February 6, 2010

Double Bridge 15K

My Current Theme Song

So... no PR, didn't even hit my goal time. But, just like the song says- keep on movin'... Here are my reflections/thoughts about the race.

Prerace: Got up ridiculously early and drove in the cold/dark to P'cola Beach. Made it safe and sound to the start and experienced a MAJOR blast from the past. I was standing in the porta line when I saw a guy that looked extremely familiar. Yep, someone from my Samford Track & XC team- a good friend of mine that was in my class of peeps. Not only that, but we had some major memories of frat/sorority parties, along with the "Thursday Night" college scene. After talking with him for a few minutes, he mentioned that he was also trying to break 3 hours in the marathon. He also shared my goal for that race. So, why not run together? Okay.

Race: Didn't get to start as close as I would've liked to the front, but that didn't keep me from blasting off a 6:15 first mile.

Miles 1-3 (in town P'cola) 616, 626, 640
Miles 4-6 (first LONG bridge to Gulf Breeze) left Paul in Mile 4, 632, 640, 638
Miles 7 (Gulf Breeze) 641
Mile 8-9.41 (Bob Sykes Bridge and P'cola beach to finish) 658, 629, 253
Final Time: 1:01:18 (6:36 pace)

I wasn't near as upset as First Light Half, but definitely disappointed. This is officially a downtime for me. Okay, take it like a woman and move on.

Post Race: When you run on a team with someone, you are quite close, so I definitely don't think Paul would BS me, as he's usually VERY (almost too) straight forward. He first commented that my running form had improved SOOOOOOO much since college. In his terms- I'm not so "heavy footed." He also commented on the weight loss, so both things help show me that I'm not a total athlete fail.

I can only think of one other positive for this race is that my tendon thingie that was hurting earlier in the week felt fine. So, looks like I won't be benched after all. Also, my smoker's cough is nearly gone. So... no place to go but up, right? I'm sticking with the plan, and looking forward to progressing (hopefully). I'm also going to be working on some self-confidence issues. Not quite sure how I'm going to do this, but hoping to just STOP beating myself up and try even harder to see the good in every situation.

That's why I posted that song!

Oh yeah, the track schedule is finished!!! I am so excited/freaked out/nervous about our first meet. We have 2 1/2 weeks until the first meet and I am so pumped. I decided to step out of the box and schedule some meets with FL teams. Turns out, they know how to return phone calls, AND don't mind helping a girl and her team out. Plus, some will be closer than driving to various places around AL. It's all coming together...

Even when training and racing don't go well, successful runners use their determination to overcome failure and setbacks, learn from their mistakes, put disappointments in the past, and move heading into their future running endeavors with unbridled enthusiasm. ~Richard Ferguson, Ph.D.


  1. Anonymous2/06/2010

    great song although probably not exactly the way you'd want life to go. bummer. but youre totally right in thinking positive.

    and that's so cool that you ran into a teammate! plus you ran a smoking time. i'd love to be able to hit that pace for a 5k (or even a mile hah).

    again, i'll say it (because i think you need to hear this over and over again to help with the confidence issues :) )you are SOOOOOOOOO incredibly inspirational to me and i love reading your workouts and races. i totally want to get to where you are someday!! so keep you head up there girl because you ROCK :)

  2. Anonymous2/06/2010

    I'm glad you see the positives in your race. I came across a small article on Deena Kastor in the latest issue of Running Times that has a similar message. The article (pg. 62) was about her performance at Chicago Marathon 2009 (her comeback race from the broken foot in the Olympics). She felt stronger than ever and was shooting to sub 2:20 again (she did it in London 2006). Anywho, the race didn't go as planned, she wasn't exactly on and she also had to pitstop at 36K. Her message was a good one, "If I fall short, I still have a the strength and training behind me as I set out for my next goal. I set myself up th e best I can to acheive a race goal. When I fall short, there is a always something to be grateful for and it's usually that I became stronger and healthier in the process".
    Like you said, you got someone who is honest saying that your stride is much improved and you are stronger. That is so great!
    You are one of my favorite runners!

  3. Great song! Good job on your race. And always remember, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. You are an inspiration! Keep it up!!

  4. You're still a fast heroine to all your readers and friends no matter what you think about yourself. What great comments on your form and weight from your friend. I hope you can spend more time focusing on what you're doing right than anything else, since there's so much right about you!!

    Very cool about how track season is shaping up and that you were able to find races and coaches that weren't being jerks. I'm as excited for your first team race as I will be for your next marathon.

  5. New visitor to your blog, do you live in Brewton, AL. I am from Wilmer, AL and now live in Hattiesburg, MS.

    You should be proud of you race. Congrats!

    Do you know Barnie and Andria White?

  6. That's really cool that you ran into someone from the past (no pun intended). Sounds like you are taking this race in stride (no put intended) and I love the quote at the end!

  7. Great job! Those are some strong splits for this time of the year. I'm glad to hear you're healthy. The speedwork should really pay off this spring, and beyond!

  8. Athlete fail? PShaw! I don't think so! That's really cool, though, that your college teammate could see your good form and level of fitness.
    You don't race this distance very often, right? Not too shabby, lady!

    Yahoo on the track season getting all ironed out. It's nice when you can work things out with people who don't feel the need to make everything impossible.

  9. It's always cool to run into old friends unexpectedly. + 1 to everyone who said they could only dream of having one of your "bad" races. Keep up all the hard work. Your fan club still thinks you are awesome.

  10. Anonymous2/09/2010

    That's such a great job! Seriously, do not worry about it...you can't PR all the time. I'd give my right leg to run that fast ;)