June 8, 2008

Sweating Like a Man

Is it normal to sweat as much as I do? I lost 7 lbs this morning- all sweat. I was drenched. The sad part about that much water loss is that I even drank an entire water bottle on my run! I started a bit before 6:00 and ran my usual 13 mile route @ 7:37 pace. That sounds a bit slow for me, but I've really been focusing on using Pfitz's suggested paces for my various runs. Today's run was labeled ML run, which I should be running 7:33-8:04 pace. I could've pushed it a bit more at the end, but it was hot and I was content with my pace. When I finished my run the temp was 84*F with 93% humidity- Yikes! Unfortunately, it will only get worse. I need to start before sunrise on long runs.

On other matters, being an adult is not fun. K and I chose to paint the house instead of going to the beach yesterday. We decided to go ahead and do it since we have a lot obligations this month. We are finished and it looks pretty good. I'm off to cook homemade pizza- Yum!

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  1. Hey L.A.
    Like your RW posts, like your blog.
    I am also a teacher, sweating out summer running. I'm in Austin, TX, planning a San Antonio marathon in Nov.
    I blog about my summer off from school. Check it out.