June 20, 2009

I Stink

Okay, my self-made plan is going in the garbage. Apparently, Pfitzinger is waaayyyyy smarter than I am about my running. Before I begin the song called "Woe is Me," I will tell you that I ran 2 minutes slower in the Clanton 10K than last year. Immediately after the race, I began to reflect on it. Alright, my stupid side/rib/back deal is still hurting. Yeah, so that's not good. My main issue today was just plain being out of shape. I'm not in the shape I was a year ago. I am not quite sure why b/c it feels like I've been training my butt off, but I am just slower. Plus, I am heavier. I am larger and I don't like it one bit. I have learned that unless I am very rigid about what I eat, I will gain quite rapidly. My plan had me excited, but I can't do a self-made plan if I don't have confidence in self.
I don't want to whine, even though I am. I even promised, aloud, to two other runners that I would not whine. I met a man today that overcame throat cancer. He went out and placed 2nd in a 5K this morning. This brings me to my next area of current failure- mental quiting. I slowed down today and didn't even WANT it bad enough to run fast. I could've run faster, not 2 minutes faster, but some faster. I chose not to. I didn't feel like being hot and tired. My brain just told me I was crap over and over again until it became true.
So, it was one race, and I'll move on. I am not sure what I'm doing training wise. In the matter of a month, I've gone from deciding on Pfitz, to Daniels, to the homemade plan, now back to Pfitz...maybe. On a positive note, I met PrestonAL from RWOL and he ran an awesome race, placing 2nd overall and scoring a giant PR. WAY TO GOOOO!!!!!!
In personal matters, I visited Birmingham this weekend and it still doesn't get any easier to leave that place. I'll just go on record as saying that I have the most awesome best friend EVER. I know that's a big reason that leaving is so hard. We talked this weekend about how we have known each other for 12 years, long enough to gather some really good dirt on each other. Therefore, we HAVE to remain friends, as not to let the dirt loose. Haha. She's one of those people that I never have to feel like being something I'm not. She can listen to whatever it is I have to say without judgement and will give me constructive criticism in a way that I can truly listen and learn from. I'm so lucky to have someone that supports me in every way possible, good, bad, ugly. Anyway, I made it back to Brewton in time for the Blueberry Festival. It was 101 degrees. This hot and only June!
Ps. Go, Girl, Go summer camp is in the works, too! Yeah! The pic is of all the 10K female winners. We won peaches and I won some money. I took a shower after the race, but during the race i wore the exact same outfit as the girl to my left (green). We were twins!


  1. Cracks me up how you just throw "and I won some money" out there. Congratulations!! I know, sucks that it was 2 minutes slower but you said it was hot. Good luck with the innards of your brain, I can hear the cogs moving (pfitz,daniels,hudson,me,pfitz,daniels...)

  2. Anonymous6/21/2009

    You never seize to amaze me! Wish i could've just won some dang peaches!!
    You rock!
    And I miss you!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I did my best :)

  4. How much can you stink when you win money and peaches?

    Seriously though I understand the feeling, I really have felt kind of out of shape since about mid-April. I put on some extra pounds in marathon training this year and it just makes me feel slow and like I could make my running so much easier if lighter.

  5. Anonymous6/21/2009

    You are the hardest working girl I know! You have got to give yourself a break on the weight, time, etc. I fattened you up before you raced...blame it on me and Livy!

  6. Glorybelle6/23/2009

    Sorry I missed this blog post before I commented on your post on RWOL. You'll be good w/ Pfitzinger. In fact, you'll probably run a PR in another couple of weeks if you have better weather. Don't sweat this race. It's just one. There are many others! And with each one, you will gain your confidence back.

  7. Hey, money...sweet. And fun that you got to meet Preston. I always love meeting regional runners at races in my neck of the woods.

    Nobody hits a home run every time at bat and to perform at your level when you're not feeling your best, well, that's something else! Good job.

  8. In the picture everyone else is holding their winnings. Did you throw yours away in disgust.
    Keep working at it, and good luck.

  9. Jay, Ha! Funny question. I won some money, but thought it would be tacky to hold up a check. My peaches were on the table behind us.

  10. C'mon... u gotta give urself a break!! Its summer running!! Times are going to be slower, and it was close to 100 degrees?? I would probably still be running to this day, LOL. There are so many factors involved... heat, point in training, did u do a hard session this week... etc. Dont scrap your plans just yet. Patience is a virtue. Just look how far u've come... from a near 4hr to near sub-3 marathoner!!!!!!! U are a machine-ess. Just wait til fall... and to top the race off, u took the liberty of posting a pic of 4 hot females... esp the 2nd from the left ;=). Happy Running...