August 23, 2009

Hilarious Stuff

If you happen to know me in real life, you know that weird/funny things happen to me that don't happen to normal people. I've come to really appreciate these things, as I am usually able to laugh about them after the fact. Here's just a few funny ones from this week.

What makes a person tough? I cleaned up oatmeal and cherries vomit Monday morning without even flinching. This particular child must be magic b/c for some reason, the cherries were blue the 2nd time around. Does that count as being tough? As if we didn't have enough problems at our school, the flu had to hit.

I had traffic director duty this week. This is where 2 teachers stand in the road and tell the cars what to do while they pick up their children. It is awful. Our principal (Nicest Guy in the World) doesn't schedule teachers for traffic duty if they are pregnant, injured, or too old. He even lets some teachers out of it b/c they are too fat and the standing in the road hurts their knees! So, there's only a handful of us that have this wretched duty. This week, it rained during traffic duty 2 out of 5 days. One day was the day Tropical Storm Claudette came through, so it was even the sideways rain. Nice.

I'm on this new kick lately. It's called Try to Look Pretty. Part of that was buying some new make-up items. Tuesday afternoon, I did a workout on the TM. Afterwards, I lifted some weights, did some abs, and talked to 6 people that I know (2 high schoolers, 2 teachers, 2 people from church). I got home and was about to get in the shower when I glanced in the mirror to see mascara streaked ALL THE WAY DOWN MY FACE. My eyes were beyond raccoon. NO ONE SAID A WORD! Seriously, how embarrassing is that?

Wednesday I went to Walmart. That day I had worn a pair of pants that I had sewn the buttons on earlier that week. I got to the checkout counter and couldn't find my debit card, didn't have my credit card, zero cash, nor did I have my checkbook. Nice, no money. I asked if I could run out to the car to get my debit card. (I knew it was in the car.) I ran out and ran back in to pay for my things. As I was walking out (again), I noticed that my pants had completely lost their buttons and were WIDE OPEN. Another embarrassment.

I decided to do my LR on Saturday this week. I was at mile 4 when I noticed the train was coming. The train has recently changed its schedule. This angers me b/c it's interfering w/ my running route. Well, I knew this was my one and only chance to cross for the next 8 minutes, so I decided to go for it. Problems arose when I left the curb and twisted my left ankle. I almost fell, had to regain composure, and didn't get to beat the train. I then had to wait 8 minutes for the thing to pass. My ankle is still a little sore.

Those are my adventures for this week. I didn't hit 100, but I got pretty close, considering the madness of my week.

M: 8 a.m/ 4 pm.
T: 12 a.m./ 5 pm. w/ 3@6:31, 1@6:18
W: 12
T: 12
F: 7
S: 20
S: 12 a.m. 4-6 pm.
Total: 96-98 miles


  1. Anonymous8/23/2009

    since you titled this post "hilarious stuff" i hope you don't mind that i'm laughing :) what a crazy week!

  2. Great workouts. Your Tuesday workout looks kind of familiar. I do 10 and 5, however with my now being so much lower then you I probably get that same effect. Keep up the good running, you are gonna kill CT!

    My Mom did the traffic gig for years when she taught.

  3. I love it! Glad you can laugh at all this because otherwise it'd make you crazy. Great job on another 100 mile week (okay, so you're 2-4 miles under, but close enough)!

  4. I can really relate to the buttons coming off the pants! Love this post!

  5. Hey! I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading back posts. I can't imagine running as much as you do, but I aspire to it!

  6. Great stuff! I can relate-I always try to look presentable, but always figure out after being around a bunch of people that I looked like a hot mess in some way, shape or form. :P

    Way to get crossing guard're just too darn healthy and fit! ;)

  7. Anonymous8/25/2009

    Hey Girl,
    Some funny stuff! Yeah, I remember some things from living in MS..haha!

    Again, very nice job on your impressive mileage--you rock!

  8. Wow... the blue cherries... remind me not to EVER eat blueberries again!! I'm soooo disappointed in you... not getting to 100 miles again this week!! Ur still a studette!! I dont envy your luck!! LOL!!

  9. LOL, that is hiliarious! Your mileage always amazes me, plus you are super busy! Your work ethic is awesome and inspirational!