December 29, 2010

A Year in Review- Good Riddance 2010

January: I began coaching high school track for the first time as HEAD coach. It’s amazing how much this job became part of my life this year. I simply cannot think of my own running without thinking of my athletes.

February: Stomach virus from Hates and ankle injury made for a really awesome month.

March: I won the little 5K race outright, but also landed a trip in the ER a few days later thanks to a horrendous strep throat. Eagles took the podium for the first time!

April: Eagles take the podium again! I won the Timerlake Trail 10K, which was more like an obstacle course. Most importantly, we had 12 kids qualify for the State Track Meet!!!!!

May: State Track Meet- wow. Reading back on my track posts, I get this little tingle in my belly. I am READY to start again! I won Pancake 5K, and PRed (and won) the Boggy Bayou 5K. Then my dad had his accident. I would not finish my school year b/c of this and spend the majority of the next month at my parents’ house in KY.

June: I got 2nd in the Billy Bowlegs 5K, but it was first night race. FUN! I PRed and got 4th female in RnR Seattle Marathon. This race will always hold a special place in my heart as one that brought back my mojo, for running and for life in general.

July: Blueberry Chase 5K raised money for my team’s track repairs. This is still a work in progress, though. I also spent a week in Montgomery working on a committee with the State Department of Education revising the state assessment.

August: I won the Bushwacker 5K, and got 2nd in the Woodland Wallahatchie 10K.

September: I won the Mullet Toss 5K (after puking my guts out) and ran the RnR Philly Half. This was a BLAST for me to visit with cool running girls.

October: Marathon PR at Winegass Marathon. I also got 6th female, winning cash again, plus a bottle of champagne that I am saving for NYE. I won the McGuire’s 10K dressed in a FAIRY costume, including wings. Haha

November: I was 3rd female at the highly competitive Senior Bowl 10K, 2nd in Pensacola Half Marathon, and 2nd in Kaiser Coastal Half Marathon.

December: I got 1st female in the Jingle Bell 5K and ran an unofficial PR.

So, here’s last year’s goals with “results” below each one.

1.Sub 3 hour marathon (Duh, my blog wouldn't be complete without this one. LOL.)
Obviously, I did not accomplish this one. However, this is at the top of my list again, and I do feel like I made progress towards this goal.

2. PR in the Half Marathon
I did accomplish this goal, but not in the margin I was hoping. Realistically, I would like to get down to 1:25 for the HM. I am thankful the PRs, though.

3. Get to goal racing weight and stay there (lose 3-5 pounds).
Well, I did this for most of the year. It wasn’t until holiday eating occurred that I moved back up to 130. I have learned this year that it is not worth it to become stressed over this number. I will continue to try to eat healthy, be healthy, and go for “goal weight.” The thing is, there are a lot more important things. A LOT of things.

1. Be at peace. I know that sounds cheese ball-ish, but seriously, I want to be at peace with myself, my life, and quit taking everything so darn seriously.
In my opinion, this has been my greatest accomplishment of the year. Looking back to where I was a year ago, I have grown leaps and bounds. While the sting of divorce and infidelity fades, my self-confidence increases. Sadness still fills my heart a lot, but I realize that my life is the way it is b/c it NEEDED to change. Change is often painful, even if it is for the best. This year has taught me to do something I haven’t done in many years- respect myself. God made each of us and we all have something to offer the world, even if we may not realize what that “thing” is. Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out. The bottom line is that we are WORTH being treated right, especially by people that “love” us.

2. Work hard every day.
This definitely happened, but probably not in the way I had expected. Somewhere in the course of this year, likely around the time of my dad’s accident, my goal changed from working hard to surviving. It WAS hard work surviving. I used to think the statement “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” was true, but now I am not sure. I think what didn’t kill me just made me tired. My mother and I are exhausted from worry. While things are looking up and my dad has made tremendous gains, this is still a real source of pain in my life right now.

3. Spend more time working on my faith.
I am not proud of this aspect of my life right now. Church has almost become something of the past for a few reasons. Please don’t see these as me blaming the church. I realize I am in control of my own worship and am not faulting anyone but myself.
I went to church a few times with Mandy and we sat in the back. I tried to pray, but just wanted to cry. I kept seeing “our” pew up there and thinking about the day K was baptized in our church. Then I just started feeling bitter. That baptism meant so much to me. It was something I wanted so badly for him, especially since he had come from a non-worshiping family. I can never judge another person’s heart, but based on his decisions and life actions, it is my assumption that that baptism was not taken seriously. I will give him props that he likely did it for me, to make me happy. The thing is, now it just burns. That memory won’t go away. There’s also the awkward situation of me being there alone. The town is so small and everyone KNOWS what happened. But what do they say? I mean, you can’t call one of your congregation members a cheating sack of crap at church. Also, you don’t want to admit that you’ve heard gossip. So… most just politely say hello and don’t say much at all. Anyway, this is still an area of need. I have been more diligent about praying. I have become at peace in a lot of areas, and talking to God has become more frequent, even if not in the church house setting.

Looking back on this year, it seems so LONG! One of the biggest things I am realizing now is that I’m not even the same person I was a year ago, and for this, I am thankful.

I still have a few days to formulate my thoughts about 2011  I wish each of you a VERY happy New Years.


  1. Great review! I hope 2011 brings you the accomplishments you're hoping for!

  2. Wow, what a huge collection of successes here! And this was a difficult year for you, just imagine what the next one will bring. So many good things are in store.

  3. I think I'm gonna do this too before setting my goals. Nice to look back and appreciate all our accomplishments. =)

  4. I agree with GIM, lots of wonderful things are in store for you next year. Congrats on all your achievements this year!

  5. You say Good Riddance like you were not happy with that year? I think that you have probably one of the best records I have seen of all blogs!

  6. You've done so well this year :-) can't wait to read about your accomplishments next year too!

  7. Detroit Runner,
    I am satisfied w/ my running for the year. I said "Good Riddance" b/c I went through a lot of personal struggles.

    Thanks for the compliment. :)

  8. Great perspective! Looks like you've overcame a lot and are just beginning your new journey. All signs point to a GREAT 2011!

    I think God appreciates you being real-it counts more what's on the internal versus the external...anyhow-keep up the growth, it will not be surprising that as life continues to become better, the running will take care of itself:)

  9. Anonymous12/29/2010

    so while you say good riddance (and very likely mean it) i think that this was a great year for you. not hunky dory but you learned so much and grew. you're ready to tackle anything that 2011 brings

  10. You had a fantastic year. So glad you got your mojo back in June. I know how un-fun it is living without it. :)

  11. Proud of everything you've accomplished this past year. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings you.

  12. Hello, fellow Brooks runner! Just stumbled across your blog -- love it! You've had a fantastic year despite what seems to be some ups and downs... good for you on pushing through. Can't wait to watch you smash your goals in 2011. :)

    Sidenote: What Brooks group are you in for next year, i.e., P.A.C.E. or Bluestreak?


  13. I am in Bluestreak again for 2011. I am so grateful, too!