August 29, 2009

Mixed Feelings

In NRR news, Eagles won their first official game this week. Starting off w/ a "W" is the best way to start the season. Above are pics from this year's program. The group pic is all the coaches and their families.

I had 2 key workouts this week. I nailed one, and not-so-much nailed the other. Before I go there, let me show you the breakdown of the week.

M: 12 a.m/ 4 p.m
T: 10.37 w/ 3x 10 minutes @ 6:31 This workout felt AWESOME. I finished so strong and could've done more.
W: 12 a.m./ 4 p.m.
T: 9 *I always check the weather before leaving. We get those crop-up-in-a-second beach-type storms, so it's better safe than sorry. Everything looked fine, so I started on my regular route. I got 1.5 miles in and the bottom fell out of the sky. It was so bad that I huddled under a tree for a few minutes, hoping the rain would taper. Um, no. I decided to sprint back to my car. I had some workout clothes in there, so I drove the gym and hopped on the TM for the rest of my run.
F: 7.34 after a lloooong day
S: 18 w/ 12 @ 6:58. I 5 miles outside, then hit the TM for the rest. The humidity was 100% at 6:00, so TM was the best bet for hitting the pace. The first 6 miles of GMP felt pretty good, but at the 10 I started to really struggle. After checking logs, I realize that I ran 15 miles @ 6:53 a year ago while preparing for Chicago. This disappoints me, but I hope it's just fatigue from lots of miles and all the job stress of getting this school year going again. (We had a rocky start, remember?)
S: 15 easy miles a.m./ 4-6 p.m. (I'll decide during the run, depending on how I feel.)
Total: 95.xx-97.xx

Also, next Sunday is our Adventure Race!!!! Yikes! I'm getting nervous.

It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. ~FDR


  1. Anonymous8/30/2009

    another awesome week! question: how often do you take rest days? i noticed that this week there aren't any and didn't know if you go by a how-you-feel or if you take them on a longer than 1 week interval

  2. Maiden- no rest days for me since... I'd have to look it up. LOL. Okay, June 7th was my last rest day. My next one will most likely be October 11, the day AFTER the marathon.

  3. Someone beat me to the rest day question. How do you do it with work and all...? I LOVE running in the rain!! But I have to question hiding under a tree when its raining like that... ever heard of LIGHTNING??? LOL!!!!

  4. It's amazing to see how you manage so much mileage and have a very active job as a teacher. No rest for the wicked, as that new song goes. Your blog makes me want to kick it up a gear.


  5. Wait, you are not pacing me at Chicago???

    I don't know much about treadmills but I would think the paces on them would be just a ballpark figure, and there probably is a big range that is considered "accurate" by QC before one of those leaves the factory.

    In other words, I would take them with a grain of salt.

    Oh one last thing, I got the first season of Mad Men on DVD on Friday, been watching it. That dress in those pictures looks like it would fit right in that show. I am surprised you didn't go with your favorite color....PINK :p

  6. Putting in those miles, while teaching is impressive. I guess with K coaching, you've got lots of time during football season.
    Which fall race is your target for a fast time?
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Preston, yellow and gold are our school colors, and yes, I would choose pink over yellow.

    Jay, I'm going to play it by ear. Hartford most likely, but I'll decide closer to race day. Also, K is gone a lot, but I also go to all the games and a lot of functions, so not much spare time.

  8. Edit- gold and BLUE are our school colors. Duh.

  9. Great week!! It's so annoying to get caught in a downpour like that. Luckily you still got the workout in.

  10. Anonymous8/31/2009

    wow you are so amazing!

  11. wow. you really run. i just started running a few days ago. and blogging. I don't think I'll ever hit one mile! let alone get any one person to read my blog.

  12. My husband and I are looking at the Mercedes Marathon in 2010. Not sure yet if we are doing the full or half. Any advice or things you liked/disliked about this race? Thanks in advance!