November 5, 2011

Senior Bowl Charity Run & Taper News

Using my better judgement, I did *not* race the Senior Bowl Charity 10K. BUT... I really wanted to! It's my PR course, and the biggest gathering of my running peeps around. I did, however, settle for the 5K. In its usual sucky fashion, my Garmin did NOT go off. GGGRRRR. I had not watch going, just had to Old School it and wait on the mile marker clocks. The field was pretty small, but given the size and competitiveness of the 10K, I at least expected a few fasties to show up. Um, no.

I started with a pack of high school boys. Ironically, they were boys that run for a town near where I used to coach my Eagle team. Crazy to be running against my athletes' competition! There were a few other guys with the high schoolers, about 8 of us.

One guy took off, and I was soon left with one other in 2nd and 3rd place. I could actually see the lead cop car ahead.

Mile 1: 6:00

It wasn't long before I got into No Man's Land, and was running alone. Pooh.
Mile 2 Maker: 12:17

I knew this wouldn't be a PR day, but I did want a decent time, and I tried (but failed) to not lose focus. It is so hard to race alone! I was sidetracked by the spectators and a few cheerleaders. I was 1st female and 2nd overall. I missed the 3rd mile marker.

Out of the blue a guy passed me in the last (estimating) 1/2 mile. He had his jets ON, and I couldn't even get in his back draft!

Final time: 19:08

And they had the tape for me to run through... and the media was there. Bleh. My ex once told me that when interviewed by media after running that I sounded like a complete snob b/c I acted so nonchalant about everything. If that's the case, it's b/c I do not consider some small 5K with mediocre race results to be "important news." I definitely don't want to make the assumption of someone being impressed with 19:08.

And now on to Taper News.

I fell. Again. This time I was skating with the children. Our school goes once a month to the local skating rink as a fundraiser. I always enjoy skating with the kids, and I think they like me spending time with them in that way, too. A few teachers warned me that given my track record of falling, I probably shouldn't skate this time. I assured them I was fine. And I was wrong. I tried to avoid a fallen 4th grader and down I went. I hit the same shoulder I hit with the first fall. So, now I don't *think* something is wrong; I *know* it is. The amount of pain I was in last night almost sent me to the ER. In fact, had they not raised the price of our ER visits, I would've gone. I will definitely be calling the orthopedic on Monday morning. The good thing is that I can run almost pain-free. I do have to keep my arm close to my body. When I was running my final kick today, I could definitely feel the arm if I tried to pull back too far. I also have very little strength. I have shooting pains when I try to lift my groceries or school bag, and it hurts to fasten my bra (TMI, but true)! Showering is pure misery- hot water on my cuts, and trying to wash my hair with a busted shoulder.

AND... taper wouldn't be taper without a little head cold coming on. It's nothing major, but I did go buy some natural supplements to help the ol' immune system this week.

It's getting so close!!!!!!


  1. Yikes! I hope you get some attention for your shoulder soon. It's frustrating that emergency medical care is sooooo $$$$. No one should have to wait for days to see a doctor for what is a true emergency/acute injury situation because of financial considerations!

  2. Again?!?! I hope you get in to see the doc and quickly!

    Awesome job at the 5k! That is a great time and you should be proud. Media attention would weird me out a bit too, but it's pretty cool that you get that attention. Enjoy it!

  3. Congrats on the race!! A 5K with mediocre results is news worthy! 19:08 is impressive. Definitely better than 30:58. :)

    Sorry about the fall.

  4. Miss consistency strikes again!! Falls and all:)

    I may start designing you a special padded suit to run in, though!! Have a safe and relaxing week before it's go time-cuz you totally deserve it!

  5. Oh no! I didn't realize the fall was that bad and that you were hurting so much. Very glad you'll get it looked at. Broken record time: Congrats on the win, you fastie! :) Additional broken record time: Your ex was a piece of work, good riddance to bad trash.

  6. Ouch!!! That sounds painful. Can't they do anything for you? Although you don't want to try any new drugs during the taper. On the bright side, at least it's your arm and not your leg. Congrats on yet another super speedy race. You might be setting a record for the most races won in the 8 weeks leading up to a marathon!

  7. happy taper! gosh, i'm sure i would say so many things i'd regret if i had to talk to media immediately after racing, but i would think you can't go wrong by complimenting the race directors, other runners, or crowd. and if all of those things suck, talk about the weather :)