after mile 3 hill. Somewhere right before mile 5 another guy passed me. This was at the base of a mountain. Literally, it made Flying Pig look pancake flat. My stomach was making some serious gurgling noises and I wondered if I would have to drop out. I really, really, really needed to go (you know what I mean). Okay, toughen up, whiny baby..

The bottom of the last hill was when I made my move. Blonde suffer boy pulled over and got sick, I passed the other man on the hill and took back the lead. I held it for the last mile. When I made the final turn onto the road with the finish line, cars were everywhere. They were paying no attention to the police truck with flashing lights trying to make a path for me. So, I hopped up on the sidewalk. Nice, real nice, but better than getting hit by a vehicle. The 5K 2nd place man was waiting for me and he ran along side me telling me how awesome it was that a female was winning the thing overall. He was talking about how excited the spectators would be and that I needed to push it b/c other man was 50 yards back. I kicked it in a little bit, hoping not to use the restroom on myself and crossed the finish line. I did not stop running, as I ran straight for the restroom.

After that, I ran back out on the course to find Alecia, meaning I ran back UP the hill I just ran DOWN. Then down the hill I had run up. She was at the bottom of the hill, so I ran up it AGAIN. Phew. She was doing great and running really strong. She really wanted to break an hour. I knew she probably wouldn't do from the time on my watch, but she wasn't wearing one, so I pushed her along a bit to keep her from walking. She even kicked it in at the end, finishing in 1:03. I was so proud of her!!!!!! Great job for a first 10K.

I met some devoted readers there, too- Daphne & Tracey. HI GIRLS!!!! You guys did great! Congrats on the age group award, Tracey! I also saw the Coca Cola Man that delivers to our school. Hah, small world. I've got some bootie-kicking workouts planned for the week. It should be interesting considering I did 20 this morning, just under 8 minute mile pace. I guess what doesn't kill you makes you strong? Run strong, friends!


  1. That's awesome! You rock in a big, big way!
    Hey, I forgot to answer your question about the coaching situation... yes! But I'm not on the same schedule you are... still no marathons planned for the year, but hopefully I'll get one on the calendar soon. Great job on your race!

  2. "I love beating boys". Way to rub it in!

    You still rock.

  3. there's nothing better than beating the boys!!!!

  4. This report gave me chills. YOU WON!! You are one impressive racing chick. Where is that bowing emoticon when you need it?