October 5, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events

What is with the bad luck lately? It started Thursday at school when my laptop crashed in the middle of a science PowerPoint presentation. Thursday was capped off by a display of bad behavior given by one of my coworkers. Ick- I hate drama. That night we met some friends for Mexican food and as I was unhooking their baby from his carrier to hold him, my thumbnail bent all the way back. OUCH! Friday morning I was leisurely running on my regular route and came to an area in the sidewalk where I have to duck under a large tree. For some reason, I did not duck low enough and BAM- my head nailed it. I became very dizzy and grabbed on to the tree for support. I sat down on the curb for a few minutes until I felt okay to walk. After walking about 1/2 mile, I was able to jog to my car. (I was at the end anyway.) Alright, so all day Friday I had a splitting headache. After schoool, I stopped at the grocery store and as I was gathering my wallet, an elderly lady banged her car door into my passenger-side door. The Eagles got creamed Friday night and with that came the usual disgusted looks from all the fans. Didn't you know that the coaches' wives control everything that goes on on the field? Seriously people, get a grip. It's high school football. So then Saturday my head is still killing me and I have a super duper headache most of the day. Oh yeah, and the refrigerator has gone out. We had to get out all of our coolers to put our things in. Thank goodness I had a good run this morning, the last long one. It was 14 easy breezy miles. Seven days from today is the big race! I can't wait! Surely, my luck will be better by then!


  1. Good luck in Chicago. I hope you have a great race!


  2. Rebecca:

    I'm glad you've gotten all of your "accidents" out of the way before you run Chicago! I am so excited to hear how it went for you! Good luck - I'll be cheering you on from CO!!!


  3. Good luck tomorrow!! Hope you have a fabulous race!