March 13, 2009

This should be interesting...

Tomorrow's run is going to be off the chain. Coach assigned me 20 miles + 5 x 1K of speed at the end. That in itself is nuts. Being the fact that I have officially stepped aboard the Crazy Train, I will top that.

I hate cancer. Cancer killed both my grandparents and threatened my mother. I am not a fan. Relay for Life is something HUGE in our town and I have always tried my hardest to support it. It just so happens, that this weekend is DW McMillan's Relay for Life 5K Run/Walk!!!!!! There will not be a clock or mile markers. It will be nothing fancy. It is promised to raise money for a GREAT cause and some super nice people will be there. Okay, I'm in. How, you ask? I am going to run 19 miles, then the 5K race, then the last mile with my new runner friend, Sandy (doing her first 5K). BTW, it's supposed to rain tomorrow, too. Anyone want to join me? I'll even pay your race fee!

Yep, I need a straight jacket and a padded room.


  1. Sounds like a crazy day for a great cause!

  2. I cannot wait to hear the report on tomorrow. Have a great time. Your coach is a sadist, btw. No wonder you're so fast. :D