February 10, 2010

Working Out the Kinks

The little hip/abductor pain is still there slightly. The good news is that after a couple warm up miles, I can run 100% pain free. I am also feeling a little top ankle pain on the opposite leg. That bother me, too, b/c I'm just wondering why this is happening? Actually, I do know why this happening- changed/added stimulus to the body. So, instead of give up on the speedwork approach, I am merely doing what I can to stay off the injury bench. I'm letting my body work the kinks out, especially in the area of my gawdawfully slow recovery runs. One perk of being the track coach is that I can get free medical advice from the trainer. I discussed the hip/abductor thing with him on Sunday, and he told me some stretches to do, along with a heat/ice regimen. Yesterday, he actually looked at the tendon that is on the front of my shin/foot. He said there was a SMALL amount of swelling. Once again, he showed me some light stretches, along with icing/heating regimen. So... last night I did a tempo workout, followed by basketball practice, and I was really feeling both things. (I will save that whole basketball thing for another post, crazy, yes.) I came home, did my stretching, then used all the frozen veggies in my freeze to ice myself down. After that, I dozed off into the comfort of my electric blanket.

I am also working out the kinks with the track team. One of my secret (well, not anymore) goals is to quit putting up with crap. Not that I'm ready to just tell someone off, but speaking your mind for the good of the world is never a bad thing. Through that, I also learned that I need to quit asking permission! Part of the reason we had trouble scheduling track meets was b/c I *asked* if we were allowed to miss two professional nights and teacher conference night. The answer was, of course, no. "All school activities are canceled those nights." You can imagine my surprise when K showed me the calendar with ALL the sports' schedules and there were softball games, tennis matches, and baseball games scheduled for those nights!!!! WTH? So much for trying to do the right thing.

I also decided to make the middle school team wear the old high school uniforms. The new uniforms will be purchased for the high schoolers. I totally admit that's kind of gross, but if anyone has an answer for us to come up with a couple grand, let me know. Haha. The Shoe Fairy also came to practice this week. Followed by a message from me, "Tell anyone where you got these shoes and you will never run again." Haha. We actually had athletes on our team wearing their school uniforms to practice in, including loafers. I just couldn't stand to see that. I also had my 2nd day of practice on my own. Coach D has been deployed for a bit, so I've been managing distance runners, sprinters, and throwers for 2 days. The first day was a bit rocky, but yesterday I did a MUCH better job on managing the system. 40ish kids are hard to deal with and organize! I rallied the help of some responsible high schoolers to keep their "group" on track, while I oversaw the whole deal, and did a little timing. The next challenges on the tablet- relay batons & hurdles. EEeeeekkkk!


  1. Anonymous2/10/2010

    fingers crossed that those nagging aches go away / don't get worse!

    and i don't think it's really that bad that the middle schooler will wear the old high school uniforms. at my high school the j.v. teams did that because of budget constraints and i think the younger kids might like the idea that they're wearing stuff the older kids did. maybe looking up to them in a way?

  2. scheduling meets is a nightmare especially when you don't know the unofficial way of doing things yet. don't worry, i made the same mistakes and learned from them the next year. you're doing great! hang in there! those kids have the best coach in the state.

  3. Anonymous2/10/2010

    Sorry you're working out some physical kinks! Be sure to ice and stretch lots...you've got another sub-3 attempt in your future.

    It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job...not only coaching, but with providing these kinds with everything they need, from physical gear to opportunities at meets. You are awesome!

    And for the record, I hate all scheduling related things.

  4. I love, love, love this stuff! (not the niggles you're experiencing, sorry about that, so how excellent to have a medical guy at your disposal). The shoes fairy is just too cool, can't believe anyone was practicing in loafers, that's just awwwww. Keep up the incredible work and yes, start speaking your mind! The worse that can happen is someone will still say no but more than likely you'll be listened to and your wishes respected.

  5. Very cool that the "shoe fairy" came to help your kids out with appropriate footwear. I'm sure by this time next year you'll be a total expert on all this track coaching stuff.