September 21, 2008

A Taper Time "Thank You"

After today, the taper begins. What a journey it has been! I'll have to say that I'm now a skeptic of this high-mileage thing. Honestly, I don't think it's made me a better runner. Of course, only time will tell the true story. I feel beat down physically. I have little aches and pains. None are serious and I know they will all be gone by race day. As I finished my long run yesterday, I reflected on this training cycle. I only set one PR and that was early in the cycle. Of course, LA humidity could play a big part in that area. Two weeks ago, I was ready to throw in the towel on running altogether. I was so tired and frustrated. This past week, I met my $500 goal for GOTR. This was gave me the final boost to finish out this last high mileage week. The YMCA has set a starting day for our girls' running club and soon enough Go, Girl, Go! will be morphed into Girls on the Run. This was a great motivator for me b/c I now have a goal AFTER the marathon. So many times, I experience post-marathon-blues, a feeling of let down after the race is over. Even if I don't run sub 3, I can be proud for the first future Girls on the Run Club in Alabama!

I just want to thank all that donated from the bottom of my heart. I think the ones that touched me the most are those that donors that don't even know me! Nothing is better than runners encouraging other runners. To each of you that donated, I hope you know that with your help many girls will gain self-confidence and take part in a wonderful sport. Hopefully, many will become lifelong runners! I can't wait to get started working for those sweetheart girls!


  1. LAR--enjoy your taper, you deserve it, particularly trying to do that kind of mileage in the weather you have down there.

    Good luck at both the race and with GOTR! I'll keep checking back here to see how each went or is going...

  2. LA-- Congrats on finishing a brutal training cycle! Here's hoping you have good weather and safe travels to Chicago. Enjoy!

    Congrats also on the GOTR Club! That is quite an accomplishment-- you are going to LOVE coachhing/helping girls learn to enjoy running!

    Best wishes-
    Betaboo aka Tara

  3. From some of your previous blogs, it seems like u are getting burned out. Thank God for the taper time. Good luck with your sub-3 attempt.