November 7, 2010

Under Armor Senior Bowl 10K RR

So... this was my PR race last year (38:48) and the goal would be to beat it. It's no secret that I would LOVE to have PR sweep for 2010. I already have 5K, HM, and Marathon. Going into the race, I would aim for 6:17. Why, you ask? See, in my Masters of Reading Education brain, I thought that was the pace for my 10K PR. Ha!

The TP and I rode down and met up with a group of runners from the Mobile area, one really speedy girl that I have been friends with for a few years, Amy. I also got to meet the reining champ from last year (35:XX), a UT Track gal. There were also two new girls to the group that all seemed speedy. We did our warm-up and chit-chatted about life stuff. What's weird is that none of us talked about our goals for the race. I was dieing to know what the others planned on running, but was NOT about to say it. Here's the convo w/ TP before the race.

Me: Ugh, I really wanted Top 3
Him: Why won't you get it?
Me: All those fast girls
Him: Here we go.
Me: Huh?
Him: What is wrong with you? You are fast. You have no idea what those girls will run.
Me: You're right.
Him: Always (pat on the shoulder)

That sums up my usual self-doubt before races. So, 6:17 goal would be it. (When actually, my PR pace is 6:15- GRRRR, stupid, stupid, stupid!)

Mile 1: Reining Champ is gone, new Mobile gal is pretty far ahead of me, and the other two are somewhere behind 6:16

Mile 2: TP is right next to me. We have a friendly competition going, too, but he has been on/off the bench w/ ITB, so I didn't think he would last long. 6:17

Mile 3: The course makes a turn and this little side road is kind of rough. It is also the only descent/incline of the course. TP has fallen back. I usually lose it right here, so I really focused in on my pace. 6:15

Mile 4: I see my friend, Sandy's speedy BF in front of me and I'm wondering why he is running so slowly (for him). That little side road took it out of me. 6:19

Mile 5: I am starting to fade, and just embracing my non-PR, but close, race. Bringing it home, still 3rd female and not near 2nd, not near 4th. 6:19

Mile 6: Sandy's BF takes off and few guys catch up and start saying stuff like, "Come on." I start coughing from the cold. 6:20

0.22 @ 6:06 pace

Final 39:07, 3rd OA Female

And... that's a wrap! I really missed my buddies, Speedy Anna and Katie. The post-race party was pretty low key. It was too cold to be excited about anything. Haha. Up next is the Pensacola Half Marathon next Sunday!


  1. Nice Race! I've been following your blog for a LONG time. I always jump on the tab when you have a new post. Good Luck with that quest to sub 3! A bit of a pipedream for me but I get inspired that things are possible when I look at your sidebar! You've worked hard and deserve everything coming to you!!

  2. Yikes, bikes! You are a speedy inspiration - great run. I commiserate with you in the math skills department... looks like you executed the race really consistently though - all splits within five seconds of one another - I am impressed. You pace like a metronome! Do you race with a garmin?

  3. congrats on 3rd! you are awesome :) i am in love with your consistency each mile. my paces are always all over the freaking place but you just lock in a GO.

    and cold in alabama? ;)

    there's still time for a pr sweep. we have 2 months left :) i'm hoping for a pr fall / winter myself!

  4. congratulations!

    I love your Title Header =)

  5. Great race. Wish I could have been there with you.

  6. Good job on the race. My Masters in Statistics brain has a hard time calculating race paces, too.

  7. Dang you are fast!! Wow!! Seriously congrats!!

  8. Holey Moley you are such a fastie!! You are such an inspriation!! :)

  9. Congrats on 3rd overall! You sure are speedy. Good luck in your half next weekend!

  10. Oh, to be as fast as you, what a joy that would be! Congratulations Rebecca, you are my zoomy heroine, always.

  11. Great race. I thought it was kind of funny how you said you were losing it when clearly to me you were not. I would kill to have splits that varied by only 4 seconds.

  12. Congrats on the top 3 and the near-sweep - I'd say that's a pretty great year

  13. Yes, I do usually wear a Garmin for racing. There have been a few where I ran without. My pacing hasn't always been like this. It just seems as I improved, the pacing got easier to control. It definitely takes practice and self-control in those early miles. :)

  14. Holy cow you are a speedy one:) I just saw your comment over at the heat runner's blog! Congrats on an excellent 10K race! Good luck with the upcoming marathon!