November 1, 2008

I'm a Fraud!!!!

I undeservedly took the 2nd place award today, when I really got 3rd in the Food World Senior Bowl Charity 10K Run. I'll get to that at the end of this report. I'll start by saying that I had somewhat high expectations going into this race for a few reasons.
1. I thought Pfitz 70+ was going to improve my running times. Well, it didn't.
2. I thought once cooler weather came, I would run faster. I didn't.
3. I should be totally recovered from Chicago. I am recovered, just still slow.

On the way to the race this morning, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I was so sleepy from last night's football massacre. I actually slept in the car some of the way. The start was pretty uneventful. The 5k started 15 minutes before the 10K which would lead to problems later. Before the start, K was talking to this guy about his Under Armor running shoes. He said that he hated them, but paid a lot for them, so continued to wear them. This is also important info for later.

My first mile was WAYYYY TOOOO fast. After running so many marathons, shorter races are tricky. After the first mile, I settled down, but grew tired pretty early. Here are the splits: (Miraculously, Garmin took good notes today.)
5:59- dumb, I know
7:41 (1.2 miles)

I held first place for the first 4 miles. I knew someone was on my tail b/c I could hear spectators cheer for "first girl" then immediately yell "second girl." Right after the 4th mile marker a girl passed me and told me to relax my arms. Nice of her to give me some racing tips while she smoked my booty. Immediately after her came another girl and her coach/running partner. He was telling her get on my shoulder. She did and I could hear her breathing. She passed me at the 5 mile marker, then I stayed on her shoulder for almost a mile, until she started to pull away. I could see a time clock ahead and a large group of people. I mistakenly assumed this was the finish line. I started running as hard as I could and passed her for a split second as we passed mile marker 6- with 0.2 to go!!! I am such a dunce. She then blew past and I finished in 39:34.

I finished the race totally frustrated. What do I have to do get better? Since The Pig, I have tried so many things to get faster- unsuccessfully trying to lose weight, adding mileage, adding more speed work, making easy runs easier, taking vitamins. You name- I've tried. I am beyond frustrated and actually had a few moments of ridiculous crying.

On to the awards party. We waited a gazillion years for the awards. They first posted the results and I noticed two things- my listed time was over a minute slower than my actual time and that they had me listed as 2nd female. Hhmmm. I'm no genius, but I think timing chips would've solved all these problems. I wasn't the only one whose time was off. Some times were as much as two minutes off. I found the girl who came in front of me and told her to check the results because I thought they left her off. Well, they actually left the FIRST place finisher off. That stinks for her. When they called my name as 2nd place, I told the man the whole situation and he insisted I take the 2nd place award. I tried and in case that #1 girl reads this, "We know who won that race today- YOU!" Along with a glass, engraved paper weight, I won a certificate for a pair of Under Armor running shoes. Haha.


  1. You are so not a fraud. You may think your legs are recovered from Chicago--but they aren't. I ran a race today (actually a double header) and the first 5K went just fine--I placed second. It was in the 8K event that I realized just how not recovered I was. Give yourself some credit, girl! 3rd place is great considering what you did 3 weeks ago!

  2. Rebecca -

    Maybe the girl who was 1st wasn't really registered? That actually happened to me one time. I thought I was in second place the whole time - which was fine by me and when another gal passed me I wasn't too upset, 3rd's great too! Then the results were posted and I was second. Very confusing. If I would've known the other girl wasn't registered I may have tried harder, but c'est la vie! Enjoy your new shoes! Tee-hee!

  3. Ack! You are too hard on yourself.
    And, like someone else said maybe 1st was bandit or got dq'd. Whatev's
    I think that is fantastic time, kudos!
    Anyway, I popped by because I was just looking at my latest Atlanta Track Club zine and noted the qualfying times for the Peachtree Road race. Me? I just dream about getting sub-seeded: sub 42 minutes. But for the top seeded open women: 40:00 or faster. That's you :)
    If this race you just did was USTAF certified then you would be top seeded for next year's Peachtree--assuming you want to come to Atlanta and run it. I think that is tres cool.

    If you are interested you need to contact the ATC for an application. The race sells out every year in pretty much one day. 55,000 people run this race. It is a lot of fun.

    Anyway, just an FYI and again, congrats on yet another fabulous finish.

  4. Isn't that a PR then? Congrats!

  5. Thanks for the response! I am still trying to figure things out.. I'm trying to find something I really care about. Did you see the front page of RW today? A woman got stabbed in a race in South Africa. In front of lots of people. I was shocked. I've always been drawn toward SA, and that article led me to do some research on running and violence there, and I'm trying to understand what causes it, and who knows, maybe there is something for me there. Anyway, I admire your endeavors and keep doing what you do! What are you training for next?

  6. Anonymous11/11/2008

    Hey LA,

    First of all, you are NOT a fraud! You did awesome as usual. I would be elated if I EVER place that high overall but instead I just have to be happy inching my way up to my age group!

    Always good seeing you stop by, miss you!

  7. Hey. This is crazyjustin from RWOL and also from AL. You ran a PR despite going out too fast and your 5th mile was only 7 secs. slower than your 2nd. That's awesome. Your 10K pace is roughly where I am in the 5K and I just broke 43 for 10K and you have inspired me to aim higher with my lifetime goals.

  8. OMG you are such a fraud!! You took the goods for an achievement you did not achieve. How dare you show your face anywhere ever again. I'm appalled by this behavior. How could you in good consciousness?? U know what you need to do is return the certificate to me, so I can return it to its rightful owner... LOL. (secretly envious). Oh well... some ppl have all the luck!! LOL. Ur still a heck of a lot faster than me!!! Great race!!