July 3, 2014

30 Weeks, Everything Baby, and the Big "C"

Tomorrow I will hit the big 3-0 in pregnancy. Whoohoooo! Time. Is. Dragging. Have you ever met a teacher that wants summer to hurry up? Well, here I am just wanting the days to fly by. Things are going…

Slow. My running has gone to a ridiculously slow pace. Some days I wonder if I can even "count" it as running anymore. I try to be positive- at least I'm out there being healthy, getting exercise, and saving my sanity. I'm running about 5 days a week with one non-cardio day and one elliptical day. Actually, some days I only run a few miles on the treadmill, then hit the elliptical for a few more. I've gotten to where I can tolerate the elliptical. The one I use has a "10K mode." It's a good distraction b/c it charts you for 10K and throws some "hills" in there randomly. I've been fairly consistent with weight lifting, prenatal pilates, and prenatal yoga. I've had some lower back pain, and if it gets too bad, then I know the next day will be a non-running day. Thankfully, I usually only have 1-2 of those a week.

I purposefully didn't blog about this next point b/c frankly, I don't want any more "advice." I have plenty of people in my "real life" to give me that, and even all of that isn't always welcomed. So, my last dr. visit at 26.5 weeks was no picnic. I went in for my routine checkup and found that I'd only gained 1 pound since the last visit, putting me up 9 lbs. total for the pregnancy. I knew I'd be in trouble b/c the doctor told me at 22.5 that she wanted at least a 4 lb gain. I had my routine urine test, blood pressure, and a routine blood test that they do to start the 3rd trimester. All was good. The physician's assistant that I see every time told me not to worry about the weight thing until I talked to the doctor. She said all my other tests were excellent. I had to see a different doctor this time b/c my regular dr is a part of a practice. Policy reads that when you are expecting, you see all the drs in the practice in case a different one has to deliver your baby (which I understand b/c they want the mom to feel more comfortable). Right off the bat, this "new" dr said something about my weight. She measured my belly, said it was just a tad small, and wanted to do an ultrasound. *Enter panic mode.* Hindsight is that this person did not use the best bedside manner for a first-time, type A mom. She never once reassured me or really told me what was going on. Then I heard her in the hallway talking to the physician's assistant. She told her that she wanted me to have an ultrasound and told her my weight gain so far. The physician's assistant told her I was a runner and told her my test results (all good). The doctor came back into the room and asked me a bunch of questions about my running. At this point, the physician's assistant was also in there, explaining that my regular doctor was very supportive of my running, etc. The new doctor asked if I felt like I was shaking the baby while I ran!?! At this point, I am fighting back tears and can hardly answer her. Thank goodness the tech came in and said the ultrasound room was ready. And guess what, Baby Savannah is perfectly healthy. She was measuring a "week behind", but anyone that knows about pregnancy knows that babies can be "ready" anywhere from 37 to 42 weeks. And the due date is always an estimate, unless you were tracking ovulation and intercourse closely, which we were not. (Sorry, TMI.) So… a week behind is FINE, and even then, many babies had a growth spurts and catch back up to original dates. Then we went back into the dr.'s office and she drilled me about my eating and running some more. I was a little bit calmer after seeing that Baby Savannah was perfectly healthy. The new doctor passively accused me of having an eating disorder, kept looking at hubby every time I answered a question about my eating. It was pretty traumatic. As I was about to walk out of the door, the physician's assistant called me back and told me everything was fine and not to worry. She said to keep eating healthy and exercising, but just listen to my body. With that being said, I've tried to boost it up in the calories department lately. I go back again Tuesday, but thankfully will see my regular doctor.

And I found out today that I have a basal cell carcinoma skin cancer on my face. I'm really praying that it's not a big deal. I will call today to schedule the removal procedure. I wanted to go over everything with the baby doctor, and after talking with the OB nurse, found out the procedure they are planning, MOHS surgery, is perfectly safe for Baby Savannah. They are also have a plastic surgeon do the procedures; so hopefully scarring will be minimal. Right now my biggest fear is that they can't get it all with the MOHS, and I will have to wait until after she's born for a bigger surgery.

Savannah's room is nearly finished. Hubby made the border at work, and that is up. We bought her basic bedding, and she has all her furniture. My mom gave me the rocker she used when I was a baby, but I have to paint that white at some point. I'm thinking when my online class finishes in two weeks, I will have more time/motivation for that. We've been buying things here and there, mostly things we find on big sale. Big news is that my parents bought us a BOB jogging stroller!!!! It's been the best gift so far. When I saw the UPS man in the driveway, I thought he was delivering the carseat we recently ordered online. He came to the door with a much bigger box than I planned, and I saw that it said "BOB" on the side. I'm like, "Oh my goodness, what IS that???" He's thinking I'm nuts, wanting to say, "How the heck should I know, lady?" but says, "I'll bring it in for you and you can find out." In my lonesome I was squealing and laughing, and then I put it together all by myself. Score! No worries, hubby came behind me and made sure I'd gotten the wheels good and tight.

I'm so ready to Run Happy with my little girl!!!!!


  1. Sorry about the stressful appointment! Glad it was all good news, though. But another yikes about the skin cancer - I hope it's easily removed and you don't need to wait.


  3. What a b!@ch doctor! Sorry could not help it. Thank goodness for the physician's assistant to tell you that everything was OK. Hopefully you don't experience another visit like that.

    Yay for the jogging stroller! I can see you running with baby Savannah.

    Oh, and I laughed when you mentioned our slow pace. Is that a 9 minute mile? :-)

  4. I'm still waiting for my own blood pressure to go back down after reading about the Dr. Appt. I despise how runners get stereotyped and just because you are still taking care of yourself while pregnant that raises red flags with those who dont know the big picture.

    I don't know if I told you this or not, but my mom worked for a dermatologist for a few yrs. and the MOHS surgeries were highly regarded and successful.

    Can't wait for you to leave all that behind with you, Savannah, and the BOB stroller! Oh, and see you in just under 3 wks!!

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  6. Oh I hear ya. Being pregnant is getting old. I am missing my running so much, especially the long hard runs. I haven't been able to run outside in weeks and it's eating away at me. This week also the baby shifted so low I can't run without feeling like my insides are about to fall out...so it looks like I may miss a few days until my pelvic muscles can adjust.

    Gosh I know this is the home stretch but it is taking foooorever. We bought diapers, bottles, and wipes today. Even my toddler is having a hard time being patient. Here's to just a few more weeks!