September 3, 2010

Let's Talk Running

In my last post, I mentioned that I met a gal that ran in the 2004 AND 2008 Olympic Trials Marathon. I will go ahead and tell you the best thing I took away from my conversation with her. Don't cap your dreams! She asked me about my times and when I told her my recent marathon time, she said, "Oh, so you're trying for the Trials." It wasn't even in a question-type way, either, more a statement. I was sort of shocked and kind of laughed, saying, "Don't really know about that..." That's when she told me that when she was 31 (my age) she was only running 3:10s! She ran the Trials when she was 33 and 37. I obviously then asked her for her secrets. Here is what advice I took away from our conversation.

It has sort of become apparent to me, that the best running does NOT take place in Lower Alabama. Shocker. She told me that it would really be to my best interest to find a club of people that can challenge me on a weekly basis, in the context of workouts. For her, she lives in a college town and can workout w/ the college cross country team. It's no secret that I moved here for one reason only- K's job. Well, now that we are divorced and it is quite obvious that this place is too small for me, him, and the others, it might just be time to get the heck out of dodge. Also, since my dad's accident, I have felt strongly about possibly moving back to Louisville (where my parents live). More on those life decisions later.

For her mileage, she said she actually only peaked at about 70mpw. She usually does one track workout a week (with the XC team) and a MP workout. I told her that I followed Pfitzinger and that I was basically in love with him. She said he was good, but suggested that when I regroup next time, train for longer and use Daniels. YIKES! She even offered to help me plan it all out. (Daniels can be complex to understand for this ignorant southern gal.)

One workout idea she suggested was to increase my MP miles within the run, but use breaks. She said one of her key workouts each cycle was 18-20 w/ 3 x 5 at marathon pace. So... that's what I tried. I went to the beach w/ the girls this past weekend and it POURED down rain Sunday morning. So, no long run there. I decided to do the MP workout on the TM that afternoon. And...

I did a 1 mile warm up and got right into the first 5 miles at 6:53 (I know sub 3 is6:52, but they don't have this on the TM). I turned the incline up to 1.0, too. The first 2 miles felt kind of rough, but that was to be expected. We basically ate and drank the entire weekend, and I had done 13 the day before. After the first set, though, I felt pretty darn good. I had to get off and use the restroom after the 2nd set. I also had to reset the TM b/c of time limits. And, the 3rd set was OKAY, kind of tough, but still totally doable. And that was that. I was quite sore the next day, though. I should've ice bathed that night, but I got busy unpacking, etc and forgot.

That's all in running news for now. I am running RnR Philly in two weeks. I am totally, totally PUMPED about this. Mostly, I am pumped about meeting all my fabulous only running girlfriends. YIPPEEE! Below is a pic from the weekend. Mandy bought us all little tumblers that represented "us." Mine was 26.2! That's my friend Summer and me :)


  1. Anonymous9/03/2010

    Those cups are adorable! I know what you mean about meeting up with other running friends, its so much fun. When I run with my friend Christine I always seem to get a better workout - she doesn't let me slack off! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. How cool that you have your own personal marathon guru?!? I think I might have said that in my last comment about meeting her, but I'm not very creative. I totally agree that you need to escape LA. Even without running it sounds like you need a new beginning. My younger brother just moved from Lake City, FL to Chapel Hill, NC and is sooooooo much happier there in "civilization".

  3. Anonymous9/03/2010

    i want a cup like that :)

    and i think you need to get out of LA. if the only reason you went there was for k then i think it's the perfect opportunity to get out there and do something for YOU. new beginnings. i'm trying to get the heck out of dodge myself. i'd say come to new england but that's where i'm trying to escapse hahah!

    and way cool about running with that girl. and HECK YES to olympic trials. you are wicked talented :)

  4. It sounds like you have some really amazing training plans! I think you should definately go for the trials, that would be amazing!

  5. how about memphis? you'd be closer to family and we have the largest track club in the country...i think. okay, not much pull for memphis, i know, but i'd love to see you soon!

  6. OOoh, good post, love that this person came into your life just when you're ready to make a change, too. If this wasn't a sign, what is? Very exciting to have a new set of dreams too and a solid example of someone who did it!

    Can't wait to see you, only a couple more weeks now!

  7. Sounds like lots of good things-Go for it, girl!

    Btw...if you happen to look into the 2012 trials in Houston, you can have a free place to crash!

  8. Awesome Rebecca!!! Move to Chicago!!

  9. Anonymous9/08/2010

    Love the pic! You are too cute for words! It would be awesome if you lived in Kentucky because then it's more likely I would get to see you, we can fly over. :) But I agree with Zenaida, I wish you would move to Chicago! :)

    That is awesome about Daniels and the MP run. I'm glad you are seeing that you have it, you are Olympic Trial material, you are amazing! I love hearing about you testing your limits. I can't wait to hear more about your thoughts on a new training approach.

  10. Anonymous9/09/2010

    My college coach was a huge fan of Daniels for 5k/10k/XC training, so I bought the book and it has really helped me understand what my workouts were meant to do. I'm pretty sure I'll keep following it as I move up in distance.
    Good luck in Philly! I went to college on the Main Line :)

  11. Blogger ate my comment twice yesterday-so I'm going to give it another try today. :P I think she gave you awesome advice about not capping your goals. If anyone could bust her butt and get to the trials, it's you! The future move is one of those things that may be a little scary, but for the most part it's an awesome opportunity with a lot of great possibilities out there.