November 2, 2011

Daily Halloween Double

This weekend brought on some crazy racing madness. TP and I had TWO 5Ks planned in one day. The first, a local Turkey Trot, was to race. The 2nd was merely a fun run in costume, with a kicking after party. When I got home from a wedding shower late Friday night, TP was over working tirelessly on my costume. We both stayed up REALLY late that night- him working and me keeping him company. I had planned to do a long warm up- 6 miles before the race. I wanted to do this at home; then quickly drive to the race. (It was only 15 min. away.) So, I set out before dawn for my warm up, when all of a sudden, I did it again- fell down. This one felt like less impact that last week's fall, but a lot more road rash. It was like I slid into home! I was really close to my apartment, so I just got up and started walking back. I didn't even stop to check my wounds. (It was dark, anyway.) When I got home and assessed, I had ripped my gloves and my shirt. Blood was running from my knee to my ankle, and my elbow had bled through the ripped shirt. Nice. The worst part was the burning road rash running from my knee to hip.

There was no time to waste, though. I quickly cleaned my wounds and we headed to the race. I met up with Sam, where she and I discussed if I could even race. (I was already getting stiff.) We decided that I needed to jog again to see if I was okay. We did, and I was fine. So we were OFF!

This course was on one of our regular Thursday night "hill routes."
Mile 1: 6:01 This mile was totally downhill. Pretty much everyone in Team Spiridon ran this for the first mile in a big group.

Mile 2: 6:12 The hills were starting, just some small rollers at this point- up and downs. I left Sam and a few others from the group. TP was ahead with the police car. (He was leading the race.) At this point, TP and one other guy were battling first, with a group of 3 guys and me about 20 seconds back.

Mile 3: 6:30 I know this split looks completely ridiculous, but this mile contains the BIGGEST hill from our run, a hill that many use for long repeats to prepare for Boston on. Guy that was with TP totally died. I was REALLY close to catching TP and left the entire group of guys I was running with. There were also about 5 turns in this mile, which I used to check on Sam, whom I knew was 2nd female.

In the last 1/2 mile, I really thought I could catch TP and possibly win overall. We both knew the course like the back our hand, though, and after the 2nd to last turn, he put on the jets. I also put on the jets, but mine weren't quite as strong. Haha.

Final: 19:17, 1st Female, 2nd Overall person (behind TP who finished in 19:03).

Onto our 2nd race.

My turtle costume (see above) was quite hot. By 6 p.m. in Alabama it was still about 70+ degrees, hot enough for a morph suit to suffocate someone. Anyway, TP and I picked a place in the middle of the pack. The race was to go over a HUGE bridge over Dog River, and back. I was kind of disappointed b/c there weren't THAT many runners in costume, even though the race website specifically called this a costume race. Our rival team down here had a LOT of runners and none of them dressed up. Pooh. A girl that I often battle with in races was there, ready to race. She had seem on FB where I had raced that morning, so she wasn't worried. She was ready to defend her title of 1st female. I wasn't worried, either, considering I had planned to run the race easy in my turtle shell and morph suit.

We were off again! I kept it easy breezy for the first bit (didn't see Mile 1 mark). I chugged up the bridge and cheered on some high school runners. I chugged down the bridge and cheered on the other Sam (our training group has 3 Sams...). I waved at TP and we passed Mile Marker 2. Since it was an out-and-back, I could see that I was about 5-6th female, once again not concerned, not even wearing a watch. I decide to try to catch Sam and help her up the bridge with some turtle motivation. I get to her and she's hurting a bit, but battling for PR. After she tells me that (since I know her PR), I am a little confused by how fast I am going. She tells me to go on past her; so I do. Then something crazy happens- I see 1st female pretty close to me. I know what kind of times she runs, and I am even more confused, not knowing is I have been going crazy fast in this outfit, or if she's like hurt or something. But, that little competitiveness takes hold, and this turtle started booking it! I got flying down the bridge, feeling the Velcro straps chafe my ribs through the morph suit. The morph suit is now partially covering my eyes, too. I'm gaining on her, and really absolutely LOVE the shocked look on people's faces. One man was actually pointing and laughing. Once we reached the final stretch, I knew I couldn't catch her. I slowed down tremendously, but did kind of laugh when I saw the time- 20:35 (First female was 20:17, I think). Considering the get-up I had on, that was pretty dang fast for me.

The after party was really fun. TP and I both won the costume contest. He won "Most Creative" and I won "Funniest." The announcer said that mine was only funny b/c of how fast I ran.

Anyway, those races KILLED my legs. Sunday's 16 miler was torturous, but I was also probably sore from the fall. I'm in taper now, only 45 miles scheduled for this week. Pensacola, here I come!


  1. I found your blog through Adrienne and so glad I did! This was a really fun read :)

    Congrats on two kick-butt races on the same day!! I can't imagine wearing that get-up, but you look fabulous. Way to rock the speedsuit and shell :)

    Enjoy your taper!!

  2. I lvoe your costume!!

    Congrats on the races despite having to deal with the road rash

  3. What a great double! Congrats! Love the costume.

  4. Congrats on the races this weekend! The turtle costume is awesome!

  5. OMG- I can't believe how fast you ran in that turtle costume. I'll bet all the other women were cursing your name! LOL. Congrats on the Turkey Trot race as well. Your legs must be dead by now!

  6. Congratulations on two great race performances!! I can't believe you ran that fast in a turtle costume. You looked adorable!

    You must be so ready for taper. Are you enjoying all the sleep?

    As for your comment on my workout, I actually didn't take a Gu during this workout. I worded that section poorly, sorry. I just meant that, when I do take Gus (usually only long runs), I haven't changed what I usually use. I'm a creature of habit; I don't like change!
    I often bring one Gu to halfs, but never remember to take them. I can't run that fast and eat simultaneously! I don't think I really need one for that distance since I eat breakfast before.

  7. I still think that costume is priceless!

    Did I ever tell you about when I got passed by a guy dressed like a pilgrim?! For what it's worth, he was a low-17 minute 5k guy:) The pics still look funny though!

    Yay for tapering!!!

  8. What a hilarious vision that must have been, this zoomy girl in a turtle getup. And how lovely to not even realize you're kicking ass out there. That's my dream scenario, to be in a race and think "hey, this doesn't feel so hard!" while simultaneously mauling the competition.

    Tell TP the ray and turtle parts are amazing, he's incredibly creative. And you my dear, are ready to make mayhem in Pensacola. Taper well, sweetie. Oh, and try to fall in the meantime, wouldya?

  9. Lol, try NOT to fall. Jeez.