December 13, 2009

Not First Place, but a First Time Experience

I ran a race for fun. Yep, you read that correctly. I registered for a race and didn't "race" it. Like I said in my last post, I wanted to run this race b/c my friends were doing it AND I like the course. Plus, it was for a good cause- Toys for Tots. The past month, I've spent a lot of time reflecting on my running (and life in general). I have come to a lot of conclusions, but the one that is applicable now is that I need to relax. After some soul searching and guidance from my personal life coach (Jenn), I am an overachiever for some wrong reasons. It's not a seek for attention, which some overachievers do. I am an overachiever (and an obsessive) b/c I am unconfident. It's like I'm constantly trying to prove to myself that I'm good enough b/c I don't feel okay with just being me. It's as if I have to achieve XYZ to prove to myself that I'm a good person. This reflects in EVERYTHING I do, especially running. I've come to realize that I am self-sabotaging myself b/c of my own pressure. That has to change. So, my goal yesterday was to run at Sub 3 marathon pace- 6:52. I was able to do that and here's the report.

I picked up Michelle and it was POURING down rain. We took a wrong turn once in Fairhope, and had to call Speedy Anna for help. Once we got there, we couldn't find parking, so I decided to park in the grass next to some other vehicles. Once I pulled in, I immediately realized it was a mistake. We were stuck. Yep, stuck in the mud. Michelle started laughing and said she thought she was bad luck b/c of the crazy things that happen when she's with me. I assured her that mess like that happens to me REGARDLESS who I'm with. LOL. Anyway, we decided to worry about that after the race. We had made it on time, but not early enough to run a warm up. Some of the races down here offer a "No Tee Shirt" fee that is cheaper, and I had taken advantage of this. But, once we got there, I changed my mind and bought the tech shirt b/c I needed an extra layer.

The race was off and it was cold and rainy. Bleh. Luckily, I wasn't spazzed out b/c this was a fun run/workout for me, not really a race.

We got off a little fast b/c I was just tucking in behind Speedy Anna and Amy.
1) 6:36
2) 6:42
3) 6:47 I let Amy and Anna go. I'm not racing, remember?
4) 6:49
5) 6:52 Thank goodness, the rain stopped and the weather wasn't feeling half bad!
6) 6:49 Amy slowed down, she and I ran together until mile 8 (?). I was talking mostly, she was responding a bit. She's doing AWESOME for her 2nd half.
7) 6:47 We ran past the marsh right here and it smelled to high heavens. Mud stinks.
8) 6:52 Like seeing the winners going the other direction. Shouted out to Anna and Jay. They rock!
9) 7:01 Tried to take a power gel, but dropped it b/c of my gloves. Got a little down, though.
10) 6:53 Amy has faded a bit, and I'm in No Man's Land. Just plugging along, pleased with my effort.
11) 6:59 Yeah, getting bored and tired, no real motivation, just trying to preserve effort.
12) 7:05 Not really caring now, slowing down b/c the effort is tiring me out! Yep, I'm out of shape!
13) 6:56 Finish line confusion. They changed it from last time I ran this race. Tried to turn, volunteers shooed me back onto course. Ooops.
0.14) 0:58

Time: 1:30:04 2nd Overall Female. Speedy Anna got 1st and ran a smoking 1:25:xx!!!!! Speedy Amy got 3rd in 1:31:xx!!!! Awesome job, ladies.

Michelle was a little disappointed w/ her time, but she still rocked it, too! After the race, I went to get my dry clothes and watch Michelle come through. It was REALLY windy at this point and COLD. I also looked around for a saint to help with the car situation. Luckily, (misery loves company) there was another car stuck right next to me. We were hanging around talking and I saw someone tieing a truck to my car in the distance, ready to pull it out! Yeah for Good Samaritans! The car was pulled out lickety split and we were on our way home.

So... tomorrow starts Charlottesville training and I am really pumped to get back into serious training. I feel like I've had a nice break, physically and mentally, from running.


  1. Anonymous12/13/2009

    youre still pretty darn fast for not racing :)

    and you couldve written that first paragraph about me. i am an overachiever for the exact same reason (or at least that plays into it)

  2. Yeah, for someone who did their darndest not to race, 2nd place is FABU! Great job girl and I so appreciate that you did a race for fun only. I've never done that myself, but hope to get to that point soon.

    I'm also realizing that it's time to unclench the ole butt cheeks about some things and just let the world do it's deal...we'll be sitting pretty at one point or another, may as well enjoy the scenery while we get there.

    Here's to the new cycle and a step back from overachieving to simply achieving! Enjoy!

  3. Anonymous12/13/2009

    Sheesh, reading your race report makes me tired! I almost died PR'ing in October and your non-race is still 10min faster!

    Soooo can I assume YOU also placed 2nd? Congrats to you and your friends. You guys are incredible.

    As for being an obsessive, overachiever, I understand that mentality. That said, I've gotten better at it this fall. When you start getting stressed out, remind yourself of all the little things that you do that make a difference in other people's lives. You are a teacher and a coach, not just to your students but to other runners. You help people. You make their days brighter. You contribute to the world every day. You are a great person, sub-3 or not! It also helps to think about whether or not any particular stressor will matter in a year. In 5 years. That tends to help me with perspective.

    Anyways, enough with my novel and congrats on an awesome race!

  4. That's pretty awesome for not racing!

  5. Sounds like some very good insight in regards to your overacheiving. It's always good to know our own quirks and why we are the way we are. That's awesome that you went out and raced for fun and bonus that you do so well even just when you run casual. You all are amazing! So jealous!! That's awesome someone pulled you out of the mud too. :)


  6. Way to get out there in the nasty weather and run a great race (especially for not racing it!).

  7. Anonymous12/14/2009

    Hey Girl,
    Long time no blogging for me, but wanted to stop by and wish you congratulations. I know you, you are 'competitive', otherwise your 'easy just for fun run' did not get you in second place..LOL You did awesome and I'm happy that you got to spend it with your friends.

    Happy Holidays and best wishes to you! I will catch up with you soon...take care!

  8. nice job having fun and earning an award!!