July 26, 2009

Aunt Judy's Going to Get You!

Most weekdays, I am a before-dawn runner. I have been very fortunate in that nothing REALLY bad has ever happened to me while running. I mean random usual things have happened, like people stealing my water, an escaped criminal, tripping and falling, you know, those type things. Yesterday I can say that I was actually scared. Very afraid. Let me just go ahead and say (in case my father is reading), that YES, I was carrying my pepper spray, as always.

Yesterday we had a yard sale w/ some friends, so I had to get up at my school-year time. I have a 5 mile loop that I run pretty much every day, but then I use side roads to add the extra miles. Sometimes I even do this loop 3 times or more, as it is the only area in town w/ street lamps. I approached a house w/ some people standing outside, and they were yelling at each other. This is very strange for that area of town, as it is always safe and quiet. One man appeared to have a bat (found out later it was a golf club, ooops). I took off my earphones for a moment to try to hear what was going on. I know, I'm nosy. They seemed to be arguing, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. As I ran by, the man w/ the bat started screaming at me, "Aunt Judy's going to get you! I'm going to get you! Come back here!" Then, no joke, he left the driveway and started after me. I have never run so fast in all my life. I think a lady was trying to tell me he was harmless, but not so sure. I was in a full-out sprint by then. I didn't think he was near me, as he was pretty overweight, most likely drunk, and I was running VERY fast. I turned down a cut-through road towards the police station, running as hard as I could.

By the time I reached the City Hall/Police Station, I had put my hands on my knees. I actually threw up a little into my mouth. Right at that moment, a cop turned his lights on and was pulling out. He stopped next to me and asked if I was alright. All I could do was point and mutter the name of the street. He repeated the name and said they had just gotten a call to go there. He asked again if I was alright, and by this time I could actually say yes. I stood there for a few moments to regain composure, as I was shaking, near tears, and about to throw up. Somewhere along the way, I had lost my ipod. I still had my pepper spray and had actually thought clearly enough to open the safety lock. I saw 3 more police cars speeding by w/ light on.

Well, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to loop back towards the house. The place would be crawling w/ officers by then. I walked towards two officers that were standing near the action and I told them what happened. They told me that they had just arrested that guy and might be arresting more. Apparently, the man who chased me was beyond intoxicated and had used the golf club to bash in the front of someone's car.

I jogged back to my car and was surprised that I actually felt stiff from my little sprint to the City Hall. I wasn't wearing Garmin, but I think it's about 0.75 of a mile. I also WAS able to grab my ipod on the way back to the action spot, too.

What is 'funny' about all this is that when I told my husband and 2 friends at the yard sale about this, they all laughed. They never doubted my safety for a moment! In fact, my friend Kerry's husband said, "Like anyone could ever catch you." I may have gone a bit overboard by running to the police station, but you read so many things about women being assaulted while running. I read about a woman this week that was assaulted in broad daylight! It's always better safe than sorry!

Another ironic thing about the yelling, drunk man, is that I used to have an Aunt Judy. She was the funniest old lady EVER. She was my great-grandmother's sister and never had gray hair. She dyed it black until she died at age 97. She also used to cheat at rummy, a card game my great-grandmother and grandmother taught me to play when I was 6. I have so many memories of card games w/ my Nana. She would pull me into the kitched and tell me to watch Aunt Judy look at everyone's cards. Sure enough, she peeked at everyone's hand. My Nana then told me that it was okay, she was old and deserved to win, anyway. So, Aunt Judy, yesterday's run was for you!

RR: Another week of 90!

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  1. Wow! That is absolutely incredible! Your friends are right - no one would be able to catch you, but you were VERY smart in heading to the PD. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when that guy tries to explain his thinking to the judge. Sheesh.

  2. oh man, way to go on the 90 mile week, and nice job on the added speed work!

  3. Wow, crazy story!! Nice job on the second 90 mile week. I can't wait to run consistently injury free like you do!

  4. Anonymous7/26/2009

    wowza! so glad you were ok! and i totally don't think it was overboard AT ALL to run to the police station. congrats on another 90 week, thats incredible

  5. OMG, now that's an action flick! Too funny on Aunt Judy and so glad you found your ipod, but most importantly that you're safe. Lol, Aunt Judy's going to get you...

  6. sounds like you live in memphis! it's true that no one can catch you. glad you're okay and that you found your ipod!

  7. Insane!!! Smart of you to run w/ protection and to have to the PD. I'm so glad they got him. I hope all of your upcoming runs are less frightening. ;)

  8. Wow. I would have been terrified, too. You just never know with angry drunk people. Congrats on getting out there every morning and getting the miles in.

  9. Anonymous7/27/2009

    Hey LAR,

    Sorry to hear about that guy chasing you! I would have done the same thing after I turn around and would have told him "You picked the WRONG girl"! and then run like h---....Seriously, I am glad you are okay..

    Also VERY impressive of you running 90 miles again, you GO girl!

  10. Fat, drunk guy couldn't catch you if he had a bicycle. Better safe than sorry, though. Nice i-pod recovery, too.
    Tomorrow, I think my blog my actually be about running. What a concept.

  11. becca...what's your email? will you send it to janjohnson06@gmail.com?

  12. Hey, nothing overboard about playing it a little cautious...you never know! With our meth problem here I've seen some crazy behavior from people blitzed out of their mind so better to head to the police and make sure the guy doesn't harm someone else.

    And yeah, nice way to sneak in a little speed work!

  13. Glad you made it out safely and way to keep pounding out the mileage! I've always wondered how fast I could really run if my life depended on it and I had someone/something chasing me, not that I wanted to find out but I have wondered!