February 22, 2010

Runner Girl Goes Basketball Pro?

It was my privilege to participate on the Habitat Hammers basketball team. Last weekend we played the Harlem Ambassadors to raise money for Escambia Habitat for Humanity. Even though I was injured and recovering from the flu, I would not bail on the charity that is most dear to me. Since I've been a part of the Family Selection Committee, I've seen 3 families get homes in 5 years! That's pretty good! We just expanded to include the whole county, so things are looking even better for the future.

I think it was a sign that my jersey number was zero. Hehe.

Um, they started doing sit-ups and push ups while I attempted to score. No dice. Oopps.

They pulled this guy from the audience to have a little fun. Enough said on that.

In the injury department- not TOOO much better, but slight progress. Groin pain is totally gone. I have tendonitis of the left ankle. I've been water running and cross training my little heart out, though, trying to still have hope for my possible spring marathon. I ran Saturday, and with doctor's orders, stopped when I felt pain, which was at the end of mile 2. I will say that the pain has moved to a nagging pain, but didn't want to push my luck, so I called it a day and got on the bike.

Other HUGE news- tomorrow is the big day!!!!! Yep, first high school track meet. I'm not thinking about it right now, too nervous. It's like waiting for my first marathon. The roster is set, the kids are prepped, now we just go out there and show our Eagle stuff! I'll definitely report back!


  1. Woohoo, good luck at the meet, can't wait to hear!

  2. track meet, already!?! goodness that seems early. your kiddos will do fantastic!

    water running? that certainly brings back memories.

    cha cha cha chia! amazon.com that's where i get mine.

  3. yay first meet!! sooo exciting :)

    that bball games looks like it was fun. i played varsity bball all 4 years of high school so looking at those pics makes me want to get back out on the court!

    and you totally weren't being a downer at all in your comments to me. everything you wrote is what i'm telling myself, even though it's tempting to just pray it goes away. right now it's just a bit of a nagging discomfort so i think i'm good if i ice, stretch and strengthen :)

    which is sounds like youre doing to your ankle and it's working! youll be back at it before you know it. keep your chin up :)

  4. Keep hanging in there with that injury--remember Deena Kastor won Chicago '05 after being injured and doing aqua running all that time.

    Good luck with the track meet!! Can't wait to read the TMR (track meet report). :)

  5. Good luck at the track meet. Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

  6. way to represent for the ladies on the basketball front as well!

  7. Can't wait to hear about the track meet! Great pictures. You look like you were having a great time out there playing basketball!

  8. I hope the meet went well.
    Good luck getting back to running healthy.

  9. You are too cute! Glad your groin isn't hurting and the ankle is improving. Good call on the backing off as soon as you felt something. I'm late to reading your post, I hope the track meet went well!!


  10. 1. Keep taking care of that ankle!!

    2. I am so excited to read about your first track meet. I cannot wait for the recap :) Good luck!