March 24, 2012

Azalea Trail Run

Sometimes it is really hard to positive. I have never particularly liked this race, even though it's the largest race in Mobile. First of all, I never run well at it. It's usually the first hot/humid race of the year, too. I always get talked into racing by my teammates and friends. A few years ago, they added a 5K, and it made the last half mile ridiculous to get through- your typical 5K merge problem.

We did our typical warm up, and were off to the race right on time. I had picked out my friend, The Postman to run with. We quickly became a pack of 4- him, Timmy, and Brad (all locals). Being that it was so hot, we had decided on Sub 40 as a goal. I just returned to speedwork, and I'm still only 3 weeks out from the marathon. Soo....

Mile 1- 6:24
Mile 2- 6:23
Right before the 3rd mile marker, The Postman suddenly tripped and fell! The road is pretty rough in that spot, and I guess his toe caught an uneven area. He fell HARD, and it really scared me. The other 2 guys just kept on running! I stopped immediately. He gets up slowly and is yelling at me to keep on going. I eventually do, but keep checking back. He must've been okay b/c he caught back up to us by the next mile marker.
Mile 3- 6:23
Brad makes his move and takes off. I'm already starting to hurt a bit. I am sweating like nobody's business! My shorts are saturated, and sweat is pouring into my eyes. Oh yeah, this is what it feels like to race in the south. Haha.
Mile 4- 6:33
All the boys have left me now, and I'm just running along. I see Postman pull away from Timmy, and I wonder if I can catch Timmy now that he's slowed down. A small carrot.
Mile 5- 6:26
I catch and pass Timmy, and now I have my eyes on The Postman. Right before Mile 6, I catch him, but I know he's going to outkick me.
Mile 6- 6:21 That's what I'm talking about! Fastest mile of the race! We hit the 5K merge, and I just take the course VERY wide and run on the outside of everyone. It's just easier than dodging and weaving.
Mile 6.2- 1:36
The last portion measured over a quarter mile on the garmin, likely due to taking the course so wide trying to avoid the 5k walkers.
Final time: 40:08

For this race there is always a big deal made out of the local winners. For some reason, my old address appeared on my bib, even though I registered with my current address. I knew I would be left out of the local awards, so I told them beforehand, asking them to change my address. Of course, it didn't get changed, and I was left out of local awards. :(

And, while I'm on a rant, who plans spicy food as race food? I mean, spicy chicken and red beans and rice after a race? No thanks. They also had a post-race nonalcoholic beverage shortage. Not everyone wants a beer after a race, thank you.

Anyway... Project Need for Speed has gone well, even though my results today didn't show it. I had a strong workout Tuesday- a pretty bunch of 200s, all under 40 seconds. I also had a good hill run Thursday. I did notice that even though this race was a suck-fest, it's the fastest I've ever run that particular race. (I've done it 5 times.)  YAY for progress!

We are on Spring Break this week, and I couldn't be happier. I have lots of R &R planned- sports massage, pedicure, dentist, haircut. We do have track practice, but that's fun, too! I'm also looking forward to my parents visiting next weekend. I haven't seen them since Christmas.

Run Happy, friends!


  1. Spring Break-so jealous!!

    Totally nailing a race you don't even like- that's so Badger!! You just take what you want-unless it's post race beer;). I never understood how anyone could do that either.

    Isn't it awesome when you actually look forward to your coaching job! :)

  2. I've run the Azalea Trail race about 5 times back in the early-mid 90s when I lived in Alabama. Would love to one day go back and do it again! And I remember red beans and rice after the race way back then, too...must be some sort of weird tradition.

    Nice job on the race....progress is a good thing :).

  3. That's so Badger? I love it!

    Yay spring break!! Have a fantastic week and enjoy yourself.

    Congrats on an awesome race. It certainly doesn't sound very well organized, but you killed it!

  4. Congrats on your best course time! That is the most interesting post-race food I've heard of. Enjoy your week off, sounds like a lot of good things planned!

  5. Congrats! Considering you don't like this race, you nailed it! Sorry you didn't get the local credit you deserved. And that is weird post-race food.

  6. You know your my speediest local friend! Lol love you

  7. Oh yeah it's me, larisa

  8. Very nice! I hear you on the beer at the finish line. I never drink beer and it's become the standard finish line drink. I always give my beer tag to a friend. I can barely even stomach Gatorade after a fast race.

  9. Gosh, every time I read one of your racing posts, it makes me want to go out there and rip it up. :) I hear ya on the spicy food after the race. No thank you. Hope your spring break was just what you needed!