May 27, 2008

Making a Commitment

I signed up for the Chicago Marathon through Girls on the Run last night. After pondering over which marathon to do, it feels great to have finally made a decision. We found out Friday that we will be living here next year, which gave me the go-ahead to make running plans. A Girls on the Run Club is something I have been wanting to start here for 3 years. I feel sorry for the girls of this football-obsessed town. They don't have near the athletic opportunities that the boys do. Plus, I love running and I want to give back to my community. I am in the early planning stages of starting the club. I wanted to do Chicago, but registration is closed. GOTR still has openings for Team Tiara, their charity program. So, what the heck, I signed up. Mom and Aunt will be going with me to the Windy City and I can't be more excited. I am going to train harder than ever with Pfitz's 18/70+ plan. I haven't used this plan yet, but I think I can handle it and get my time VERY close to 3 hours, if not below.


  1. Glad you are doing Chicago. Good luck with the club, that sounds very noble and worthwhile. I am sure you can get close to 3hrs, maybe even under it.

  2. Good luck in Chicago, LA. With the combination of Pfitz 18/70+ and increasing your self confidence in your marathon running, I know you can hit the 3:00 mark!

  3. LAR,

    Great to have you joining us in Chicago, even if a bunch of us will now move down one place in the overall standings. :-)

    Here's to a successful, injury-free training cycle and mild October race day.

    Best, ESG

  4. Congrats on your decision to run Chicago. Good luck and hopefully see you there.

  5. Anonymous6/05/2008

    LAR - this is e.sperly from RW!

    Just wanted to say you're really inspiring my to try and kick but with this sub 3 goal! I might be thinking about the Pfitz 18/70 too.. it's only a 7mpw increase, but maybe it'll make a difference!

    Congrats on deciding on Chicago!! You'll do stellar :)