June 6, 2008


I start Pfitz 70+ Monday and I am already sore. First of all, I have been doing some yoga. It's not difficult really, but the stretching sort of hurts. I am trying to increase my flexibility b/c I know it will decrease my chances of injury. In addition to the yoga, I did a bootcamp class at the YMCA. It was not hard at the time, but we did things I am not used to, like bear crawls and shuffles. We also did about a billion pushups which about killed me. On top of that soreness, I am burnt. I went to the pool with sunscreen applied everywhere but my legs. That was a big mistake. My shins look like lobsters and they hurt. When I run, the sweat burns them. Shaving? Don't ask. I am headed to the beach tomorrow and I am all about some sunscreen.


  1. Yowza.. I just realized today you were doing the 70+ plan! When I said I was going to do it too, I was thinking just the regular 70 plan.. with some adjustments.

    Hope you enjoyed the beach!


  2. I was thinking the same thing as sperly... in my temporary blindness I did not see the + sign after the 70! You can handle it.

  3. You're already a very good runner. The Pfitz plan should help you loads, but be ready to make adjustments, as it's a real challenge to follow some weeks.

    If you want to follow my recent experience with it, my week-by-week training diary starts here. I took 24 minutes off my marathon PR with this plan.

    I'm now using a slightly more modified version of the same plan to train for a 3:08 in the fall (to attempt to drop yet another 24 minutes).

    One tip: do some long races (20-30K) as marathon pace training runs. Aside from the training effect, they may help you with the "falling apart mentally" problem, since they're a very good simulation of how you'll feel at mile 24 on race day.

    Nice blog template by the way. ;)