October 1, 2010

81* When Leaving, 54* When Arriving

Those are the hourly temp differences in my hometown and Corning, NY (Wineglass Marathon.) Just wanted to discuss my feelings/thoughts about Sunday's race. I was talking to TP (Training Partner) last night and he made mention of me becoming a Sub 3 Marathoner (yep, capitalized here). I told him I wasn't really sure if I felt *ready* to go for it. What's interesting is that he knew exactly what I was talking about, without me even having to explain myself.

Physically, I think I am near Sub 3 shape, and can achieve that if everything (and I mean everything) goes perfectly. As runners, we all know those races are few and far between. The other part of me knows that I can get a bit lower- 3:02 and that would be pretty in line w/ my current fitness. So... what is a girl to do? Play it a bit like Seattle (conservative) or just go?

I'm looking at perfect temps and an awesome course Sunday. My legs feel great, but I am battling a slight cold with cough. Also, there should be some others with Sub 3 in mind, allowing me to have pacers, if needed.

I asked TP what he thought I should do and he first said go for it. After he thought a few minutes, he retracted that statement and said that I should only go for it if I can handle the disappointment of NOT making it. He said I should go for it, but also prepare mentally for worst case scenario. This seems kind of Debbie Downer for someone to say to a friend, but really it was the perfect and right thing for someone to tell me. It's no secret that my self-esteem has been beat to heck and back, and that my psyche is often fragile. His advice to me was to take it as a race, and only a race. Often, I tie all my self-worth into things that are undeserving, like running. Not meeting your time goal or bonking out in a marathon does not make one a loser. Pressing on and finishing anyway makes you a trooper, a fighter.

So, the plan? Go out at 6:52 and hold on for as long as possible :) I might hit The Wall and limp in, or... you never know...

Oh yeah, here are my possible outfits for Sunday. Run strong, friends!


  1. I didn't realize Wineglass was in Corning. We went there on our vacation this year, and it's absolutely beautiful. If you have any sightseeing time/energy I totally recommend the glass museum. It's phenomenal. Good luck! I hope next time we see you you are a sub-3 marathoner.

  2. I love his advice and your acceptance of it. So true, our races are things we do, not measures of us as successes or failures in this world. They give us something to shoot for, which is an immense gift in this life, and if we want to think Zen, is really the whole point anyway...the journey, not the destination.

    That said, it looks great for you on the weather front. As long as your cold stays behind the scenes and the cough gets gone, you have a great chance at a perfect day.

    I'm rooting for you girl, whatever you decide. I know you'll make me and all your other friends and readers immensely proud. That's just the kind of girl you are. Good Luck!!!!

  3. Anonymous10/01/2010

    i love your TPs advice. it's something that i think i would need to hear too. but i think you are definitely capable of going sub-3. it's about relaxing and trusting that you can do it. and of course keeping that pesky cold at bay :)

    good luck my big-me (what exactly is the opposite of mini-me? big-me just sounds wrong! so does maximum-me hahah!) and you are going to look wicked good in those outfit choices. which you should because i expect lots of pics when you become a Sub-3 Marathoner (and heck yes to the capilalized!)

  4. TP sounds like a wise fellow;)! You've got the experience, you've got the mileage, sounds like the only thing you need to do is just do the running-which you're quite capable of! (ok understatement!...)

    Chicks like us who like to over-analyze need reminders that races are just races-so just go and be you out there! & HUGS for you too!

    Can't wait to hear about your experience:)

    P.S. Good call with the arm panties!

  5. Anonymous10/01/2010

    I love his advice -- thanks for sharing it, and best of luck on Sunday. Above all else, enjoy. :)

  6. That is excellent advice, and I think you're going into the race with very good perspective. You've got a good head on your shoulders, you know your body, so go run like the wind and have a Good Race!

  7. It sounds like you are prepared to have a great race no matter what the outcome, since you have the right attitude. And no matter what, you are going to look good - love the outfits. Speedy lady!

    p.s.: Just glancing at your marathon times through the years - they have steadily come down, down, down. You are ready for this - you've practically done it already. You can do this!

  8. 'said that I should only go for it if I can handle the disappointment of NOT making it. He said I should go for it, but also prepare mentally for worst case scenario.' That sounds like really good advice. I know I've set goals too high before and then been disappointed in something I should really have been happy with. So if you're mentally prepared for whatever that's best. Hope you enjoy the race, good luck :-)

  9. great advice! good luck in your race!

    new follower here =)

  10. Anonymous10/02/2010

    That is phenomenal advice. Best wishes tomorrow - kick some ass!

  11. Thanks for your advice. Very inspiring!~ brooks running~