December 8, 2009

Thoughts on Winter

Well, it snowed in Alabama! This weekend I went to B'ham for Jenn's mom's wedding. They were forecasting snow, but in AL, I don't believe it until I see it. Much to my surprise, Saturday morning there it was- a light dusting of beautifulness on the ground. The good thing was that I was able to appreciate this beauty b/c it wasn't on the road, only the trees and people's yards. I had two great runs while I was there, too. My hands did get cold and afterwards I was SUPER cold, but other than that, I fared well.

Has anyone heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder? I know I am not clinically depressed, but I do have some of these symptoms. It's kind of a major downer when you get to work at daylight and don't leave until it's dark. I have found myself feeling rather "blah" lately, without any new reason.

On running matters, I have signed up for the Holiday Half this weekend. I am not really expecting to PR or anything, more like a nice, hard workout. I registered for total social reasons- to see Anna, Katie, and Michelle. Is that lame? I'm doing a race b/c my friends are doing it? Oh well, it wasn't too expensive.

I'm also very pleased to report that 87 (!!!!) middle schoolers signed up for track try-outs. This is very encouraging and just makes me even MORE excited!

Above is a pic from Saturday's wedding.


  1. you look beautiful in the picture!

    and yes, i was just telling kert yesterday that i was struggling with the "winter blues." all i want to do when it gets dark (at 4:45) is put on my pjs, eat, and watch tv. how about a workout? i'm mean really! it's kind of ridiculous and i do this every year. it drives me crazy!

  2. Anonymous12/08/2009

    woot for snow! except not really haha :) i think i have SAD but the A stands for anger because the cold + no sun = one angry chick!

    what a stunning picture! you look beautiful

  3. I'm already counting down the days until Daylight's Savings time. I am getting sick of running on Lakeshore but don't feel safe anywhere else. It snowed in Baton Rouge too but I did have a better experience there than you did. Best of luck in Pt. Clear. Based on that 10K, I think you can PR.

  4. What pretty girls! So glad you got to enjoy some snow, everyone should. Good luck this weekend, you might just surprise yourself! Looking forward to the report.

  5. You look gorgeous!

    That's exciting that you have so many interested in track!

    I would totally sign up for a half for social reasons, why not? I think that would be fun. :)


  6. Anonymous12/09/2009

    hey girl! I was wondering where you'd run off to! Snow! That sounds so awesome (at least for a day or two).

    Sorry about the Seasonal Depression. Having lived in New England, I totally understand. It is hard..but I've found that getting outside does help.

    Yay for track kids. Do you actually have try-outs? Track was always a non-cut sport in my school.

    PS - miss you and you look freakin gorgeous!!

  7. I think it's really difficult to deal with the lack of sunlight. It's light here from about 9am to 4pm here right now and kind of a hazy low light at that. It makes me want to lay on the couch and eat cookies all the time! Ugh. Now I know why people gain weight in the winter!

  8. I love running in the snow....but only on the first day. After that it gets icy and yucky! I'm thinking about running the C'ville marathon, too!

  9. Well, we got a foot of snow, and I'd much have preferred a light dusting of "beautifulness". ;-) Enjoy your half; it's fun to run stuff like that just 'cuz we can. Cheers, Ron

  10. Try a Vitamin D supplement. I used to have SAD every year. I was Vitamin D deficient (so many people are) (I discovered the deficiency for other reasons), and once I began taking Vitamin D supplements, the difference was dramatic!