October 12, 2009

Hartford Marathon

Race: I had elite start status, so I got to cut into the empty section by the media stuff. That was pretty intimidating and I debated not even going in there. There were, like, Kenyans in there. Scary. We were off soon enough.
1. 602 (Yeah, Garmin screwing up.)
2. 625 (Still bad, I think)
3. 659
4. 652
5. 650 Right here I met a really cool female master’s runner. She was one of the New England’s Finest contestants being coached by Colleen DeRuck. We ran together through about mile 10.
6. 706
7. 706
8. 648
9. 653
10. 703 Master lady’s hubby rode by her and gave her some gels (??!!!???) I left her here; she was slowing down.
11. 654
12. 654 We had the turn-around here. It was really cool to see the leaders. I even got a high five from someone special!
13. 645 I was feeling really good! This was probably the best I felt the whole race, right around these miles. From here until the end, 3 females dropped out and I passed 2 women. I never got passed by a woman the whole race!
14. 655 A man holding an Olympic flag told me I was 16th female.
15. 658
16. 657
17. 703
18. 658
19. 659
20. 713 The first of 3 overpasses was right here. Doglb was here cheering me on and I tried to power through it. The wind picked up and I could feel myself fading.
21. 704
22. 726 Another steep, but short, overpass. Many people falling off here.
23. 723 Stupid bridges
24. 736 Just couldn’t hang… This part was narrow and windy. It was very scenic by the river, though. The park was beautiful.
25. 737 Right here they played Sweet Home Alabama, just in the nick of time, LOL. Obviously, it didn’t give me much of a boost.
26. 733 Why do some races finish up hill? It’s like a mean and cruel joke.
27. This measured 0.65 on the Garmin- 4:33 (702 pace)

Final garmin time: 3:06:31.
1:15 PR
At this rate, I’ll break 3 hours in 6 more marathons.

Post Race: Had Audra not been there, I would’ve probably had a nervous breakdown. At the time, I felt so defeated. I mean, what does it take to run Sub 3? It’s starting to really aggravate me. (I won’t say more so Audra can’t accuse me of moaning and you-know-what-ing.) She was so laid back and it really rubbed off on me. No tears at all! I was actually very proud of how I handled myself. We met up w/ Kris and he ran a smoking 2:40 on his FIRST marathon(????!!!!!) We didn’t stay for the awards b/c I was shivering and my lips were turning blue. We did determine, however, that I won 2nd in my AG and 11th overall female. I went back later, after my shower, to pick up the award.

For some reason, I have been on this emotional roller coaster later. It's really ridiculous. I have had a bit of an unsettled feeling for awhile now, in a way I can't really explain. Running just brings it all out of me. One thing that racing always reminds me is how alone I feel here, at times. Running brings a sense of camaraderie that can't be replaced. Like I said in a recent post, sometimes I just feel like I'm really missing out on the essence of life.

I am two days past the race and I can feel a bit proud for one thing. I was really successful in my training cycle. My body handled mileage without a twinge. I never once backed off my plan or took the easy way out. My confidence is finding its slow way back. I still have my old feelings of Loserhood, but after this weekend, a little fire of self-confidence might have been sparked. I should be happy. Let me say that again. I SHOULD BE HAPPY!

The plan for now is to just keep plugging along. I'm doing San Antonio in 5 weeks. I'm not talking goals until I see how my body recovers. I'm still thinking 3:02-3:03, as I was on pace for this until mile 21.

Thank you, everyone, for your unending support!


  1. Anonymous10/12/2009

    elite status? frickin' awesome! great race, not the outcome you wanted but a pr's a pr. you are such a rockstar :)

  2. you SHOULD be happy! you finished in 11th place and ran a PR! and I really believe that we all keep plugging along we will get our goals! just believe in what you're doing, even if you have to make adjustments now and then it's all part of the process leading you to where you want to get.

  3. totally successful in your training. I'm telling you, you're on your way.

  4. OMG!!! You are amazing!!!! {{{{{hugs}}}}} You are seriously an elite! What you are able to do is amazing to read about. I was on the edge of my seat reading your post! I am SO amazed and proud of you!! Congratulations a strong race and a kick ass time!!


  5. Anonymous10/12/2009


    You know I couldn't be more proud of you, you gave what you could for the day and you PR'd!

    At least one of us will kick some arse in San Antonio and I ain't talkin about me... ;)

  6. Anonymous10/13/2009

    An elite?! Girl, you are AWESOME! I was excited to get to line up BEHIND them this weekend! You should be proud! A PR! I know it's hard to be excited about that when other goals weren't met, butyou are on your way! You'll get there!

  7. Anonymous10/13/2009

    Found your blog on RW and you are such an inspiration. I can't even imagine doing what you can do! But you have motivated me to get back on the running horse and start a plan. I started a blog with that hope and any advice/comments/encouragement would really be appreciated!


  8. You are an amazing runner, and WOW what a race report. Keep pushing and keep believing....you will get that sub 3.

  9. Congratulations. You are an awesome, inspirational runner. I really hope sub-3 happens for you soon.

  10. Wow! You're an amazing runner! I know that sub-3 is well within your reach!

  11. Girlfriend, you're a great runner, end of story. Get that self-confidence back in full because you'll be preening in the near future, might as well practice it now. :-) Seriously, that cycle will stay with you and now add it to the next one, you're going to be a force to be reckoned with.

    Btw, I was reading some old posts about high mileage on LetsRun and it seems like everyone agrees, the more cycles like that you can put under your belt, the more it will stick in future, so it's all good! Money in the bank.

  12. Congrats on the PR. You sure deserve it. Glad you enjoyed it and feel good about your performance. Best of luck in San Antonio and I'm pulling for you to get some PRs at the shorter distances.

  13. Big congrats on your PR!!!

  14. Congratulations!

    I'm rooting for your sub-3. Love your blog!

  15. I cracked up at "there were, like, Kenyans there." Hey, lady, your speedy running earned you a spot with them! Congratulations on the PR (that's a HUGE PR when you already had a PR where it was), and it's NOT going to be 6 more marathons before you break sub-3.