October 4, 2010

I'm Getting Closer- Another PR

Pre Race
Lesson 1- Do not wear cute brown ballet flats to walk in the airport all day. I ended up w/ a bloody, painful heel. I arrived safely in Elmira and Jeff and his wife were there to pick us up. We went and grabbed some pizza at a local Corning place. For once, I had an uneventful travel experience (wahooo). The next morning, I went outside and did the Aussie workout of 8 minutes easy, 3 all out, 8 minutes easy. I was coughing a lot and already worried about my PR/Sub 3 chances. Well, no look-backs now. The plan would be to go out at Sub 3 pace and hold on as long as possible. I wanted to test my limits b/c after Seattle I felt I might have more in me for this marathon thing. So, after the Aussie workout, I met up w/ Jeff for breakfast to watch him eat. (Hahaha, he was doing Aussie, too.) I settled w/ 2 large waffles w/ syrup, but couldn’t finish all of it. We went to the small, but cute packet pickup and my friend, Alecia finished her longest run ever in double digits! The rest of the day was spent touring/walking/playing in Corning. That night we met up w/ Bob and gang for pasta dinner. I ate lots of bread and a little pasta primavera, followed by some soft serve icecream. I was definitely carb loaded.

I woke up at 5 to down the ridiculous amount of Ultra Fuel DCV had been kind enough to give me. This would be my first time with this many liquids and no solids. Test of One, right? DCV, his wife, my friend, and I all drove to the start. It was beyond cold. I had goosebumps and shivered my tail off. Then the porta line was ridiculous. They were obviously not prepared for this kind of crowd. And yes, another gal and I ditched the line and found some nice cinder blocks. History was made, as this was my first time in 22 marathons NOT using the porta potty.

And we were off! I tucked in with another gal and Brooks guy, both wanting to break 3. Right away the course was beautiful. This was likely the prettiest marathon I’ve ever run.
1. 6:53
2. 6:51
3. 6:41
4. 6:46
5. 6:52
6. 6:58 Hill here, but I knew there was a down, so I wasn’t worried yet.
7. 6:38 There it is.
8. 6:56 Trying to just gather myself from these rollers, kind of difficult to pace and the group is kind of all over the place. At this point someone tells us that we are 5th, 6th, and 7th females, me being 6th. I would really like to place in the Top 6, so I make a mental note.
9. 6:51
10-12. 20:25 (6:49 pace) Forgot to hit Lap
13. 6:52 I hit the half at 1:29:33- Perfect
14. 6:50 There was a pretty tough hill here and I had trouble regrouping. I made the temporary decision to back off the pace and just go for PR. I decided to try to just stay below 7.
15-19. 34:37 (6:54 pace) I was already really feeling it, which is why I think I didn’t hit Lap. But, after seeing this average, I thought, HHmmmmm, maybe I can still do it?
20. 7:06 Um, no
21. 7:21 Okay, blast away, but I actually STOPPED right here. It is totally one of those brain things that gets me in near every race. It’s like this stupid little voice that says, “You can’t do this. Might as well just stop.” 2 women pass me, putting me in 8th place.
22. 6:56 No, no, and no. I am looking at those ladies pulling past me, thinking about something my TP said, “You have it in you; you just have to quit THINKING.” I’m thinking all right. And I am off again. I pass one of the gals, moving into 7th.
23. 7:09 is all I can manage. We got into some park w/ a downhill that looks glorious until I actually start running downhill and my hammies are screaming. Who cares, just leave it on the course.
24. 7:08 Good crowd support !
25. 7:09 Can.Not.Go.Faster. There is a cyclist riding near 6th place female and has the whole race (moving as our places changed). Well, the trail is narrow and she won’t move. I am trying to pass this gal and she’s not helping. Finally, I bleep out an “excuse me” and she moves into the grass. I would hold 6th (or what I thought) for the end rest of the race.
26. 7:06 My form is shot, my legs are lead. I see the hotel and know I am really close.
26.2 1:21 (6:49 pace) The finish is narrow and lots of people are yelling, but I out it, I feel my from looking absolutely horrid, but don’t have the energy to improve it.
Final 3:01:33 5th female (don’t know what happened, but one must’ve dropped out or missed a checkpoint)

Yeah, I was hurting pretty bad. Alecia said, “You looked like death, but recovered quickly.” Haha. I am very grateful for my PR for lots of reasons. I think I am mostly shocked as to how much my life has changed in the year 2010, lots of bad, but also lots of good. I haven’t done anything spectacular, but for me, it feels like I’ve actually “survived.” If that makes any sense.

After a quick shower, we went back to the awards only to find that they started early, and didn’t follow the schedule posted online. So, we missed my award, but they were nice enough to call my name out again and give me a check, bottle of champagne, and tech shirt.

I really enjoyed visiting NY’s beautiful vineyard. The wine tasting was really neat and yummy!

I also got to hang out with Wendy. Super fun and inspiring lady!
The rest of the weekend was a blast hanging w/ Jeff and his awesome wife. My friend, Alecia, was the best marathon supporter EVER, too. I’m not sure what the rest of the year holds for me, but I’m planning on moving to some shorter stuff for the rest of the year and take a short break from the marathon. I’m sure this spring I will be back out there, clawing for Sub 3, which is now a simple 94 seconds away!


  1. YAY!!!!! Congrats on the awesome PR!!!

  2. Wow!!!! Awesome job! So inspiring!

  3. Anonymous10/04/2010

    Terrific race and sound like you left every bit of it on the course.

  4. Anonymous10/04/2010

    wow wow wow. you are soooooo inspiring to me. what an awesome race for you! major congrats :)

  5. Anonymous10/04/2010

    congrats- you sound SO much more confident than you did even a few months ago, too. I like it! (give me some of that!)

  6. Anonymous10/04/2010

    I love reading your blog and your race reports. Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations on a great race and PR! You've got guts, girl.

  7. awesome PR! congratulations =)

  8. Great job out there!! You ran it hard, and you deserved that PR. I am so impressed!

  9. Yay Rebecca!! Superstar! Love the report and you look SO.CUTE! (not that that matters in any way, but you totally do) I also loved that you peed on a cinderblock. You are now officially hardcore beyond your super speediness and that's a beautiful thing.

    Rest those leggies and have a great week!

  10. I'm sooo happy for you!! You know you're one of my running role models now, right?! Great report-especially the very last line:)

    Now, I gotta stop reading before I'm tempted to run down the street-boot and all;-)! Enjoy your continued success, you've earned it.

  11. Brilliant run, very inspiring.

  12. That's such an amazing PR. Inspiring!

  13. Anonymous10/05/2010

    Aw, yay and congratulations, Rebecca! I really enjoyed reading your race report and love how spunky and determined you sound at the end.
    Plus, the Brooks uniform looks fantastic on you, too, missy!

  14. Great job on the PR, that is awesome!

  15. Way to go, Rebecca, way to go.

  16. Great blog, and congrats on the PR. I was just looking through your marathon history and you are such an inspiration. Your improvements over the years are inspiring, and shows that consistently good training pays off. You rocked this one!!!

  17. Awesome job! You are an inspiration to me!

    Question - What do you do for a warm up before a marathon and before a half marathon?

  18. My knees hurt from bowing down to you. You are amazing! You went from running a 4:09 (which I would currently love to run, BTW) in 2000 to this? You are so incredibly gifted (not to mention that you work your buns off). Congratulations!!

  19. Julie, I before a half, I jog about 2 miles. For a full marathon, I like to jog for about 5 minutes, but only if it's cold. I wasn't able to do this Sunday, though. I was in the porta line too long. :)

  20. Congratulations! From your progression, I would say that sub-3 is coming up next.

    Any thoughts on how the ultra fuel worked out? Did it seem to help? Thanks.

  21. I do believe in the Aussie Carbo load now. Ultra Fuel was suggested to me by 2 Sub 3 runners. It is nasty, but gets the job done. I had much less stomach distress this time around when doing the UF only and no solids race morning. Since then, I have read about a few similar products. But... if it's ain't broke...

  22. Anonymous10/07/2010

    OMG!!!! Congratulations!!!!! I'm SOOOOO proud of you!!!! :)

  23. Hey and congrats again! Sounds like my hometown was good to you, and that you've been good to yourself. Thanks for being not only a stellar runner, but great role model for your students, and other runners like myself. Enjoy the success!

  24. I am thrilled for you-congratulations! I think you're so right about that need to stop thinking and just run sometimes-shutting off the brain can be a really good thing.

    I am going to probably ask you more stuff about that Aussie carbo load. Looking to make as many positive game-changers as possible and it seems like it's certainly been a good part of your race day strategy lately. Well done!

  25. Awesome report, very detailed and sincere.
    Congrats on your PR.

    --mountain hardwear