July 23, 2009

Did I really break the TM?

Okay, so let's talk about the YMCA for a moment. The Y here is quite nice for a small town. It's also very reasonably priced. Being a serious runner, I was totally stoked when I discovered they had purchased two new TMs. Before that, out of 8, there were only 2 that I would even consider running on. Steve, the Head Honcho at the Y, asked me to 'test' one of the new TMs last week. I got on and did an easy 4 miles. It was nice and smooth, just like it should be. One fault I found was that it didn't display your pace in MPM, like 7.5 is 8:00 pace. So... today when I wanted to do a progression run, I decided to use Old Faithful TM. I got on and cranked out 9 miles, getting up to 9.0. Then all of a sudden it was like I was bike riding over big rocks! What in the world is going on? The whole belt felt like it was going to explode. I had on my i-pod, but from people turning to look, i knew it was making some awful noise, too. I really, I mean REALLY wanted to finish the workout (12 miles). I also wanted to be able to see my overall mileage average when finished, and I knew if I stopped, I wouldn't get that. My friend Heidi was in there riding a stationary bike and she turned around and did that hand motion in front of her neck to show me to 'cut it.' Ughh, so I stopped it. She started to snicker, which soon led to a whole fitness room of laughter. Even I couldn't contain myself and started laughing. Anita, the cleaning lady, came over and said, "I knew it would only be a matter of time before you burned that thing up." Being the trooper that I am, I quickly wiped Old Not-So-Faithful down and moved to the new TM. I finished my 3 miles in peace, getting all the way up to 9.3. As I was leaving, I stopped by the desk to tell Steve what had happened. He said the same thing had happened yesterday to a 'bigger' guy that cranked it up to 8.0. I didn't feel so bad after hearing that. No harm done, right?

In RR news, my progression run was a success and can go on record as my first semi-speedwork in quite awhile. It feels pretty good...

Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible. ~Robin Morgan

Edited to add: Hi, everyone! Thanks so much for every one's comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to read. I have changed the setting of the comments section to not accept anonymous comments. I just like to know who's posting, ya know what I mean?


  1. Anonymous7/23/2009

    heh. i bet that its really funny in hindsight! glad you were still able to finish the run though, and getting up to 9.3?! awesome work!

  2. Hah! Too funny, you must have been SO relieved to find out somebody else did it before you. Your Y sounds like a fun place that even the cleaning lady said such a cute comment to you.

    Congrats on the progression run! I know what it's like when you've been away from fast stuff for a few weeks, I'm just getting back myself. Here's to more speedy miles on working TMs in your future...

    Oh, and I will ask this for the umpteenth time, why don't you fill out your blog address when you comment on my blog? People love to see what everyone's up to and you can get new readers that way. C'mon, I promise it doesn't hurt. :-)

  3. GIM, I would do that, if only I knew how...

  4. 9.3mph! girl, you've got some serious skills. i'd fall off going that fast!

  5. LOL, I can just imagine all the people looking at you flying at the speed of light on the treadmill as it clanged around. You're like the Shaquille O' Neal of running when he used to dunk and break the backboard all the time.

  6. BWAH HA HA! You busted the TM....WTG girl! I experienced a few hilarious treadmill moments in the past when we still had a gym membership, but they usually involved other dudes showing off, hopping around and shooting backwards off the machines.

  7. "GIM, I would do that, if only I knew how..."

    You can't do it retroactively, but next time you comment, there's 3 slots there above the comment box: name, email and website. The "website" one is where you add your blog URL. Once you fill it in, it should remember you each time so you don't have to fill it in again.