May 29, 2014

6 Month Bump and Life Update

Wow, it seems like FOREVER since I blogged last, and boy has it been an eventful few weeks.

Babymoon/ Stay-cation
Backing up a bit, hubby and I took our baby moon/stay-cation and rented a condo 15 miles from our house. Haha, sounds crazy train, right? See, we live that far from the beach, and back in Dec. hubby won year-long concert tickets from a local radio station. That included tickets to the Hangout Music Festival which is a weekend-long event on the beach. We have been this festival every year since it started (minus one year), and we really love it. The concerts are all day and night. Some years we stay at the beach and others we just drive home. The parking is real nightmare, and this year we wanted to take mini-trip before the baby was born… SO… baby moon/ stay-cation. It was a really, really nice time. We rode our bikes from the condo to the concerts, ate great food, and relaxed at the condo watching satellite tv. (Haha, we don't have satellite or cable; so multiple television stations is a treat for us.) Hubby treated me to a mani/pedi and we did some walking around and shopping, but didn't buy anything. It was just really nice to get away and be together.

Some sad family news, though. The day of the concert, my grandfather on my mom's side passed away unexpectedly. He had even been to the golf course that morning, been out in the yard a little, but then went inside and had a massive heart attack. My aunt couldn't reach him on the phone that night (which was really unusual), nor the next morning. She got worried, drove over there before work and found him. I was all ready to fly home, but my parents completely spazzed out. They were 100% against me traveling, even though I have doctor's permission until 30 weeks. The drive is over 10 hours, and Keith could not go due to work. So, I missed the funeral. Fast forward to yesterday, and my grandmother on my dad's side passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer's. The selfish side of me is extremely sad. My sweet Savannah will have only one great-grandparent, and I am left with one grandparent. I'm also feeling very helpless. I want to be there with my family. I feel terrible and guilty that my parents are grieving, and I am not there. I feel terrible that I can't help with family business that needs to get done. However, my dad literally CRIED on the phone, begging me not to come home. He said he couldn't live with himself if something happened to me or Savannah because of the long travel. The need to protect your child… I get it now. I also know that my dad has a lot of trouble dealing and processing with feelings and emotions since his brain injury. I don't want to make it worse. I want him to be at peace. But then there's the ME side of ME. The do-er. Sigh… so, no plane tickets are booked. My family is there, and I am here.

So, I am now 25 weeks, over the 6 month mark. That feels good, but MAN, still such a long way to go. The running is getting slower and slower. I'm definitely in the 9 minute mile range on my long runs, which has decreased to 10 miles, 12 at the max. My weekly mileage has decreased to low 40s per week, too. My runs just take longer now, and I didn't want to wake up any earlier each morning. I'm wearing one of those support belt thingies now, too. While I don't think it really does anything WHILE I'm running, I do notice that my back and hips are much less sore afterwards when I wear it. So, I will be that ridiculous girl with the big belly and brace running around town. Haha, whatever keeps ya moving, I suppose. I'm still keeping up with the prenatal yoga/pilates, too.

My belly is definitely getting "out there." I can no longer wear any of my regular running shirts. I've been raiding hubby's tech shirts, and I did buy a few new ones just to get me through the next few months. My shorts are doing pretty well. I did buy two new pairs. A lot of my old ones still fit, but they have to be the ones with the wider/looser waistbands. I just pull them down below the belly.

So, Friday was our Field Day at school. And it was hot, and teachers are lazy. Summary is me, 6 months preggo, demonstrating the sack race. Um, and not sure what happened, but I peed my pants a little. Awesome. The kids were like, "You are sweating a LOT!" Hahaha, we'll just go with that…

Like I said, I bought a new pair of running shorts, size large. Apparently, I don't quite fill them out yet. See, with the belly band on, it's hard to feel what the waistband of the shorts is doing down there. Sam and I are running along, and she moves behind me on a narrow part of the sidewalk. She burst out laughing and tells me my crack is showing! The shorts were so big that they were sagging, but I couldn't feel it b/c of the belly band. Hahaah!

I was also in desperate need of some new sports bras. I have grown from an A to a C cup. In order to save money (from buying a lot of bras), I went ahead and bought a nursing sports bra. (I plan to nurse for awhile before I go back to school.) So, I took the bra on a test run. It felt a little loose, but I had bought it this way on purpose, thinking I might grow even more once the milk comes in. I'm chugging along on the paved running path when the thing comes unhooked!?! I try to fix it through my shirt, but no luck. I need to lift my shirt all the way up; so I go off into a woodsy area to fix it (read: my boob was  totally out). Once I'm back there "fixing things", a MAN pops back there and says, "You okay?" Holy crap! I nearly pepper sprayed him! Luckily, I did recognize him a little bit from seeing him occasionally walking on the trail. I jerked my shirt down and threw my hands over my chest. "Yes! Just fixing something!" I sputtered. He awkwardly looked at the ground and slowly backed away, apologizing profusely, saying he was worried b/c he saw me start walking and go into the woods. "I've never seen you walk before, and I know you're pregnant now…" he was saying.

The things that happen to me…

Summer Break
School is officially out!!!!! Now begins my summer routine. I'm coaching the Wings youth team this year, and our practices are already in full swing. We practice two days a week, and will soon have meets on Saturdays. So far, it's been tough going straight from a long day of teaching, but now I will have a lot more rest. My high school team starts June 16. I'm excited about that, being that we'll have an assistant and everything. We will be a very young team this year, and I know my work is cut out for me. I've been trying to recruit, especially girls, as 4 of them graduated. I'm also taking an online class. The class runs from early June to mid July. It will score me all my 30 hours of professional development for the whole year. I decided, with the baby and all, to get it out of the way in one big swoop.

And that's that in my land! Run Happy, friends!


  1. So sorry to hear about your grandparents (((HUGS))) But it sounds like everything else is going well and I am happy to hear it! When do we get to see a pic of your adorable bump?

    Also, I don't know that pregnancy is the reason for your wardrobe issues. I am not pregnant and definitely ran the first 2mi of my run on Tues with my shirt inside out. After about 15min, I was like "why is this no wicking? and why is it itchy?" Oh right, that would be the giant marathon logo and sponsor logos on my skin. Hehe, I ducked behind some trees to fix it.

  2. Oh man, sorry to hear about your grandparents. It is tough. Both of mine (from my mother's side) died within two weeks of each other one year after my father passed away.

    So jealous you are done with school. I CANNOT wait. I am excited about my move but hate all of the purging and packing but I know it needs to be done.

  3. So sorry to hear of the loss of your grandparents, but listen close, after their passing, I felt mine at the birth of my nieces and nephews...

    Also, I love the local man who was worried about you. Bless him. I hope he doesn't stop his concerns. You could have needed help and he could have been the only one who noticed.

  4. I am so sorry to hear of your grandparents passing. I really wish my sons had the chance to know my Granddad. He was a neat man.
    Great idea on the stay-cation!!
    You had me laughing about the clothing scenarios. It sounds like you are keeping lighthearted about it :) I was an A cup and you will be surprised that you might end up filling those things in if you nurse. It's insane what the human body can do. I'm all back to flat now, unfortunately. ha!

  5. I've been thinking and praying for you and your family a lot lately. So much life in this post! I'm still impressed with your running through the pregnancy-even though iIm sure it feels so cursory and watered down. Sack races, maybe not so much;)

    Much love!