November 1, 2010

A Bad Fairy Tale- McGuire's 10K RR

For starters, let me say that I was beyond excited to dress in a costume for this race. I hadn't raced since Wineglass, nor was I feeling like racing. So, what a better chance to dress up and act a fool while doing something I love (running). The race was at the famous Destin Irish Pub, McGuire's.

My costume was well-selected back in September- black tutu, black fairy wings, black sequins eye mask. I also had a wand (yeah, school teachers just have those types of things around) and a sequins headband to match (Thanks, Flo). I accessorized with hair and body glitter, plus a few fake tattoos of wings, etc. I was ready.

There was also a 5K option, but I had chosen the 10K for my "race"/workout. I didn't really know how well my outfit would hold up, nor was all TOO concerned about my time. I mean, how can one be serious about racing when they have on body glitter, wings, and a tutu? Right out of the box, it was one other girl (no costume, aka, Stick in the Mud Girl) and me.

Mile 1: 6:18
So, we run around a curve towards the bay and there it is- the Beach Breeze. Yep, and the things were about to blow me away. No, really, they got all twisted to one side and were about to rip my arm off.
Mile 2: 6:28
Stick in the Mud Girl slowed down, and I did, too. The tutu was obviously not fitting properly, as it was riding up, up, and away, Steve Urkle style.

5K turn-around and Stick in the Mud Girl turned. THANK GOODNESS. This outfit was killing me. My hair glitter was now saturating my eye mask, which was burning my face. I was sick of holding my wand, and some wire had now popped out of my wings.

Mile 3: 6:34
One other guy, also sans costume and I are running together. He is breathing quite heavily and I know it is a matter of time before he falls back. At this point, I just want to finish before the stray wire decapitates me, as it is poking the back of my neck.

Mile 4: 6:34
I pass Heavy Breather and he says, "This is embarrassing! I am getting passed by freaking Butterfly Girl."

"I'm a FAIRY!" I call out, whizzing by for good.

This is where it really gets fun. 5K walker-merge-in. Oh yeah, we've all been there. So, now I'm ducking and weaving, considering stopping and ripping these gawdawful wings off for good. Of course, the walkers are quite generous, all complimenting me on my outfit, saying that I am "too cute" and "wow, how does she run so fast in that?"

Mile 5: 6:42

More ducking and weaving between walkers. I see a few guys I know that call out my name and laugh. I hear one of them say, "I can't believe she is racing in THAT!"

Mile 6: 6:34

0.22: 1:27 and finished!

40:38, 1st Female Overall

The rest of the morning and day was spent Destin Style. Not too much to go into about that, just lots of fun!


  1. Great report, great race, now if only my tutu's helped me to run as fast as you!

  2. I love it!!! That's so awesome about passing that one guy and his comments. Congrats!

  3. Anonymous11/01/2010

    "i'm a FAIRY" hahahah. LOVE IT. congrats girl :)

  4. Wow! Great job on your PR!! That is so speedy! Cute outfit, I don't know how you ran so fast in that!

  5. Anonymous11/01/2010

    omg, I love that you popped a win in costume. muwahahaha!

  6. Those are some impressive wings! Way to fly!

  7. Love your outfit! And with all the costume irritation you still come in first. So cool. :)

  8. Great costume! Did your wings make you "fly" to that first place finish?

  9. Anonymous11/01/2010

    This is all sorts of fantastic. I literally laughed my way through the post between the glitter, Stick in the Mud girl, the strangling wing wires and correcting that dude about the specifics of your costume. What a blast!

  10. Dang girl, is there anything you can't do!! I have never heard of anybody actually winning while in costume! Perhaps Brooks should design a new shoe for us girls called the "Bad Fairy"...:)