March 7, 2013

The Power of Endorphins

Well, only TWO more days until I can run again- woop woop! Can.Not.Wait.

The past few days have really made me reflect on the power of endorphins. It's no wonder we love running. It does some serious mood boosting! However, at least these past few days have made me more thankful than ever that I CAN run and recognize the joy it brings to my life. Here's the rundown of the week OFF, honestly and opening, in hopes that it will help anyone dealing with a break to cope.

Sunday- Um, honesty post here. I was hungover. Yeah... I may or may not have gotten into the tequila Saturday night to drown my sorrows over the marathon (or lack there of one). *Sidenote: I am most definitely NOT a boozer. I enjoy a casual beer or wine in social settings or occasionally with a meal, but never take it too far. Bottom line, I didn't want to run Sunday. Heck, I didn't even want to drive Sunday.

Monday- This was a pretty crappy day. I just felt sad, fat, and miserable. I have a love/hate relationship with posting results on FB. In this situation, I am glad I did because it gave my friends and coworkers a warning as to how to approach me about the race (or the option to avoid me altogether). When life goes to crap, it's pretty awesome to be a teacher. Kids don't care what you do, unless it involves them. They don't care if weigh 300 pounds or 100 pounds, if I walk or run any sort of distance. It just doesn't matter to them. They care that I teach them and have relationships with them. The rest is unimportant. Thank goodness for that to take my mind of my failure. My coworkers were awesome, just asking if I was okay and leaving it alone.

Something that has kept me from totally losing it is that Coach went ahead and made my upcoming training plan. It's good. It's REALLY good. The only downfall is a stupid once day off per week, but he said that is temporary, sooo... We're changing things up a little bit- longer slower tempos, different types of intervals. And I switched my days around, making my days easier to manage. (No hard workouts on track meet days, and long runs moved to Saturday for a more relaxing and church Sunday.)

Tuesday- I did get a slip cheat pass. Our local running store was doing a spring kick-off with Brooks swag and free food/beer. I *really* wanted to go, and begged coach for a pass to do something small and easy. He gave me a little 3 mile cheat, which I think i hated more than liked. I started off with the normal group (after a ton of eyebrow raising and questions as to how I was able to run yet), all running easy. Then came time for me to break off and take the cut-through back to the store. I may or may not have begged them to let me sneak an extra 3 miles. They may or may not have compared me to a junkie. And then Brad yelled at me, stomped his foot, and pointed down the cut-through road, "GO!" So, like a good little girl, I hung my head and trotted back to the store.

Wednesday- Lawd, I was ill as a hornet. I Kind of funny, though- without those feel- good endorphins, I think I noticed a few ways that I need to apply BFF's mantra for me and "grab some balls." Coach C and I need to have a chat. I am making notes, but will wait to address this when I am calm and rational (running) person again. My co-teacher is taking advantage of me. And this is not me having a Sensitive Day. After suspecting this, I confided in my team teacher to confirm this. She also agreed and said that I had been a "doormat" for too long. WTH? Other people think I'm a doormat?????

And now it is Thursday morning. I am treating my addiction habits with an extra cup of coffee...

I'll be back later to report on the rest of the week. LOL.


  1. I think it's a good sign that you want to run again. It shows that maybe you weren't as mentally burnt out as you thought. But I still think the rest is good for you. Also, I somehow missed that FB post. I think your body will respond well to the rest and you will be fresh to start training again!

  2. Ah, you speak of something I can totally relate to. Glad you have people surrounding you that know what you're feeling and glad you have people helping you do what is best for that you can start training again and doing what you love, are good at, and what makes your soul happy! Endorphins ARE so so good! And so is knowing that you are doing something that your body feels meant to do.

  3. Breathe in....breathe out.... :)

    I am proud of you for doing this. Whether it feels like it right now or not, you are grabbing life by the balls by doing something so radically different. Yes I just posted that. And I don't care!

  4. Anonymous3/11/2013

    Any opportunity to do some class during your break to shake things up? Like yoga, spin, water aerobics, zumba, etc? Just something to have fun goofing around than "train" for this week off? Can't wait to hear about your new training plan too!

  5. Your comments about Sunday makes me smile. :)

    I find that tequila is only good for drowning sorrows.

  6. I sure hope you are running again by now, but i am little jealous of your short cheater run with the group! That would have been so much fun :)

    I am excited for you new long slow tempo run plan with 6 days! Will she push it?? Hmmm.